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An Arab attempted a stabbing attack at the slopes of Mount Eival near Sh’chem in Samaria. A soldier sustained a light injury in his hand. Other soldiers present opened fire and killed the terrorist.

According to reports, the terrorist initially threw a glass bottle at an IDF jeep. When the soldiers came out to try and arrest him, the terrorist pulled out a knife and stabbed one of the soldiers. The force opened fire and ended the confrontation.


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  1. He is not a terrorist. He is a fool or a patsey.
    The PLO Powers that Be sent him off on a fools mission that could not possibly suceed.
    The plan being to have a photographer in position in advance to record the whole thing. Video would show Isralies killing a teenager.
    Half the blame belongs to the PLO Education system that set him up to go; and the other half belongs to the USA Goverment that provides the PLO with millions of dollars.
    The PLO destribute a small portion of the millions of dollars to the teenagers family as a death benifit.
    The PLO is setting up its own people to be killed for a opertunity.

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