IDF Attacks Hamas Weapons Sites in Response to Gaza Rocket Attack

The attack followed the launch by Gaza terrorists of an Iranian-made 107mm Fajr-1 missile, aimed at a heavily populated area in southern Israel.

Iron Dome Intercepts Iranian Fajr-1 Rocket Fired at Israel from Gaza

One Israeli woman in her 50s was transported to a hospital after she slipped and fell while running to a bomb shelter.

Watch: IDF Blows Up Underground Hamas Rocket Factory

The terror factory was located just dozens of meters away from residential buildings and a hotel.

Iron Dome Shoots Down Rockets from Gaza

Multiple rockets were launched from Gaza, just before midnight on Thursday.

Gaza Rocket Attack Fizzles in Hamas Territory

One rocket was fired at Israel from Gaza late Tuesday night, but did not trigger a Red Alert incoming rocket siren because it did not clear the border security fence.

Gaza Rocket Lands in Open Area

Red Alert apps did not receive the notification. No interceptors were launched.

IDF Combat Aircraft Take to the Skies After Gaza Rockets Fired at Southern Israel

The alert was triggered in the communities of Nirim, Ein Ha'Shosha and Kissufim.

IDF Chief Kochavi Says Israel Attacked ‘Third Country’ During Operation Breaking Dawn

According to the Observatory, this was the 19th Israeli attack on Syrian territory since the beginning of 2022.

Ashkelon MDA Dispatch Delivers Baby over the Phone under Barrage of Rockets

“Amid the tension and worry that accompanied the last few days, receiving a call about a birth brought me comfort and joy.”

After Gaza Operation Lapid a Little Stronger, Netanyahu’s Bloc at 59

64% said Lapid did very well to good in handling the war, and only 17% said very badly to quite bad.

Meet Emirati Princess Hend bint Faisal Al-Qasimi, Privileged Idiot with Twitter Account

It’s OK, friends, our brave soldiers and pilots do not avoid killing children for fear of bad press.

The Day After: 15 Gazans Killed by Failed Terrorist Rockets, 35 by IDF Fire

Israel was unafraid to squeeze the Gazans when it came to halting humanitarian support during the clashes.

Third Time’s a Charm? Palestinian Islamic Jihad Says Ceasefire to Start 11:30 PM

Israel has rejected PIJ's demands to release Bassam al-Saadi, the group's commander in Jenin, taken into custody last week.

Gazans Angered by Islamic Jihad Rockets Misfiring and Exploding Inside Strip

Gazan's are being pressured to not post photos and videos from the deaths caused by Islamic Jihad.

Erez Crossing Terminal Hit by PIJ Mortar Shells

The Erez Crossing was closed down in advance of Operation Breaking Dawn, thus preventing further human and other damage that could have taken place.

Israel Confirms Comprehensive Ceasefire Negotiations via Egypt

Israel Police sources say current intelligence indicates that riots are not expected to break out in Israel’s mixed cities.

PIJ Terrorist Rocket Misfire Kills Children in Gaza

At the time PIJ fired a rocket barrage, Gazan social media reported a "children's massacre" in Jabaliya, saying five children were killed.

Rocket, Missile, Smart Bomb – What’s the Difference?

What are PIJ terrorists firing at Israel - rockets or missiles? And what are Israel Air Force combat pilots firing at PIJ terrorist targets in Gaza?

IAF Warplanes Launch Fresh Air Strikes Against PIJ Targets in Gaza

IDF: The tragic deaths of Gazan children in Jabaliya could have been the result of a failed rocket launch. The IDF is investigating the event.

Lapid, Gaza Envelope Leaders Discuss Aid to Region Under Rocketfire

On Saturday evening, the prime minister met with top security and defense brass for a situation assessment at the IDF's Kirya headquarters in Tel Aviv.

350+ Rockets Fired at Israel by Gaza’s PIJ Terrorists

Three people, including two IDF soldiers, sustained minor injuries from mortar fire in areas along the Gaza border.

Israel Suspends Expansion of Gaza Work Permits After Rocket Fire

The last time Israel froze work permits in response to a rocket attack – last month -- the suspension was lifted just four days later.

IAF Uses Bunker Busters on Hamas Weapons Factories After Gaza Rocket Fire

One of the rockets aimed at Ashkelon was intercepted by the Iron Dome aerial defense system, indicating it was headed to a populated area. The other three landed in open areas.

Bennett’s Bragging Rights: So Far, Few Gaza Rockets, No Iranian Nuclear Strike

“In the past year, the State of Israel has taken action against the head of the terrorist octopus and not just against the arms as was done in previous decades."

Erez Crossing Closed to Gaza Workers following Rockets, Army Pushes for Quick Reopening

Former Shin Bet chief MK Avi Dichter (Likud): "Hamas has undertaken to connect itself to the Temple Mount and is doing so with considerable success."

Weekend Gaza Rocket Attacks Lead to Erez Crossing Shutdown

The second rocket landed in the northeastern Gazan city of Beit Hanoun, near a school, wounding one resident.

Gazan Rockets, Anti-Aircraft Fire Intercepted After IDF Retaliatory Strikes

IDF on its air strikes: "The Hamas terrorist organization is responsible for what is happening in the Gaza Strip."

Gaza Rocket Lands in Sderot Yard, Third Attack in Four Days

Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi said he expects the prime minister, the minister of defense and the cabinet "not to ignore this rocket attack that miraculously ended without casualties."


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