Top Panel Addresses Teaching Civics In The Classroom

Civics is about life in our democracy, said Dr. Lester Young, chancellor of the state education department. We are at an incredible moral moment. It is critically important that our young people have access to knowledge skills.

Another Pesach – Another COJO Flatbush Fun-Filled Family Extravaganza

Sponsored by Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, along with Citizens Bank, the Extravaganza was held on the first day of Chol HaMoed Pesach, which turned out to be the perfect day for outdoor fun – clear and sunny with a cool breeze.

New York State Budget Passes – Finally

The budget fails to do anything to protect the safety of New Yorkers. Governor Hochul’s strategy to tackle retail theft is to establish a task force and throw money at the problem, Ortt said.

New York GOP Honor Major Political Stars

We can tell Chuck Schumer that he can take his pledge and move his offices over to the minority leader's office because there is a Republican majority coming to the Senate to make sure that our ideas are being implemented.

Technology Comes To The Kosher Food Pantry

Digitizing the system through Market also allows for Met Council to communicate with clients about availability of certain items in the warehouse and hours of operation on a given day, as well as to keep accurate inventory to ensure that when an item is listed as available, it actually is.

Local Politicians Greet Passover Shoppers In Monsey

I’ve been watching politics for many years. We always see you [Weber] here. As far as I’m concerned, you, Michael Lawler and you, Mr. McGowan, are the most active politicians here. We always see you and you’re always close to the community and we appreciate that very much, Lichter told the lawmakers.

COJO Flatbush Annual Breakfast Honors Memory of Longtime Director, Highlights Plight of Israeli Hostages

Welz set the tone for the tributes that were to follow for Rabbi Pikus, describing him as a true giant in delivering chesed to our community and declaring that everything we build stands on the foundation he helped create.

Pesach Food Shopping With A Different Spin

This effort is a token of appreciation to give back to worthy individuals. Every family gets a list of more than 100 items to order from. Everything is pre-ordered. This location assists 3,000 families.

International Russian Shabbaton Unites And Inspires

The diversity and creativity of the topics that were covered and the speakers from all over the world were nothing short of mind-boggling.

Schumer Snubs COJO Breakfast Focusing On Israel

To my colleagues in government, including our United States Senator [Charles Schumer], we have an obligation to support the state of Israel and its government. We cannot and should not ever tell the Israeli people what to do with their government. We don’t want others interfering in our elections and we should never interfere in theirs.

Yeshivas And State Lock Horns At Hearing In Albany

The way state aid works, students are entitled to aid, not schools. Schools in New York state do not get state aid from the state. Students are entitled to certain aid based on choices parents make.

Senate Republicans Push For Legislation On Antisemitism

We have elected leaders who have stood with a terror network. We have elected leaders who have called the elected government of Israel to step down while allowing a terror network to remain in place. … It’s a growing threat.

New Chabad House Opens In An Unlikely Place – Hudson, New York

Most people who are coming are open to growing. That’s why they’re here. We haven’t had a situation yet where someone refused to wear a yarmulke, said Rebbetzin Rochie Kremer.

Unspeakable Tragedy, Unbreakable Spirit: How Personal Calamity Shaped The Life Of Larry Spiewak

Larry would remain close with Rabbi Trenk for the rest of his beloved teacher’s life, and credits him with imparting the most important life lessons to his students, chief among them the beauty of living a life filled with empathy for others.

Fair Lawn Jewish Community’s Mission To Israel

The Fair Lawn, N.J., Jewish community recently went on a solidarity mission to Israel in conjunction with World Mizrachi and I was unbelievably lucky to have been able to join the mission.

Maimonides Medical Center Hosts Event for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Experts will be on hand to answer questions and provide valuable information on when and how to get a colonoscopy, risk factors, prevention strategies, and available treatment options.

Hochul Budget Endangers SUNY, CUNY And Community Colleges

Among all this turmoil on college campuses, King predicts the possibility of a one-billion-dollar deficit over ten years if the state does not come to the rescue. As a result, to make up for the deficit, tuition may have to rise, King said.

COJO Flatbush Takes the Angst Out of Tax Preparation – Free of Charge!

COJO Flatbush is once again offering FREE TAX PREPARATION for eligible taxpayers through the NYC DCWP IRS-certified Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) programs.

Jewish Stamford Flourishes, Despite Connecticut’s Checkered History

Stamford is not immune to rising antisemitism, including leafleting by white nationalists, but incidents are few and isolated. Most people are comfortable wearing yarmulkes, and Feldstein feels safe.

New York’s Controversial Congressional Seat Will Be Decided Tuesday – For Now

For Pilip, the issues in this congressional race seem to be focused on migrants, the border crisis, supporting safety, law enforcement, improving our economy and making us a strong country on the international stage, support Israel.

A Taste of Tu B’Shevat at COJO Flatbush Senior Arts Party

As is true of all our events for seniors, said COJO Flatbush Social Services Director Shulamis Shapiro, these arts parties provide our clients with fun-filled hours spent socializing with friends.

Holocaust Education In A Post-October 7 World

To show solidarity for people who are being marginalized and persecuted, You teach about how to be an ally, she said.

Lawmakers Have Adverse Reactions To Proposed State Budget

With all the additional spending Levenberg listed, McGowan believes the $233 billion will increase by a few billion dollars from what the governor proposed in order to achieve the spending goals of the majority members.

Suffolk County Lawmakers Call For Addiction Prevention Legislation

This package of bills is designed to give law enforcement and our district attorneys the tools they need to go after the dealers, the ones pushing this poison and killing people, Murray said.

Twelve-Thousand Pounds Of Kosher Chicken Distributed To NYC Families In Need

The discount for the chicken being distributed by this program is not only because it is distributed in bulk but because Empire Chicken recognized the importance of the program and offered an additional discount.

Hochul’s State Of The State Message: NY Is Strong, Healthier, Safer, More Affordable; Others...

She created a task force on the state level regarding retail theft. I have not seen any details about that. Small businesses are suffering because of that retail theft, Chang said.

Renewal Reunion – An Organization Celebrates 1,000 Kidneys Donated

Renewal was launched in 2006 by Brooklyn-based real estate developer Mendy Reiner when he met grocer Eli Cohen. Cohen was in dire need of a kidney and Reiner, eager to help, placed an ad in these pages to try to connect him with a donor. Reiner recognized the latent demand for a philanthropic kidney-matching service when almost 30 people replied offering Cohen their kidneys.

Make Donations Directly With Project Aid & Rescue

This passion for tikkun olam fueled Kaminsky, leading him to become a volunteer first responder with the Northbrook Illinois Fire Department’s CERT or Community Emergency Response Team, and starting PAR 22 months ago after the invasion of Ukraine began.

Neo-Nazis March In Yerevan: We Can’t Ignore That

Armenian nationalism is rising, with government and groups in Armenia glorifying Nazi collaborator and promoting antisemitism; neo-Nazi march in Yerevan signals a serious warning for Israel.

Legislative Session Ramps Up With Speeches From New York’s Leadership

We wear blue in solidarity with Israel and for our Jewish and Israeli neighbors here in New York and in America, said Republican State Senator Andrew Lanza.


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