Photo Credit: Kalaniot Books

Title: How to Welcome an Alien
By Rebecca Klempner
Illustrated by Shirley Waisman
Kalaniot Books



It is not hard to guess why the family that welcomes a family of three aliens to their home is called Abraham. After all, the guests that Avraham Avinu welcomed on that scorching hot day were also not of this world.

Humorous and whimsical, and quite instructional, How to Welcome an Alien teaches children how to welcome guests into your home, even if they are a bit unexpected.

Kids always learn better through metaphor and I’m sure How to Welcome an Alien will be foremost in their minds when they welcome guests for a long time after reading the book.

In the end, the Abrahams see that the aliens aren’t that different than a regular family whose car broke down, and they appreciate hospitality just like anyone else. I love the ending! It’s funny yet deep and philosophical, even if the kids don’t get it.

My only criticism is that it isn’t longer. Maybe there’ll be a sequel.

N.B. How quick you are to let your kids open the door to strangers of course depends on whatever neighborhood you live in.

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