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Abu Qrenat, in the southern Negev, near Dimona.

A rocket alert sounded in the Bedouin village of Abu Qrenat, a southern Negev region not far from the town of Dimona. Dimona is the location of an Israeli nuclear facility. The alert sounded at 1:41 AM.

Residents of the area report hearing a loud explosion that shook their homes.


Around the same time, residents as far as Jerusalem, Modi’in, and Be’er Sheva also reported hearing a loud explosion.

According to Boaz Golan of 0404, a surface-to-air missile was launched by the Syrians at an aircraft. A Patriot missile was launched at it, but failed to intercept the rocket. The rocket continued on until it fell near the Bedouin village.

Update 4/22/2021: The missile exploded in mid-air, which was the explosion that was heard. Shrapnel from the missile landed in multiple locations. An interceptor missile was launched towards the missile.

The IDF spokesperson has confirmed that what appears to have been an SA-5 missile was launched from Syria and fell in the Negev, but it was not targeting Dimona. In response, the IDF attacked the launch site, as well as other Syrian surface-to-air missile sites.

Israel Army Radio said there are no reports of damage or wounded.

The IDF is currently searching for where the rocket landed.

Earlier in the day, two planes from Iran landed in Damascus, which usually indicates a shipment of weapons was sent over. There are unconfirmed reports that Israel was targeting Syria right before the missile launch.

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