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Rabbi Sam Intrator believes in King David’s Psalm 100: Ivdu et Hashem b’simcha – serve Hashem with happiness. His techniques to achieve this goal are achieved by inspirational singing and dancing and heartfelt programs and prayers. The rabbi’s joyous attitude is reflected in his Carlebach minyans and his Kavanahlife organization, dedicated to raising spiritual consciousness in Judaism.

Rabbi Intrator brings Jewish traditions to many who might not usually attend a shul service. His approach is transformative.


Programs focused on the Jewish perspective of “How to be more happy and fulfilled in life” were launched this winter at The Temple House in South Beach. The facility, once a prominent Miami Beach shul, is now an ideal venue for premier parties and events.

In Jewish Kabbalistic mystical literature,” says Rabbi Intrator, “the holy sparks of yesteryear always seek connection to the here and now.”

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Rabbi Sam Intrator leading an inspirational program at The Temple House in South Beach.

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Shelley Benveniste is South Florida editor of The Jewish Press.