Photo Credit: Courtesy Elbit Systems
Elbit Systems interconnected, multi-cockpit Mission Training.

An Elbit Systems interconnected, multi-cockpit Mission Training Center (MTC) was recently inaugurated for the Colombian Air Force. The MTC provides realistic simulated battlefield training using a variety of aircraft systems and mission scenarios and utilizes a sophisticated computer generated forces (CGF) solution to enable simultaneous participation of friendly and enemy forces.

The Colombian Air Force MTC draws on Elbit Systems’ experience with the SkyBreaker™ MTC, implementing the company’s proven, cutting-edge technologies and “Train as You Fight” concept, thus enabling pilots, squadrons and ground controllers to conduct realistic, up-to-date training exercises and save actual flight hours. The MTC can be used for basic and emergency training or for advanced mission-oriented training with up to 24 trainees, training together in a “real” mission environment. The MTC covers all stages of tactical mission training including planning, rehearsal, and debriefing.


Elbit Systems is a market leader in Simulation and Training, developing, fielding and operating advanced training systems for fighting aircrews, ground forces, special-forces and first responding forces, working closely with the Israel Air Force and additional defense forces and homeland security authorities in several other countries.

R-L: Israeli Ambassador to Colombia Marco Seramoneta, Colombian Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas, Deputy Colombian Defense Minister Mariana Martinez, – Commander of the Colombian Air Force General Carlos Bueno. / Photo credit: Courtesy Elbit Systems

Yoram Shmuely, General Manager of Elbit Systems Aerospace Division, said in a statement: “We are proud to inaugurate the MTC for the Colombian Air Force. The MTC is yet another example of Elbit Systems’ technological leadership in the Training and Simulation filed and it attests to the growing demand for all-inclusive interconnected simulation platforms that enhance the quality of training while reducing operational costs.”

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