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Bina Lobell’s Super Secret Diary
By Ruchama Feuerman
Judaica Press




Bina Lobell’s Super Secret Diary is a fantastic book – the perfect story to share with my granddaughters. Besides its being such a joy to read, its insightful wisdom gets absorbed deeply, heightening one’s understanding of others and refining the reader’s midos in the most delightful way.

In this young adult novel, noted author Ruchama Feuerman presents the voice of a young person in our community. She manages to get inside the heart and mind of a nine-year-old Orthodox girl in such a refreshingly authentic way. Young readers will gain a great deal from Bina Lobell’s realistic struggles and her growth throughout the book.

Who hasn’t experienced how hard it can be to fit in? And how painful it is to feel left out and bullied? This great author even manages to explore the uncomfortable emotion of jealousy between friends, in a unique and honest way that can help anyone to both relate and improve. She achieves these important goals with a genuine and funny style. It is a page-turner to be enjoyed again and again as the reader simply wants to savor this delicious book.

The design and layout of Secret Diary is also uniquely wonderful. May Bina Lobell’s Super Secret Diary not remain a super secret for long – we all have much to joyfully learn from this magnificently-written treasure.


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