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Beit Anun terrorist eliminated.

A stabbing attack was thwarted Thursday night at Beit Anun, an Arab village in the Hebron region. The attacker was killed.

The terrorist tried to stab an officer of the IDF Givati Brigade. A force from the Tzabar Battalion support company that was at the location acted swiftly to eliminate the terrorist. No Israeli soldier or civilian was hurt.



  1. You're partially right. There is a small minority of heterodox Muslims. They ignore Islam while embracing it. In other words, though the Koran tells them to follow the later of two contradictory commands, they follow only the earlier verses in those contradictory cases, all of which were about believing and acting nicely toward all human beings, not just Muslims.
    The vast majority of Muslims are on one level or another Orthodox, embracing at least some of the evil parts of Sharia, Islamic law, and the Sunna, the vast majority of which is unspeakably evil.

  2. Moishe Sachs Your statements seem to contradict themselves. In the first instance you say "there is a small minority" then you seem to reverse that, and none too clearly at that, by saying "The vast majority of Muslims are on one level or another Orthodox, embracing at least some of the evil parts…"

    So I repeat, no decent person can remain a follower of Islam. Islam commands that its followers must not take infidels as friends. And indeed what decent person can claim to be your friend yet remain a willing follower of a religion which has indoctrinated them since earliest childhood that they are commanded to either murder you or at very least subjugate you to the status of a dhimmi, to expect that their religion will become superior over all other religions, to practice taqqiya and kitman in claiming to be your friend all the while knowing it is the opposite that is true. Disgusting.

    The bottom line is that Islam and its followers have got to go. And that will start to happen in the following way.

    "Learn about Islam. That is the most important thing for people to do. Learn who it is that you are not." – Samuel Lurie

    And btw, it seems you know about Islam, it just seems you are having trouble comming to grips that basically all 1.8 billion have a problem.

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