Attack in Ashdod: This Is How It Looks When a Rocket Hits

The injuries followed a rocket that landed in the city center while the peace signing ceremony was in progress in Washington, DC.

13 Rockets Fired at Israel, IDF Attacks Gaza Strip Twice

The Islamic Jihad announced that the early morning rockets were shot as part of the terror group's "bomb for bomb" equation.

IDF Attacks Hamas Posts, Both Sides at Stalemate over Incendiary Balloons, Blockade

On Saturday, Hamas officially protested UN mediator Nickolay Mladenov statement that launching rockets and incendiary balloons at population centers was a violation of international law.

No Terrorist Harmed in Performance of IDF Retaliation for Volley of Hamas Rockets

If only Israel had a strong army that could protect it from gangs of Arab thugs. It really should have started one.

Code Red in Sderot, 35 Balloon Fires in Gaza Strip Envelope

We now have a continuous chain of retaliations and counter-retaliations, with both sides invested in not missing a beat lest they appear weak and conciliatory. This will probably go on for a while.

Stressful Night: Rocket Fire from Gaza, Home Hit, 3 IDF Retaliation Attacks

Say what you will about Defense Minister Benny Gantz, this week he appeared to have a backbone.

IDF Intercepts Gaza Rocket Attack Aimed at Israel

The three rockets were all neutralized within Gazan territory by the IDF, and landed in the enclave.

President Rivlin Visits Incendiary Balloon-Plagued Settlements Near Gaza

“Hamas should know that this is not a game. The time will come when they have to decide, and if they want war they will get war.”

Israel Blows Up Hamas Rocket Warehouse, Shuts Gaza Fishing, in Response to Attack on...

In response to the rocket launches, IAF fighter jets attacked Hamas terrorist targets in the southern Gaza Strip, among them a military rocket storage compound.

2 Rockets Intercepted, Sderot Home Hit

Five people were hurt in the attack, including two who suffered from shock.

IDF Iron Dome Fighters Intercept Rocket Attack from Gaza

Jewish residents throughout the district heard the impact as the Iron Dome fighters shot the rocket out of the sky above.

Red Alert Activates in Gaza Belt Communities

About half a dozen southern Israeli communities were affected along the border of Gaza.

IDF Attacks Gaza Terrorists in Retaliation for Rocket Fire

Israeli combat helicopters targeted a Hamas military post in the area of Zeitoun, east of Gaza City.

Iron Dome Intercepts Rocket Attack, No Injuries

All the rockets landed in open areas except one that was headed for a populated area -- that one was intercepted by IDF Iron Dome fighters.

IAF Strikes Gaza After Friday Night Rocket Attack

"We hold Hamas responsible for all acts of terror emanating from Gaza."

Monday, Monday: 50+ Rockets Aimed at Israel by Gaza Terrorists

One of the rockets slammed into a children’s playgroup in the yard of a school, causing great damage but miraculously no physical injuries.

WATCH: Ashkelon’s Barzilai Hospital Moves Babies to Bomb Shelter

The specially-equipped room will keep them safe from terrorist missiles that are being aimed at the city.

Classes Canceled, Home Front Command Issues Instructions

The instructions issued by the Home Front Command are generally issued at the start of a serious clash with Gaza terrorists.

No School in Ashkelon on Monday Due to Rocket Attacks

"I have decided not to take a risk on our children's lives and to cancel education in all educational settings in Ashkelon."

More Miracles: No Wounded, 1 Car Damaged in Second Rocket Barrage

Iron Dome aerial defense fighters intercepted 13 of the 21 launches in the first barrage, the IDF spokesperson said in a statement.

Barrage of 20 Rockets Fired from Gaza at Israel by PIJ Terrorists

IDF Iron Dome aerial defense fighters intercepted and shot down 10 of the 20 rockets.

Multiple Red Alert Sirens Blare Through Gaza Border Towns, City of Ashkelon

Ashkelon residents reported hearing explosions in various areas of the city but it is not clear what caused the sounds.

Mortar Fire from Gaza, Shell Landed in Open Area

The open area alert was the only warning that was triggered.

Nightly Rocket Attack Arrives on Schedule in Southern Israel

One launch from Gaza was identified by Israeli military personnel who confirmed it did indeed head towards Israeli territory.

Red Alert on a Rainy Night in Israel

IDF soldiers and other security personnel went to determine if and where a rocket might have landed following the warning siren.

IDF Attacks Hamas in Response to ‘Harmless’ Rocket Fire, Balloon Bombs from Gaza

IDF tanks opened fire at two Hamas observation posts in response to the ongoing terror attacks against southern Israel.


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