Photo Credit: Arab media via IDF Tweet
IDF demolishing house belonging to terrorist Asam Barghouti in Kobar village.

An IDF force overnight Thursday demolished the house belonging to terrorist Asam Omar Barghouti in Kobar village in northern Samaria, Ma’an reported.


Barghouti carried out the attack in Givat Assaf last December in which two IDF soldiers, Staff Sergeants Yuval Mor Yosef and Yosef Cohen were killed. Two more Israelis were injured in the attack. The terrorist was captured after a two-months’ manhunt.

Barghouti carried out his attack only a few days after his brother, Saleh Omar Barghouti, had carried out a drive-by shooting at seven Israelis north of Givat Assaf, near the town of Ofra. A baby who was delivered prematurely as a result of the attack died three days later. Saleh Omar Barghouti was later killed by Israeli security forces.

Israeli forces stormed Kobar village at 3:00 AM, accompanied by bulldozers. Violent confrontations broke out, lasting until dawn.

On Monday, the High Court of Justice ruled against a petition submitted by the Barghouti family and ordered their home be demolished. Justice Neal Hendel wrote the majority decision, saying, “Given the severity of the terrorist’s acts, and given that the structure in question was built with blood money received from the Palestinian Authority, I did not find that the decision of the military commander exceeds reason and proportionality.”

The home was built with the salary Asam Barghouti received while serving time behind bars in Israeli security prison.


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