Rocket Lands in Rishon Lezion in Coordinated Gaza-Lebanon Rocket Barrage

Miraculously, the Magen David Adom ambulance service reported no injuries.

IDF Destroys Launchers from Tuesday’s Massive Rocket Attack on Netivot

"The combat team located the launch compound with three rocket launchers, each with ten barrels, some of which were loaded with rockets ready for launch."

Massive Rocket Barrages Aimed at Northern, Southern Israel

There were no physical injuries reported although some damage was caused.

Massive Rocket Barrage Strikes Central Israel, 2 Wounded in Northern Israel Anti-Tank Fire

Miraculously, no physical injuries were reported in the rocket barrage aimed at central Israel.

Here’s Why Homefront Command Says NOT to Touch Rocket Fragments

Sometimes people forget, or their curiosity overcomes their common sense.

Hamas Fired 116 Rockets from Humanitarian Zone Since Oct. 7

"Hamas continues to use the humanitarian zone to carry out terrorist activities," the IDF said.

In Holon, Israeli Wounded, Heavy Damage from Rocket Impact

Nine rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome aerial defense system in the skies over Holon and Rishon Lezion.

Hamas Fired Rockets From Gaza Humanitarian Zone

The rockets were launched near a UN facility. Did the UN notice?

Is Hezbollah Coordinating Its Rocket Fire with Hamas?

Hezbollah terrorists fired 16 rockets into northern Israeli territory at exactly the same time that Hamas in Gaza launched its massive rocket barrage at southern Israel.

Another Ceasefire Violation by Hamas?

Residents of Netivot and nearby towns reported hearing an explosion and seeing a flash of light.

Hamas Rocket Fire from Gaza Strikes Tel Aviv Apartment Building, 3 Injured

Red Alert incoming rocket alarm sirens were also activated in Holon, Bat Yam, Petach Tikvah, Ramat Gan, Rishon Lezion and elsewhere around Tel Aviv.

Rishon Lezion Apartment Building Struck in Late Night Gaza Rocket Fire

Netanyahu: "Every Hamas terrorist is a dead man walking, in Gaza or out of Gaza, underground or above it."

Rocket Fired at Eilat, Disintegrates in Midair

"In accordance with the protocol, an alert was activated on the Home Front Command app only in an open area," the IDF said.

Renewed Rocket Barrages Aimed at Central, Southern Israel

amas and its allies in Gaza have launched some 8,000 rockets at Israeli civilians across the country, including at some northern Israeli communities. Nearly 500 of those rockets, however, were misfired and landed in Gaza territory.

IDF Evacuates Sderot on Israel’s Southern Border, as Foreign Ambassadors Forced to Flee Rocket...

Sderot residents have a window of just five to seven seconds within which to reach a bomb shelter in order to dodge the deadly rockets.

Rocket Strikes Ashkelon’s Barzilai Medical Center

Barzilai is a Level One Trauma Center often used by the Israel Defense Forces and other bodies in times of conflict and following terror attacks.

Beitar Illit, Ashkelon, Other Areas Hit by Massive Gaza Rocket Fire

One of the other areas hit by rocket fire was the Israeli Arab town of Abu Ghosh, where a rocket slammed into a mosque. The residents of Abu Ghosh are friendly to Israeli Jews.

Massive Rocket Barrage Fired at Coastal, Central Israel, Death Toll at 800

Gallant: "There will be no electricity, food or fuel [delivered to Gaza]. We are fighting barbaric [terrorists] and will respond accordingly."

‘Sinwar is a Dead Man’ While IDF Regains Control Over All Gaza Envelope Communities

Military officials cautioned residents that individual terrorists may still remain in the area. IDF: "Hamas' military and political leadership, all of its assets, are attackable and doomed."

Red Alert as Islamic Jihad Test-Launches Rockets from Gaza

While the rockets did not cross the border into Israel, they came close enough to set off the red alert.

IDF Deploys Iron Dome in Jerusalem to Protect Flag Parade Marchers from Gaza Rocket...

There is concern that Hamas might decide to fire rockets at the Israeli capital as the terror group did in May 2021, just as the Flag Parade was set to begin.

Bituach Leumi to Recognize Gazan Worker as Terror Victim, Will Receive Payments

The father of six was working at a hothouse in the southern Israeli community of Shokeda with his brother when a rocket fired by Gaza terrorists slammed into the farm.

IDF Strikes Hamas Positions in Gaza, Retaliation for Ceasefire Violation

The IDF struck two military posts belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza in response to the rocket launch.

Gaza Terrorists Break Fragile Ceasefire Third Time in 24 Hours

Gaza terrorists initially violated the ceasefire less than 15 minutes after it went into effect on Saturday night, and then again an hour later, before silence reigned for the rest of the night.

8-Months’ Intelligence Project Behind the Executions of 6 Senior Jihad Commanders

No matter how mind-boggling Israel’s intelligence capabilities are, they cannot be used to influence change inside the Gaza Strip.

5 Days Later, It’s Back to Normal on Gaza’s Border

The lifting of restrictions came less than a day after the ceasefire signed Saturday night between Israel and the Islamic Jihad.

Israel on [Broken] Ceasefire: ‘Quiet Will be Answered with Quiet’

Islamic Jihad fired particularly heavy barrages of rocket fire about 15 minutes before the start of the alleged ceasefire, took a break and then launched two more. Another salvo was fired an hour later.


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