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A "hot mic" took center stage at the UN General Assembly on Nov. 14, 2013

At today’s session of the United Nations General Assembly, the body to which all 193 member nations belong, it was mostly business as usual. Mostly, but not completely.

Nine resolutions were passed denouncing Israel; none were passed denouncing any other nation on earth.


That’s right, no resolutions were passed condemning Syria for mass slaughter of its citizens, no resolutions were passed condemning North Korea which already executed 80 people this November alone, some merely for possessing a Bible or watching a movie from South Korea. And no resolutions were passed condemning the government of Sudan which has killed more than 170 people since protests erupted there on September 23, with scores more injured.

But here’s something very different that happened at the UN.

Other than the hieroglyphics inserted to protect The Jewish Press readers from harsh language, the following was actually said, out loud, into the ears of every delegate present at the U.N. on Thursday:

“Isn’t it a little weird? There are nine or ten resolutions against Israel. And I know there’s a problem with the Palestinians. But there’s other bad s*#@ going on and they’re spending so much time on this.”

Honesty at the UNGA.

But the person who made that statement, like the innocent child in the children’s book The Emperor’s New Clothes, was not an official, not a representative, not an “important” person at all.  It was an interpreter who said it.

The now famous UN interpreter thought she was simply speaking to the person sitting next to her, she did not realize that she was speaking into a “hot mic,” that is, a microphone that was transmitting her words to everyone in the hall who had their headphones on.

Upon hearing the outburst of laughter from delegates who heard her, the interpreter realized what happened and apologized.

Among the nine resolutions condemning Israel, was one which blamed Israel for its mistreatment of Syrian citizens in the “occupied Golan Heights.”

That’s right, it’s Israel who is mistreating Syrians, not Assad.  And the General Assembly even called on Israel to return the Golan Heights to Assad!  The whole world is calling for Assad to resign because he is unfit to rule, but the global assembly of nations tells Israel to hand over more Syrian citizens for Assad to butcher.

The saying, “in vino veritas” means the truth comes out when wine is imbibed.  In the UN, apparently the only time the truth comes out is when an innocent speaks, thinking no one will hear.

Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, first revealed the lapse in falsehood at Thursday’s UN meeting.



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  1. Here it finally is: blatant in your face reality of truth when the rest of the delegates hide behind their mother's aprons and refuse to be honest with themselves in accepting the verity that Israel is a light unto to world in good deeds (examples:
    one of the first to help in Earthquakes and Typhoons, such as the Philippines at this very moment).

  2. One of the greatest ironies is that, while condemning Israel as a monster, Syria is shipping people who gravely injured in the strictly internecine fighting there to Israeli hospitals- where they are treated with respect and accorded the finest medical care – all at Israeli taxpayer expense. The UN General Assembly has abandoned any pretense to moral sagacity that it ever had.

  3. there is a lot israel is guilty for: massmurder of palestinians – also called ethnic cleansing or genocide. guilty of sitting on a land that never belonged to them in the first place. israel is only existing as a fairy tale. the killing and racist attacks on people from other countries. the whole country is based on religious oppression.

  4. Doreen, Do you work for the UN or are you high on Crack? Israel for thousands of years has been a Jewish country. Just that they gave alwas been killed and kicked out. You don’t have to go to far back. Just look from the time Mohammed which was about 1000 years ago. When they came thru Jerusalem, rapped, forced conversions, and killed tens of thousands of Jews.
    How can you say that Israel is an occupier, while Islam is the youngest religion amongst all other religions. Your ignorant to admit the truth. Your hatred for the Jews is clear. My last question is Why? Why do you hate the Jews so much?

  5. Doreen–clearly you missed the news over the last few years. If we use any of the norms to weigh Israel first against its neighbors and then against the world you will be surprised that Israel’s neighbors and judges have the highest abuse of women and illiteracy rates in the world. It’s not for lack of resources as they are oil rich. So if you want to take the judgement of illiterate misagynists who want to return to the brutality of the 7 th century so they can freely “marry” (though we call it rape in America) little girls, routinely mutilate women’s genitalia and murder anyone who doesn’t believe their particular form of psychosis about what Mohammad did or didn’t do, be my guest. I have a personal rule about taking the word of hate mongering, small-minded women-hating ignoramuses over fact. Try it, you might learn something.

  6. And you madam are a liar, a moron, and the most ignorant twat to walk the planet, if you are going to spew your bile, try doing it with the authority of truth, other than that you will remain no more than a 100% slobbering douche-bag

  7. Sure sounds like a German name! The hate of the Germans still goes on, even after all the help the world gave them after the slaughter of all the worlds people from 1959 to 1944 …God have mercy on your souls!

  8. Thank God I belong to Jesus and will one day be in a place where abortion and homosexual marriage will not be present and lot's of other things that are a travesty to this great nation of America that my dad and his brothers fought for. Be no Obamacare or wishy washy stand for nothing politicians and money determining elections of the unfit. Thank God for the day I meet Him face to face.

  9. Who backs the attacks? The Democratic National Committee and who votes overwhelmingly democrat? Jews….voting themselves back into the ovens! Better wake up Israel, the devils at your door.

  10. God has returned Israel to his land and they will never be removed from it again. ANY give away of God’s land is a sin in God’s eyes. I pray for peace but all too often what takes place is war. In the middle east we have wars and rumors of wars and sometimes rumors of peace on an almost weekly basis. In addition Iran claims they will not build the bomb but continue to spin their “low level” centrifuges. Current intelligence seems uncertain of when Iran could get the bomb and Israel cannot afford to gamble with this. Time IS running out. Another question is rather or not the Russian/Syrian agreement will do the trick in Syria? Stay tuned. I wrote a small 6 or 7 page book that talks about what I believe the Bible states will take place soon as well as the potential trends I see at this time. I don’t accept donations and it’s free. It’s a short read. I encourage you to have a look:

  11. Oleg Grinfeld Oleg Grinfeld Oleg Grinfeld People like her already live on a moon or some other place where they don't feel the gravity and the weight of their words and deeds. In a desert, it's unwise to cut a living tree. In the darkness, it's unwise to blow out the few sources of light. Here they are, blind and stumbling in the darkness, and they, for thousands of years, have been trying to snuff out the flickering lights. Look at the contributions made by the individuals among the light-keepers, and you'll see people who bring light to the darkness and water to the desert. Compare them to the deeds of the ones who want their demise and you'll find little more than darkness and despair for those who live under their heels.

    The world, the nations of the world, and the people of the world will have to make up their minds eventually because sitting on the fence won't help once the fence has fallen over. It should be easy. If you believe in a creator, you surely must believe that the Creator programmed His creations to survive because He wants them to exist/survive. Mothers throughout most of nature protect, nurture, and raise up their young so that they can survive and raise the next generation. Mothers and fathers who do otherwise are violating the programming and the laws of the Creator, and so one has to ask themselves a simple question — Are people who strap explosives to their children really serving the Creator? Or are they twisting the natural order and the designs of the Creator by destroying that which the Creator ushered into existence.

    If the Gardener wanted to remove the roses from the garden, I'm sure He could do so. For some reason, it seems He's rather fond of His roses, as well as the rest of the flora and fauna in the garden. Those who harbor hatred against the roses would be wise to leave the garden alone…the Gardener holds the prunes, not us.

  12. doreen Kraatz "Firm stands His Word to abraham spoken, His oath to Isaac never broken, His everlasting covenant, With Israel, God will not recant. He said "To you this land I give, that as my heirs you there may live." Isnt the earth the Lord's and the fullness thereoff? So does His Word not prevail over yours? So sorry for you that you are so hatefull and full of slander.

  13. The United Nations and the European Union have been a long time nemesis of Israel. But, these institutions have never have had to be made accountable for their slander and biases. There a few ways to have this long standing problem resolved. One idea would be for some pro Israel countries to withhold their financial contributions, that would hit them in the wallet. Most likely the Arabs would just make up for the loss in revenue with their oil money. But, if the loss in contributions was significant enough, the Arabs may tire of doing this. Another option would be to have an independent ethics committee established that does not work for either entity to investigate these types of problems. Upon conclusion of an investigation the committee could pass down a ruling ranging from fines, sanctions, removal of specific people, or expulsion. This is something that really should have been established when these organizations were first created. The other idea would be for Israel to simply resign from the United Nations and cut ties with the European Union. There is really no benefit for Israel to remain in the U.N. which was originally established to bring countries who were having problems with another to the table in an effort to overt war and to correct true injustices taking place by countries throughout the world. Today, much of the time is spent bashing and sanctioning Israel. What Israel should do, is tell both of these organizations to take their sanctions and shove them up their ass. I was happy to hear that Israel quit the U.N. human rights committee but then back tracked by rejoining it. By the way, in case anyone wants to hear the truth, it has been Israeli doctors that have been treating Syrians from the effects of chemical weapons.

  14. And that's why as a child I stopped collection for UNICEF. I felt then as a child, and now as an adult, that the UN is a racist, biased, organization who could care less about Israel.

  15. Doreen, pray enlighten us misled souls from which sources you obtain your constructive information so we might follow the mysterious thought patterns of your mind – in other words, please convert us from the errors of our ways to see your amazing truth as well.

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