Photo Credit: Omri Shapira

Marking World Sandwich Day on November 3, an Israeli organization that distributes 8,500 sandwiches daily to disadvantaged students throughout the country is calling upon supporters to “Give a Sandwich.”

Nevet, founded in 2006 works with more than 151 schools in 46 municipalities around the Israel to identify disadvantaged children and discretely provide 1.3 million healthy sandwiches for breakfast a year.


“Proper nutrition isn’t just about not being hungry,” explains Rotem Yosef Giladi, Director of Nevet. “It has a direct educational and social value by transforming how these students behave and relate to those around them.”

A recent study in Israel provided key academic evidence linking proper nutrition to reduced behavioral problems and improved academic success. The study included a finding that students who were provided sandwiches by the Nevet program were 12 percent less likely to require Ritalin than before they received the nutritional support. Incidences of smoking and violence on school grounds were also dramatically reduced.

“Each and every day, thousands of children arrive in Israeli schools hungry and without even a basic meal,” continues Giladi.  “As people around the world commemorate World Sandwich Day, we’re asking friends of Israel to realize that for these children, every day is Sandwich Day. These fresh, healthy, humble sandwiches they receive at school might be the only food they have till evening. So before you take a bite into your sandwich, please take a moment to support a child who won’t have that ability without you.”

To donate a sandwich for a child in need, visit


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