Photo Credit: Ann Goldberg / Tfutza Publications

Title: Patient: Taking Tefillah, Emunah and Humor on a Journey to Healing
Author: Ann Goldberg
Publisher: Tfutza Publications



At first one might assume that a book about a serious illness involving radiation, chemotherapy and major surgery would be a most depressing read. However, this book, aptly named Patient by Ann Goldberg is just the opposite. Completely open and sincere, it is inspiring, uplifting and even has witty touches to balance the more serious, emotional aspects.

Originally from England, Ann is an essayist and writing coach living in Jerusalem. Sharing her experiences with honesty and humor, she enables the reader to connect to her challenging journey with all its difficult and positive aspects. As a result, we learn to appreciate our normal, healthy lives which too often are taken for granted.

She explains how she survived throughout the long ordeal with the assistance of her supportive husband and family members who add their own voices to the story. Expressing her gratitude to Hashem, the ultimate Healer, the sections on prayer are a reminder of the importance of davening for those in need of a refuah shleimah.

Some books seem to have a special mazel to be published at the most appropriate time. Now, during the overwhelming pandemic of the coronavirus, which has affected so many people around the world directly or indirectly, Patient provides reassurance and offers hope for recovery.


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