Photo Credit: Jason Lawrence
Miami Police (archive)

Homeowners in Coral Gables and Miami on Tuesday morning discovered on their front lawns plastic bags packed with corn kernels and pictures of Disney characters, with a leaflet that warned: “Every single aspect of Disney’s child grooming is Jewish. Protect your children.” The leaflet featured six Disney World executives with blue Stars of David on their foreheads and the word “Jewish” written under their names in capital letters, the Miami Herald reported.

Other antisemitic fliers that were discovered on lawns in the same areas focused on gun control and immigration as Jewish conspiracies. One read: “Every single aspect of gun control is Jewish,” with pictures of lawmakers, the other said the same about mass immigration.


Law enforcement sources told the Miami Herald similar fliers had been delivered to homes from Fort Pierce to Orlando to Jacksonville, suggesting there was a high order of coordination involved in this operation and admitting they didn’t know who was behind it.


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