Iron Dome Shoots Down Rocket Aimed at Ashkelon

No property damage and no physical injuries were reported.

Red Alert Siren Activated in Southern Israel

The siren was triggered in the city of Ashkelon and along the Gaza border.

Rocket Fire Awakens Southern Israeli Children Twice on Thursday

Once again, miraculously, no one was physically injured and no property damage was reported.

Gaza Terrorists Fire Rocket at Israel, IAF Retaliates

The rocket was intercepted mid-air by the Iron Dome Aerial Defense System.

Rocket Fire Again Aimed at Southern Israel Saturday Night from Gaza

Sderot's Mayor: "We are informing you that we're not going to be broken. Sderot youth are stronger than everything."

What Ceasefire? Southern Israelis Flee Rocket Fire on Friday Night, Again

"IDF warplanes and aircraft attacked terror targets belonging to the Hamas terror organization in the northern Gaza Strip" in response to the rocket fire.

Iron Dome Intercepts Rocket Fire from Gaza, Again

"Iron Dome fighters intercepted one launch," which was headed towards a populated area.

IDF Confirms: Mortar Shell Lands in Open Field

Security personnel are searching for the projectile.

No Red Alert Siren, But Rocket Fired By Gaza Terrorists

The rocket reportedly landed in an open area in southern Israel. There’s been no report of property damage or injuries.

In Be’er Sheva, Frustration After Hamas Rocket Fire Follows Ceasefire

"I question the value of a targeted assassination when we get 450 rockets back ... and again there are endless ceasefire violations."

WATCH: What to Do When You’re at a Club and Hamas Attacks Your City

The Iron Dome anti-missile aerial defense system intercepted two rockets over the city, neutralizing both.

IDF Attacks Hamas Targets in Gaza After More ‘Ceasefire Rocket Fire’

“The IDF views the shooting with extreme gravity and is in high readiness for any scenario,” the IDF Spokesperson said.

Ashkelon Nixes School Friday Due to Ceasefire Violations, Rocket Fire

There were nearly a dozen ceasefire violations on Thursday. More than 450 rockets and missiles were fired at Israel between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Iron Dome Shoots Down 2 Rockets Over Sderot as ‘Ceasefire’ Continues

It was not immediately clear how Israel would respond to the rocket fire.

No School Friday in Gaza Border Communities After Multiple Ceasefire Breaches

A barrage of five rockets was fired Thursday morning, one rocket was fired in the late afternoon and three rockets were fired shortly after 10 pm.

Iron Dome Intercepts Gaza Rocket Attack, Latest Breach of ‘Ceasefire’

The Iron Dome anti-missile defense system intercepted one rocket heading for a densely populated area in southern Israel.

As Expected, Rockets Launched at Israel After Ceasefire Commences, PRC Takes Credit

The Popular Resistance Committee (PRC) terrorist organization in Gaza took credit for the attack.

Woman Injured as Rocket Strikes Home in Ashkelon

More than 350 rockets, missiles and mortars were launched at Israel by Gaza terrorists since Tuesday morning.

Hamas Under Pressure to Attack Israel

Islamic Jihad needs the more powerful Hamas to join the fight against Israel.

IDF: At Least 3 Enemy Rocket Crews Eliminated by Israeli Strikes

Islamic Jihad vows to continue attacks • Gaza medical officials say 19 killed in strikes so far • Israel assembles forces on Gaza border.

Day 2: Israelis Prepared for Gaza Rocket Fire to Come

There is a kind of rhythm that takes over the country once the government finally does something about the incessant terror attacks from Gaza on Israel’s civilians.

Updated: No School on Wednesday

Due to the ongoing rocket attacks by Islamic Jihad, school has been cancelled for the following Israeli cities...

‘One Doesn’t Cancel a Wedding!’ (Even Under Rocket Fire)

"The cost is not relevant today. It is the mitzvah that counts. These circumstances are atrocious. Thank God at least we can do this much."

DAY 1: More Than 150 Rockets Fired at Israel by 2PM

High voltage lines supplying electricity to communities in the central Israeli lowlands and in the southern region were damaged by rocket fire. They were repaired, under fire, by Israel Electric Co. technicians.

Netanyahu: ‘Israel Not Interested in Escalation But Ready If Necessary’

Netanyahu called PIJ terror commander Baha Abu Ata a “ticking time bomb” and said his assassination had been approved by Israel’s Security Cabinet 10 days prior.

Islamic Jihad Rocket Hits Sderot Factory, Fire Fighters Forced to Take Cover

Firefighters worked to put out the fire before it could cause too much damage.

Rockets Intercepted Over Yafo as Rockets Target Tel Aviv

Earlier in the morning, the IDF Home Command, released an unusual statement cancelling not just school in Tel Aviv, but also work.

Schools and Work Places Closed in Tel Aviv as Islamic Jihad Declares WAR and...

The IDF is apparently expecting an attack on Tel Aviv today. Rocket Alerts at 7:59 AM.

Rocket Attack Fired From Gaza, No Injuries

No property damage and no injuries were reported.


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