Photo Credit: IDF
IDF Submarine

A Police and MPCID investigation has been launched regarding suspicion of compromised security following a serious security failure two weeks ago, Channel 2 News reported Tuesday night. A female employee of an Israeli security company told her supervisor two weeks ago that she had taken home a portable USB device containing classified material, and lost it.

The device contains large and sensitive data dealing with the Israeli Navy submarines.


As soon as he learned of the incident, the supervisor turned to law enforcement authorities which are now conducting an investigation by both civilian and military police, with the primary goal being to verify the employee’s claim that the drive was indeed lost, and to confirm that it was not stolen and/or sold.

The security company employee was questioned, after having been informed that the very act of removing a device that was connected to her company’s office computer and taking it out of the office was a serious offense.

The same employee is expected to be summoned for further questioning related to the incident.

The IDF spokesperson said in response that “the issue in question is known and is being handled by the relevant authorities.” Also, according to the IDF, “the level of classification of the missing data is low.”

What a relief.