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Teach Advocacy Network, an organization which advocates for government funding in yeshiva and day schools, is raising money today during its annual Giving Campaign, a 24-hour crowdfunding event. During the campaign, every dollar given by donors will be matched, raising funds for ongoing advocacy on behalf of yeshivas and day schools.

This past year, day schools, yeshivas, and Jewish institutions were subject to increased security threats and we’re determined to champion and ensure school security for our nonpublic school students. “Parents have been worried, and understandably so, given the concerns our community faces,” said Rabbi Baruch Rothman of Yeshiva Darchei Torah. “Teach Advocacy really took the initiative to make sure that the needs of the school were addressed.”


Click here to watch what other principals and leaders have to say about our work.

Teach Advocacy Network has already devoted its considerable resources towards securing government funding for yeshiva and day school security. Currently, 90% of yeshiva students in America are represented by the Teach Advocacy Network.

In the past year, Teach Advocacy Network helped secure over $70 million in government funding for security aid to nonpublic schools and nonprofits in states we represent. This funding goes towards necessary security precautions, such as installing security cameras, hiring security guards, and building fences and barriers in front of schools.

Teach Advocacy set a goal of raising $250,000, to continue to advocate for the security our children need. For just 24 hours, every dollar you donate will be matched and will enable us to help secure our children’s safety.

But hurry! Campaign funding ends tomorrow: Thursday, December 21, at 12pm.

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