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Title: Getting Back to the Happy Place
By Josh “Pops” Rubin
Illustrated by Shira Peled
Mazo Publications



Although Getting Back to the Happy Place is a book for children, I have no doubt that parents reading it will be helped by its down to earth advice of being focused, in the moment, and accessing things that make them happy. It will also help them be more attuned to how their communication style affects their children.

David is a little boy who gets stomachaches when his parents fight. His grandfather, “Pops,” takes him on a walk and teaches him tools to get back to his “Happy Place.” Little children get stressed when people they love fight, when they experience disappointment or heartache, or when they feel threatened. Having tools that are easy for young children to assimilate, tools grownups use as well, helps them cope with many of life’s vicissitudes.

Getting Back to the Happy Place is relaxing to read and offers questions to ponder at the end. It encourages honest communication and helps young children explore and understand their feelings in a straightforward, non-threatening way.

“Growing up I felt stuck in uncomfortable situations both at home and at school,” says Rubin, 59, who made aliyah from Pennsylvania. “The happiness of playing outside showed me that there are happy places in our world. My hope is that the book will remind children that they have the capacity to be in their happy place through playing, singing and resting in nature.”

The illustrations by Shira Peled seem to echo the simplicity, sincerity and happiness vibe of the book.

Children’s books are becoming more and more important.” Children are left too much on their own with their multitude of screens. Children need parents who believe in them and encourage them,” says Rubin. “You are famous if your children know who you are.”

Josh Rubin has a Masters’ degree in counseling and is a life coach and therapist for adults. He also runs Kosher World Adventures – a kosher travel group for people over 50. He is known to his 11 grandchildren (ken yirbu) as Pops.

Rubin is soon putting out a new book for older children called The Holy Flier about the importance of giving encouragement, also with illustrations by Shira Peled.

To contact Josh Rubin about his books, book a kosher adventure or schedule a Zoom counseling session: email: [email protected].

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