Photo Credit: Damascus Now
Damage from an alleged IAF attack in Damascus Wednesday

Arab media has reported explosions in the area around Damascus International Airport, alleging “the explosion apparentlywas caused by an Israeli air strike.” No serious damage was reported. Less than two weeks ago, there was another report of an Israeli air strike in Syria.

Witnesses reported explosions in the area near Damascus international airport Wednesday, according to the Syrian website Al-Ittihad. Lebanese website A Nashra cited a security source that reported “the explosion was apparently caused by an Israeli air strike.” According to reports, the explosions could be heard for several minutes, and caused disturbances in the power grid. The extent of the damage is not clear, but according to some reports there wasn’t much damage. The website Damascus Now reported there were no casualties.


Less than two weeks ago, Syrian media reported that Israeli Air Force aircraft conducted two attacks on military bases, one belonging to Assad, the other to Hezbollah near Syria’s border with Lebanon. Officials from the region indicated that the target of that attack was a military unit stationed in the village of Ras al-Ein, and a base located on the outskirts of the village of Al-Qutayfah. According to sources, the aircraft arrived through Lebanon.


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