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Gaza Border Residents: Iron Dome Activated in Southern Israel

Hundreds of people were sent racing for cover in southern Israel when the Red Alert siren activated.

Failed Rocket Attack Proves Costly to Gaza Residents

Seven residents in the enclave were wounded when two of the three rockets that were launched exploded instead outside a private home in the southern Gaza city of Rafah.

IDF Confirms Failed Gaza Rocket Attack Didn’t Reach Israel

A Red Alert incoming rocket siren was activated solely in limited areas and in open spaces due to the launch, as required.

Hamas Test-Fires Rocket

Hamas has been working to accelerate the rockets’ flight speed, the fire rate and extend their range with the intent of overcoming Israel’s Iron Dome Defense system.

Update: 12:11am – Red Alert Due to Machine Gun Fire in Gaza

Security personnel said they were checking to see the accuracy of the alert.

Update 8:04 PM: Red Alerts Wednesday Evening Were False Alarms

Earlier in the day, three rockets landed in different parts of southern Israel.

Israelis Race for Cover in Ashkelon Coastal Region

The Red Alert siren sounded in he Ashkelon Coast Regional Council's southern industrial zone at around 7:00 pm.

As UNRWA School Year Opens, Israeli School Children Race for Safety

Gaza's children are happily skipping off to school, and Israeli children are racing off to bomb shelters.

Rocket Fire Damages Home and Greenhouse; Miraculously No One Injured in Southern Israel

Residents in Yad Mordechai and Netiv Ha'Asara had fewer than 15 seconds within which to reach a bomb shelter or other safe space.

Hamas Denies Responsibility for Rockets Fired at Ashdod, Ashkelon

The rocket fire targeted the port city of Ashdod during the time that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was there speaking at a Likud event.

Rocket Fire Aimed at Ashdod, Netanyahu Speaking Event

The prime minister – a veteran of the elite IDF Sayeret Matkal commando brigade – had no intention of leaving the scene and instead kept telling others to "evacuate quietly, calm down."

Hamas Leadership in Hiding After Rocket Attack on Israel

Hamas has reportedly cleared all of its headquarters for fear of an Israeli response to the attack, according to Arab media.

Ashkelon Opens Public Bomb Shelters

“Municipal teams are in the field and working to implement city directives in these next few minutes.”

Gaza Terrorists Fire (Failed) Rocket Attack at Southern Israel

The launches triggered the Red Alert incoming rocket warning sirens in open fields in the Eshkol Regional Council district where the impact was expected.

Watch: Midnight Gaza Rocket Barrage Disrupts Sabbath in Sderot

Two women in Sderot were treated for trauma-related shock following the attack.

Second Day of Sderot Festival, ‘Alumni’ Performance Canceled Due to Rocket Fire

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu subsequently called a meeting of the Political-Security Cabinet to discuss the escalation on the northern and southern borders.

WATCH: Iron Dome Intercepts Gaza Rockets over Sderot Concert, Building Hit

Hundreds of families were sent racing for cover as rockets exploded over a concert being held in the city of Sderot.

Containment Policy ‘Has Failed Miserably’ Says Shaar HaNegev District Leader

“Our resilience is not a blank check and I will not agree to allowing this to become our reality.”

Multiple Rockets Launched at Southern Israel

The Israel Defense Forces attacked two Hamas terrorist “underground infrastructures” in Gaza in response to the rocketfire aimed at Sderot late Friday evening.

Woman Injured during Pre-Election Gaza Rocket Attacks Dies of Wounds

Rivka Jamil, 89 from Ashkelon, ran for cover when the city was attacked by rockets. She fell during her run and sustained severe injuries. She succumbed to her wounds two months later.

Sderot Mayor Calls for ‘Military Operation’ in Gaza to End Rocket Attacks

“The precious residents of Sderot and the Gaza envelope are entitled to raise their children in a quiet and routine manner."

Chabad House / Hesder Yeshiva in Sderot Hit by Gaza Rocket

The attack follows another round of rocket fire aimed at the region from Gaza by less than 24 hours earlier.

IDF Retaliates Against Hamas for Gaza Rocket Attack

Local sources in Gaza said Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists were evacuating “all resistance sites and security sites.”

Red Alert Siren Activates in Gaza Belt Town of Nirim

Security personnel are searching the area to determine whether or not -- and if so, where -- there was an actual rocket or mortar attack.

Islamic Jihad: The Big Attack on Israel Will be in the Summer

Islamic Jihad leader Ziad Nahle said in an interview last week that he foresees an all-encompassing war with Israel that would include rocket fire on all Israeli cities.

Hamas Aggression Rewarded As Border Crossings Reopen

Israel is complying and the situation in Gaza is returning this morning to the routine of the days before the sudden attack a week ago Saturday.

Corbyn Rallies for Freeze on Arms Sales to Israel, with Ahed Tamimi Looking On

"The Labour Party is united in condemning the ongoing human rights abuses by Israeli forces."

Iranian-Backed Islamic Jihad Renews Threat of Rocket Attacks

Abu Hamza said military production units began working following the cease-fire to replace their rocket arsenal.


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