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It might still be two weeks to Pesach, but is never too early to start thinking about Afikomen presents.

Remembering Through The Story Of A Nazi Collaborator

On the one hand, Rashke tells the political story about the motives behind the U.S.‘s welcoming of war criminals onto its land. On the other hand, he successfully balances it with the emotional story of the Holocaust.

The Halachic Man

Towards the end of the introduction the author pens I was raised in a home that believed in and practice Torah V’Avodah and thus the main theme of this book – the integration of Torah with the State of Israel – from the inspiration and education I received from him.

A Project Gone Wrong

Cade and Logan’s courage in the face of resistance from some in their school and community is a model for all people who seek to speak up for others and what they know is right.

From The Trailer Park To The Shabbos Park: One Woman’s Journey To Her Religious...

Despite not having any religious identity, Mrs. Teitler recalls that she and her younger sister were both beaten up at the trailer parks where they lived for being Jewish.

Teaching Children How To Be Hospitable

My only criticism is that it isn’t longer. Maybe there’ll be a sequel.

Honest Insights Into The Chabad Mission

I would recommend this book to any helping professional who works with people for insight into the power of listening to enable others to help themselves.

A New Christian View On Israel

"Chock full" is an apt description of this work, as it offers insight on many issues. These include why it’s inaccurate to say the Jews displaced another people in returning to Eretz Yisrael, why support for Israel is growing in the Christian world, and why giving away parts of Israel doesn't work.

Toward Marital Bliss

Abusive men are usually on their best behavior before marriage. But they do provide clues.

Reviving The Torah Ideal

In the introduction to the first volume, R. Katz discusses the Torah ideal, arguing that the Torah’s laws are intended to craft the perfect man and are not to be regarded as ends unto themselves.

A Helpful Guide For Women And Couples

If you don’t want to read it cover to cover, you can flip through it. Find the question you are looking for as it becomes relevant to your situation or if a case is of interest to you.

Ein Od Milvado

I was intrigued by how the writer looked to find Hashem’s message in frustrating, mundane stories.

Judging Book Covers

Whether the rest of us admit it or not, covers draw our attentions and create the initial impressions we have with books.

Title: The Light That Unites: A Chanukah Companion

It quotes stories and lessons from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, The Rav, Rav Kook, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and many other luminaries.

Toward A Deeper Understanding Of A Giant

With some exceptions, Talmudists had little in-depth knowledge of the Rav’s philosophical output, while his Talmudics were off the radar for philosophers.

A Creative Orphanage Director Before His Tragic End

Indeed, these interviews make enriching readings for professional educators and parents

A Deep Dive Into A Short Essay

You might think that this is a collection of essays, at first glance. Upon further examination, you realize that R. Naor is examining every aspect of the phrase souls of the world of chaos.

A Giant Of Torah And Chesed

The Rebbe’s suggestion – just combine the shuls! Never mind the significant ideological differences and different nusach.

The Fascinating History Of An Unknown Jewish Community

The first Jews of Eastern Europe were of a distinct variety who spoke a Judeo-Slavic dialect known to scholars as Knaanic. This dialect was later rendered obsolete by the arrival German/Yiddish-speaking Ashkenazim, whose language became somewhat influenced by Knaanic, but also essentially caused it to fizzle out

A New Perspective On The Jewish State

In this narrative of history, it is the third world Palestinians who are victims of the marauding Jews, of course.

A Fighter For Holocaust Survivors

Edith Pollak would go on to work 14 hours a day reading notes from survivors and gathering information for files needed to reclaim their stolen funds, such as age, town, and the concentration camp and ghettos where they were imprisoned.

Title: Biblical Beauty: Ancient Secrets and Modern Solutions

Title: Biblical Beauty: Ancient Secrets and Modern Solutions Author: Rachelle Weisberger Publisher: Anbern Press

Seeing The Kings, Anew

Adopting an ancient exegetical approach that is based on midrashic readings of the text, thematic connections that span between various books of the Bible are revealed.

New Haggadah Suggestions

There are so many this year that it would take months to go through all of them. For 2019, I found the following 5 haggadahs to be noteworthy.

Finally, The Jewish Harry Potter

Written with flowing language and engaging style, Attar weaves a spell that combines mystery, humor, adventure and Kabbalah in the most magical place in the world, the Old City of erusalem.

YU And OU Celebrate Publication Of Chumash Mesoras HaRav

The Rav explains that Hashem is everyone's rebbe. Whenever someone learns, he is learning with Hashem.

Title: Keys to the Palace: Exploring the Religious Value of Reading Tanakh

A superb essay which illustrates Angel’s approach is the story of Yakov and Esav, and Yakov’s seeming deception to obtain the valuable blessings from this father.

Climbing The High Holiday Ladder – Day By Day

Conceived as a project to help his scattered constituents prepare for Rosh Hashanah 5781, Rabbi Wildes sent out WhatsApp messages with thoughts and questions to consider each day.

Answers To Grow With

I particularly liked how Ciment addresses hardships. He explains that setbacks are actually set ups for something way better.

Who Are The Karaites?

The book serves as a brief, yet simultaneously detailed, overview of many broad components of Karaite Judaism, rather than focusing on a single detail in-depth – a tactic which would better serve seasoned Karaite scholars.


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