Andrew Cuomo Vents To Brooklyn-Based Democratic Club

I’ve had a rough couple of years. The expression you hear a lot of is well, if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.

Hochul Presides At Chief Judge Investiture Among Assorted Jurists

Cardozo is reportedly the first Jewish person to serve on the Court of Appeals and the second Jewish jurist on the U.S. Supreme Court, behind Louis Brandeis.

#EndJewHatred Rally Decries Antisemitism At CUNY

Vernikov, who pulled $50,000 in discretionary funding from CUNY Law, said the hearing exposed pervasive antisemism. She said the hiring of Hill was unacceptable.

Agunah Asifa Addresses The Agunah Crisis And Solutions Moving Forward

I created the event with the intent to raise awareness, said Haber-Goldstein. We wanted to show the agunot that as a community we are here for them, and they are not forgotten. It seems we have accomplished both goals, at least [as] a starting point.

Groups Join To Fight Antisemitism And Hate

We can’t ignore this issue. We can’t pretend that this type of hatred is not out there and that these issues are not happening. These crimes are not getting the attention that they should in the media, Lewis said.

New York Elected Officials Take Sponsored Trips To Israel

The trip itself was just remarkable and an incredible experience. Seeing religious sites, the geography, people and learning about their political system in Israel, the threats that they face, it was very meaningful, said Senator Jake Ashby (R – Castleton, Rensselaer County).

COJO Flatbush Provides Helping Hand To Plaza Auto Mall Backpack Giveaway

As expected, the backpacks were a big hit, but that was hardly the only treat organizers had in store that afternoon.

WEEH: Empowering Women In The Healthcare Field

Many women have lots of responsibilities aside from work while men are more able to hyper-focus on their careers. But as times are changing and more and more women are entering the field, this is something that women can do as well.

Sam Berger, Assembly Candidate In Queens, Is Looking To Bring The Assembly Back To...

I’ll have my foot in the door. When the approach is collaborative and not oppositional, that’s when you can talk to people, talk to colleagues, and work things out.

Six Alarm Fire Consumes Landmark Stores In Williamsburg

It was a challenging fire due to the hot weather and the fact the fire had gained headway before we were able to get water on it.

Lower Courts Penalized Congregants For Suing Anti-Semitic Demonstrators; Now Orthodox Org’s Ask Supreme Court...

The demonstrations had taken place every Saturday for approximately eighteen and a half years. The plaintiffs requested in their complaint that the demonstrations either be enjoined or that the demonstrators be moved to, 1,000 feet of the Synagogue’s property line.

Queens Social Service Organization Expands For Youth

In an effort to keep youngsters out of trouble by giving them a safe haven to have fun, earlier this month Chazaq opened a youth center at 108-05 68 Road in Forest Hills.

Frum Candidates For State Assembly Special Election Begin Shoe-Leather Campaign

This is going to be a tough race and we can’t take anything for granted, Heastie said.

Religious And High-Ranking Stars Come Out For BPJCC Annual Gathering

Reynoso, the Brooklyn borough president, expressed his gratitude for the BPJCC helping in ways the government might not be able to work fast enough. He said, What the Boro Park Jewish Community Council does is take care of the people who need the most help.

Kennedy Cheered, Boteach Booed At Heated Manhattan Event

Kennedy, who has been grilled by Democratic members of Congress over his remarks, told the crowd he took the situation to heart.

Springfield Wholesale Meat Price Increase: To Panic, Or Not To Panic?

According to Ira Sina, manager of the meat department of Glatt Mart in Brooklyn, there is a lack of cattle supply right now in the kosher and non-kosher worlds, which have both had to increase prices. But because there are fewer kosher consumers, which means less demand, the increases are higher.

Jewish Press Recognized With Multiple Journalism Awards From AJPA

The Jewish Press again won an honorable mention for A New Chinese Tehillim – As Oppression in China Continues by Baruch Lytle in the category of social justice and humanitarian work.

Bridging New York City

In 2023, New York City’s 8.5 million residents included over three million first-generation immigrants, the largest number of any year in its history. Well over 200,000 were children, and they represent over 800 languages and more than 150 countries.

Yeshiva Battle For Sovereignty Continues

It’s really a biased investigation. It’s not the first time, by the way. For more than 10 years, some groups' primary agendas are to attack the yeshivas and to make it seem that they are terrible, they don’t provide secular education.

COJO Flatbush Garden Party: A Wonderful Welcome to Summer

The location was beautiful, the program top notch, the food delightful – and most importantly, the response from our seniors was gratifying beyond words. They really enjoyed the afternoon; the only ‘complaint’ was that the four hours went by too quickly, said Social Services Director Shulamis Shapiro.

After Kosherfest: JFood

It’s important to be at the trade show because people are trying and tasting to see how delicious this healthy food is, said Chaim Tal, president of Meant to Be.

Ex-Cons Have Chance At Redemption As Clean Slate Bill Heads To Governor

The record will be sealed for violent felonies, including domestic violence offenses, endangering the welfare of a child. As a former special victims’ prosecutor, I really can’t get past that, said Assemblyman John McGowan (D-Pearl River).

All Things Caribbean And Kosher Jerk Chicken

Some Jews will only come to Montego Bay because they can daven and get kosher food. We have a nice crowd among those who will book their vacation where Chabad is, Raskin said.

State Capitol Ceremony Honors Fallen EMS Workers

Eight names were added last week bringing the total to 120 names of emergency medical service technicians. Each one has a touching story relating the pain of the family the medical personnel left behind.

State Senate Rolls Out Red Carpet For Women of Distinction

Wow. It’s such an honor to get this big, big award, Chernina, 75, told The Jewish Press. The award inspires me to help more people. I don’t want to call myself a role model. The role model was my mom, Bronislava, who helped me establish the organization and helped in many other ways.

Israel Settlement Debate Comes to New York

The measure is entitled the Not on our dime!: Ending New York funding of Israeli settler violence act to prohibit not-for-profit corporations from engaging in unauthorized support of Israeli settlement activity.

Democrats Gather Amidst Peace And Controversy

Tenant protections are not going away. They’re here. This is New York. However, we also have to balance out the needs of the landlords, of the real estate industry, to make certain there should be incentives to properly invest.

Vocal Crowd Turns Out For COJO Flatbush Breakfast

I have visited Yad Vashem many times, but every time something hits you differently, said Schumer.

COJO Flatbush Legislative Breakfast Draws City’s Movers and Shakers

Speaker Adams, for her part, stressed the need to stand united against hate, and work together across communities to deepen our care and understanding of each other.

Rank-and-File Lawmakers Mostly Mum During Budget Debate

The controversial bail reform package that amended the discovery laws did not make it through to the final document, but money to help district attorneys gear up to hire more staff to reduce the backlog of cases was something she supported.


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