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Members of Brothers in Arms protest outside the residence of PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, September 28, 2023.

Protest leader Shikma Bressler was upset. Some group dared to splash the entire side of a building in Tel Aviv with a gigantic ad featuring the three Brothers in Arms members who told CBS’ 60 Minutes about how the Israeli government targets Arab children. The street-level-to-roof ad said: “You Don’t Aim your Arms at Brothers,” a clever take on the crypto-fascist group’s name. Below the 60 Minutes image came the slogan: “Do not smear the IDF abroad.”

It was an effective ad, and a welcome change of scenery, in a city where every billboard is taken up by building-size anti-government ads financed by the same billionaires who pay for Shikma Bressler’s movement. So, naturally, she was fuming and tweeted that this was “A picture of heroes,” referring to the three folks in military T-shirts from the CBS thing. And she added: “The sniper’s target of the Meshichistim who have not served one minute and are attacking IDF soldiers, is currently aimed at the heart of the Israeli consensus.”


There are a few problems with her statement.

1. These three are not heroes, they are fanatics who stop at nothing to revoke the results of the November 2022 election where their side lost badly to the most demonized Jew in Israeli history, Benjamin Netanyahu.

2. As became clear from the responses to the above tweet, the people who put up the ad served in the IDF. Shay Kallach, a former IAF fighter pilot, responded: “The members of the organizations that signed the ad served full service in the IDF, some of them colonels and lieutenant colonels, as well as fighters.” And he asked: “By the way, where did you serve in the army?”

3. We looked it up. Shikma Bressler, who was an accomplished basketball player in her youth, served as an athlete on a weapons base in Moshav Beit Hillel in Galilea, a short hop from her parents’ home in Haifa. War is hell.

4. As to the term “meshichistim” in her tweet, this noble concept which is the foundation of Judaism and Zionism, has turned, to a large part through its vile use by MK Avigdor Liberman, a swearword which is used by the left to describe their imagined bands of delusional religious Jews eager to sacrifice goats on the Temple Mount. This reporter is a declared meshichist, in keeping with Maimonides’ 12th fundamental principle of Jewish faith: The coming of the Messiah – the belief that the Messiah will come from the house of David and he will be greater than all the kings. By the way, the 13th principle of faith is the revival of the dead which should be praised by Israel’s Labor Party.

Peace Now’s Yariv Oppenheimer, whose group is part of the Geneva conspiracy to uproot the Jews of Judea and Samaria, was also irate at the building-high ad. He tweeted: “Who is the scoundrel who agreed to publish this false incitement and permitted the blood of civilians? Shame and disgrace on the outdoor signage company. His face should be smeared on a sign.”

You see, the idea here is posting the images of the three anarchists is a call to assassinate them. Never mind the thousands of ads, signs, banners, billboards with Netanyahu’s picture calling him a criminal and many other despicable names – that’s not an invitation to assassinate?

The left’s inability to self-examine, coupled with the left’s depressing absence of a sense of humor have given birth to Oppenheimer’s way of thinking. It is also telling that Oppenheimer’s family belonged to the Lechi underground (the Stern Gang) which gave extremism a bad name. Wikileaks revealed in 2011 that Oppenheimer was an agent of the US government, feeding them information about Jewish settlements. In 2013 he ran to the Knesset on the Labor list after getting only 8,000 votes in the primaries. He came in 27th.

In 2022 he tried to join the Meretz list and came in 13th in the primaries. Not a popular guy on the left either.


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