Photo Credit: courtesy, Netiv Ha'Asara
Unexploded Qassam rocket in open area. (archive)

Gaza terrorists fired another rocket at the Gaza envelope communities along Israel’s southern border at around 8:06 pm Tuesday night, barely 15 minutes after the IDF had issued the “all-clear” for communities to stand down from their 24-hour state of alert.

The Red Alert incoming rocket siren sent thousands of Israelis scrambling to race for bomb shelters, not expecting the rocket fire after having been told restrictions in their communities were being relaxed.


The IDF confirmed the launch; Israeli security personnel reported the rocket landed in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council district. No injuries or property damage reported.

Barely an hour earlier, an Israeli soldier was wounded at the Gaza border when he was hit by a homemade bomb hurled by a Hamas-led rioter.

Despite pressure from Egypt to avoid provoking Israel further with any additional violence at the border – and despite prior announcements by Hamas that “night confusion” activities would be curtailed in light of the increased tensions – explosions were heard by residents of Jewish communities along the border area.

Residents of the Eshkol Regional Council district received an update early Tuesday evening advising them that explosions were indeed being heard “as a result of disturbances in several locations along the border.”

IDF troops were deployed in the area of those events.

During the day, numerous arson terror attacks were launched towards Israeli territory by Hamas-led Gaza terrorists. In several cases, the incendiary balloons landed in agricultural fields with their attached flaming Molotov cocktails and set the fields afire.

A senior Israeli government source has said there is, in fact, no cease fire. Israel’s military presence is being increased at the border.