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Source: Rotter

An IDF soldier was stabbed in the neck during a riot in the Arab village of Aboud near the Israeli village of Halamish, a.k.a. Neveh Tzuf. The terrorist was shot dead. The soldier, in serious condition, was rushed to Sheba Medical Center and, according to reports, lost consciousness in the ambulance.

According to Arab sources, the terrorist was Abdel-Rahman Barghouti, 28. Local Arab rioters managed to grab the dead terrorist’s body and IDF forces are giving chase.

The late terrorist Abdel-Rahman Barghouti. Source: Rotter.



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  1. Are you guys scared to talk to this zoo called Nigeria?
    The incessant attacks of the Boko Haram on Christians in the Northern part of this contraception called Nigeria where thousands are being killed per attack has never been reported or talked about by any so called reporter and journalists out there. No one is interested to stand up against Nigeria Government and speak that Biafrans be separated from the Islamic state of Nigeria.

    Per People are being shot and killed daily.
    Unarmed civilians protesting peacefully chanting songs like; “all we want, give us Biafra” are being attacked by the Nigeria navy, police and army, shot and killed.

    Why is everyone silence?

    I have pictures, go to Internet and view pictures and videos of how peaceful protesters are being shot with tanks and guns.

    Nigerian government has left the attack he’s supposed to be making on Boko Haram, an Islamic terrorist sect and has diverted its attack on innocent people.

    The pedophile and child rapist Muhammadu Buhari has blatantly said that any attack of Boko Haram sect is an attack on the Northerners, and that in fact, he would eliminate more Igbo’s prior to the genocide he did in the first Nigeria and Biafra civil war where 3.5 million Igbo’s were killed to protect Nigeria. Saying that Igbos are the problem of Nigeria, fine. If Igbos are the problem of Nigeria, conduct a referendum and let the go and be a nation of there own as the 100 years amalgamation which the British government did with us expired last year, 2014.

    Dear Amanda Davis I believe you can come up with things like this as a good reporter.
    We are ready to help in one or two ways in updating you with the information you would need.
    I’ll be equally talking to some of your colleagues about this.

    Second genocide by the pedophile and Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari is on after the 1966 anti-Igbo pogrom which was a series of massacres directed at Igbo and other people of southern Nigerian origin living in Northern Nigeria starting in May 1966 and reaching a peak after 29 September 1966.

    In this period, a total of 3.5 million Igbo people, a quarter of this nation’s population at the time, were murdered between 29 May 1966 and 12 January 1970. These events led to the secession of the eastern Nigerian region and the declaration of the Republic of Biafra , which ultimately led to the Nigeria-Biafra war .

    The 1966 massacres of southern Nigerians have been described as a holocaust by some authors and have variously been described as riots, pogroms or genocide.

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