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Malcolm Hedding, an associate pastor of the World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, says he’s doing “a theological overview of Israel, the (Christian) church and the nations. As Paul said, Christianity is built on a Jewish foundation or grafted into a Jewish root.”

Hedding and other speakers will expound on the theme at this weekend’s “Israel, the Church and the Nations” during regular worship services Saturday and Sunday, according to, the local publication.


No earth shattering revelation there, about the foundation thing. But the way the good pastor expresses his love for us is, hmm… a bit disconcerting:

“If you flatten a globe, Israel is at the center,” says Hedding.

For 11 years, Hedding was executive director of International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, which has a constituency of 14 million in 110 countries, according to Hedding. “Its main mission is to repair bridges opened up between Christians and Jews because of historical antisemitism.”

All well and good, but must you flatten the globe to discover Israel is at the center? Why not just ask an Israeli?