Reunions, Awards, and Frank Talk: Buzz Hasn’t Faded from COJO Flatbush Legislative Breakfast

Even with so much attention directed at events of the day, the focus of the Breakfast always came back to COJO Flatbush... To all the things COJO does for those in need.

Verbal Fireworks Fly At Republican Gubernatorial Debate

Gun-free zones don’t work, Zeldin agreed. They actually become a target for innocent civilians to be attacked because the person carrying out the offense knows they are going to encounter less resistance.

Opponents Take Aim At Governor Hochul In TV Debate

Suozzi brought up the potential conflict of interest between Hochul’s husband, Bill, who is the general counsel for the company holding the vendor concession contract for the stadium, Delaware North.

Entrenched Queens Assemblyman Faces Primary Battle From Young Upstart

It’s always challenging taking on an incumbent, Felder told The Jewish Press. There are advantages to incumbency but people are ready for freshness, for new ideas and energy when there is a whole lot of complacency that they see right now.

Never Forget! Never Again! Words to Remember

Last year, after returning from a New York delegation to Poland, I spoke on this day and I mentioned the need to take antisemitism in the United States seriously before it gets worse, Rozic said.

Manhattan Surrogate’s Court Judgeship Up For Grabs

Surrogate’s Court is not for the dead, it’s for the living. That is the key thing you have to keep in mind, Gingold told The Jewish Press exclusively.

New Rosh Beit Midrash At Darchei Noam In Fair Lawn, N.J. Punctuates Shul’s Growth

As Rosh Beit Midrash, I look forward to spearheading a wide array of learning opportunities and experiences and to building relationships that further advance and deepen the already inspiring growth atmosphere at Darchei Noam, Rabbi Katz said.

State And Local Leaders Gather At Breakfast To Say No To Poverty, No To...

We understand that without [the support and partnership of] government and our elected leaders, there’s nothing we can do, Greenfield told the attendees.

Rabbinical Council Of America Mission Visits Poland To Aid Refugees

The war isn’t going away, a lot needs to be done, says Rabbi Blau. Many of the refugees are women and children whose husbands and sons were left behind to fight.

Shhhh! Schmoozing Forms Backdrop To Speeches At COJO Flatbush Breakfast

This breakfast goes back more than 40 years where the community relies on this event for mingling and seeing their elected officials on a yearly basis, Louis Welz, COJO CEO, told The Jewish Press.

With Baby Formula Shortage Expected To Last Into The Summer, Crowdsourcing And Gemachs Emerge...

Everyone is frantic, because this isn’t like hand sanitizer where you can just use a different brand, said Bernstein.

Politics Or Logistics? Museum Cancels Conference Featuring DeSantis

Former Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind told The Jewish Press that he was furious with the museum’s decision.

Hochul Chooses New Lieutenant Governor

The phrase “spent his early career empowering young people,” might have been a veiled reference to Delgado’s career as a rapper, known as AD the Voice.

Fireworks At AJC Antisemitism Discussion On Antisemitism

It’s in our own house in New York, Brown said. We have more Jews than anywhere else in the world except for maybe Israel. We talk and we talk and we talk and we try to pass bills. We can’t even get a Holocaust study [bill] done in New York.

Remembering U.S. Grant On His 200th Birthday

Historians believe the way Grant wrote General Orders No. 11 it appeared he held antisemitic views since he expelled the Jews as a class.

First Orthodox Jewish Republican Assemblyman Sworn Into Office

In Hebrew there is an expression Da lifnei mi attah omed – Look before whom you’re standing. I’m going to focus on my area when I have to work for the state. I’ll focus on my area, which is what I was elected for.

It’s All About The Benjamins As Corruption Filters Into The Hochul Administration

It’s what they said about Nixon, in this case, what did she (Hochul) know and when did she know it? asked Assemblyman Eric (Ari) Brown (R-Cedarhurst, Nassau County), 54, the first Republican Orthodox Jew in the Assembly.

NY State Passes $220 Billion Budget

This Agudah priority directly impacts families with children, by putting additional dollars in their pockets and helping them keep up with the costs of raising families, Weinstock wrote in a prepared news release.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe And Moshe Rabbeinu At 120

Tradition don’t sound as important as law and justice and the statutes. Tradition is, the Rebbe says, in his book on the Haggadah,... that tradition is sometimes even more important than law and justice and a real law.

Budgeting Down To The Wire

Opponents of the current law want to give judges additional authority and discretion in setting bail for lower-level crimes.

GOP Courts The Jewish Vote (Continued From Last Week)

In the history of this city and state, most often the challenger against the party wins the nomination, Rudy Giuliani told The Jewish Press.

War Between Ukraine And Russia Hits Home In Nassau County

The people of Ukraine are suffering at the hands of a terrorist. Growing up in the region I know that President Putin has always been a tyrant but now he has officially lost his mind, said New York City Councilwoman Inna Vernikov (R-Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn).

Religious Jews Turn Out To Support The GOP

We are a stronger party when we ride together, said Pinion. We may not agree on the things we need to do but we are united in one quest, which is to make sure we put Chuck Schumer in the retirement home of politics once and for all.

Political Stars Come Out For Chazaq In Queens

Adams told the Chazaq supporters what they are doing mirrors what he wants his administration to replicate. The newly-minted mayor also said that when he grew up his mother had trouble always putting a full meal on the table.

Mayor Calls Emergency Meeting On Anti-Semitism

The NYPD reported there were 43 antisemitic hate crimes handled by their units so far this year. That’s compared to just 11 cases during this time in 2021.

Adams Announces Subway Crackdown

We need to talk about what’s involved with removal and commitment for the highest need individuals. Individuals who demonstrated they are not capable of taking care of themselves.

Jews Far And Few Between At State Democratic Convention

Schumer, the only Jew on the statewide ticket, spoke about every ethnic group except his own.

Nominating Conventions: ‘Last Stand Time’ According To Zeldin

It's important to show up. To earn someone’s vote and it’s important to keep showing up to keep earning that support, said Zeldin, considered the presumptive party nominee for the Republicans and Conservatives.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day Commemorated In NYS

The Holocaust did not start at the death camps, it started years before with indifference. It is important for us to recommit men to the best aspects of human nature standing up for our colleagues.

Hochul Unveils Spending Plan For New Yorkers

I want to make one point explicitly clear: We cannot go to the people who created our problems for the solution.


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