IDF Deploys Iron Dome in Jerusalem to Protect Flag Parade Marchers from Gaza Rocket...

There is concern that Hamas might decide to fire rockets at the Israeli capital as the terror group did in May 2021, just as the Flag Parade was set to begin.

Bituach Leumi to Recognize Gazan Worker as Terror Victim, Will Receive Payments

The father of six was working at a hothouse in the southern Israeli community of Shokeda with his brother when a rocket fired by Gaza terrorists slammed into the farm.

IDF Strikes Hamas Positions in Gaza, Retaliation for Ceasefire Violation

The IDF struck two military posts belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza in response to the rocket launch.

Gaza Terrorists Break Fragile Ceasefire Third Time in 24 Hours

Gaza terrorists initially violated the ceasefire less than 15 minutes after it went into effect on Saturday night, and then again an hour later, before silence reigned for the rest of the night.

8-Months’ Intelligence Project Behind the Executions of 6 Senior Jihad Commanders

No matter how mind-boggling Israel’s intelligence capabilities are, they cannot be used to influence change inside the Gaza Strip.

5 Days Later, It’s Back to Normal on Gaza’s Border

The lifting of restrictions came less than a day after the ceasefire signed Saturday night between Israel and the Islamic Jihad.

Israel on [Broken] Ceasefire: ‘Quiet Will be Answered with Quiet’

Islamic Jihad fired particularly heavy barrages of rocket fire about 15 minutes before the start of the alleged ceasefire, took a break and then launched two more. Another salvo was fired an hour later.

Islamic Jihad Fires Rockets at Southern & Central Israel Ahead of Alleged Ceasefire

While terrorists were firing rockets at Israel, Israeli combat aircraft were busy bombing terrorist targets in Gaza.

Taking Down the House

A collection of videos from Gaza of the IDF destroying the homes of Islamic Jihad terrorists.

Islamic Jihad Denies Report of Ceasefire Planned for 10 PM

By 9 pm Saturday night, PIJ terrorists fired more than 1,200 rockets at Israel since the start of Operation Shield and Arrow on Tuesday.

Islamic Jihad Rocket Kills Gazan Man Working in Israel

Abdullah Gava, 34, is the second person in Israel to die in rocket fire aimed at Israel from Gaza.

IDF Eliminates 6th Islamic Jihad Commander

As of Saturday evening, more than 1,200 rockets were fired at Israel by PIJ since the start of Operation Shield and Arrow this past Tuesday.

Gaza Terrorists Aim at Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, Efrat and Beit Shemesh

Iron Dome interceptions were reported over Gush Etzion and Beit Shemesh, both areas not far from the Israeli capital.

Watch: Terrorists’ Live Video Tweet Captures their Death

The live feed on Twitter shows two terrorists removing rifles from a stash before they are hit.

Zhytomyr Orphans Escape from Rocket Shelled Ashkelon

100 Ukrainian orphans living in Israel escaped the terror of war for the second time.

IDF: Direct Hit that Killed Rehovot Woman Result of Iron Dome Glitch

It’s time to do what it takes to inoculate Gaza once and for all, rather than continue to rely on the magic cure of Iron Dome.

Live Updates: Day 3 of Operation Shield and Arrow

One person was killed and multiple others were wounded in one rocket barrage shortly after 6 pm.

As Promised, Islamic Jihad Launches Fresh Evening Rocket Barrage from Gaza

Since the start of Operation Shield and Arrow, Israel Air Force aircraft have struck 191 terrorist targets in Gaza.

1 Dead, Multiple Injured in Direct Hits in Rehovot, Sderot, Netivot

Several people were reportedly trapped on a floor above one in which residents were taking refuge from the attack in their private bomb shelters.

Israel Assassinates Deputy Commander of Islamic Jihad Rocket Force in Gaza

Ahmed Abu Daqa was the deputy commander of the terror group’s rocket force and was responsible for the rocket attacks aimed at Israel this week.

Report: Hamas Aided Islamic Jihad’s Rocket Launchers

The Jihad realizes that as time goes by, they would continue to lose assets and senior commanders.

IDF Eliminates Jihad’s Rockets Commander

The attack, carried out by IAF warplanes, also killed Abu Ghali’s brother Mahmoud, and their nephew Muhammad Mansour.

LIVE UPDATES: Rocket Barrages Against Israel Continue

Rocket alerts sounded in Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Rishon Lezion and surrounding areas.

Islamic Jihad Demands Cancellation of Jerusalem Day Flag Parade

The terrorist group threatened that if Israel does not agree to its demands, the group would expand the scope of its attacks.

No Ceasefire: Israeli Combat Pilots Pound PIJ Terrorist Targets in Gaza

Combat helicopters attacked four PIJ military compounds in Gaza, including compounds used to store weapons. In addition, a military compound used by the organization's naval force was attacked as well.

Heavy Rocket Fire Resumes After Brief Hiatus, Direct Hits in Netivot, Sderot, Ashkelon

At least one rocket landed in the town of Netivot, located of the tomb of the saintly Moroccan Kabbalist Baba Sali.

David’s Sling System Used to Intercept Gaza’s Long-Range Rocket Aimed at Tel Aviv

Just one David's Sling interceptor missile costs an estimated one million dollars.

Rocket Fire Hits House in Sderot, Tel Aviv Under Attack

One home in the southern border city of Sderot sustained a direct hit by a rocket, but the owners were not home, and there were no reported injuries.

Israel Continues Air Strikes on Palestinian Islamic Jihad Terrorist Positions in Gaza

Israeli residents living near the border with Gaza were ordered by IDF Home Front Command to enter their bomb shelters and other safe spaces as the bombing began; they were allowed to leave them an hour later.

No Classes, Limited Gatherings on Wednesday in Areas Within 40 Kilometers of Gaza

“Each and every one of us must make sure that we are prepared and know how to act to protect our lives and the lives of our loved ones.”


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