Photo Credit: Jewish Press

This past week all the citizens of Israel once again went to the voting booths to determine who will lead the Jewish people. This is the 3rd time that we went to vote in quite a short time. And still we won’t know the final outcome for another few weeks until we see who can make up the government.

In every group in the world, people have a leader of some sort. In a family, the parents are the leaders of the group, which are made up of the children. In a school, the teacher leads the pupils in the classroom and the principal is the leader of the entire school. These leading pyramids exist in every group of people no matter what race, color, country or place on earth, this is universal to all.


There are all types of leaders; kind or cruel, powerful or lenient. The actions of the leader obviously affect all the people.

Avraham Avinu was the leader of his generation and he guided all the souls of his time to recognize Hashem. There have been many kings that guided us, such as King David and his son King Solomon. Great rabbis guided us such as Moshe Rabbeinu and the Rambam and the Ba’al Shem Tov. The list of our great leaders is amazing and long.

It’s ironic that this last election day here in Israel coincided with the day Moshe Rabbeinu, one of the greatest leaders of all time, passed away. He stood up for all of the Jewish People. He never let us down. He was a leader like no other.

And when are we remembering the passing away of one of the greatest leaders of all time? The very day that we are once again trying to figure out who will lead and guide the Jewish nation.

Unfortunately, a leader like Moshe Rabbeinu wasn’t on the list of the people running for the leadership of the Jewish Nation.

However, since nothing is a coincidence in the world, especially for the Jews who are watched and guided by G-d personally and not by any angels or other ministers. It’s only that Hashem is sending us a message of what kind of a leader the Jewish People must have. A leader has to have the people’s best interests at the head of all his actions.

Now what are the best interests for the Jewish people if not to live a Jewish life according to the laws of the Torah. We might look like any other nation or people but our actions and behaviors are different from all of them.

Are we called the chosen people if we don’t care about the laws of Shabbat?

Are we chosen because we don’t care about having yeshiva and Talmud Torah’s that teach all the young Jewish children how to behave?

Are we chosen because we are meant to be united and close to all of our brothers and sisters?

Yes, these are all reasons why we are chosen by G-d to carry on his name with pride.

What kind of leaders are we voting for today? What does politics have to do with a good leader? What does politics have to do with the Jewish people.

Throughout time what guided all the leaders of the Jewish nation, rabbis and kings, is our love for Hashem and love for his infinite wisdom that is written down, in the Holy Torah.

Let’s hope and pray that the merit of Moshe Rabbeinu, a leader for all times, who was remembered this week especially on the 7th day of the month of Adar, that we the Jewish people will finally merit a leader like Moshe again. Instead of worrying about who got more seats in the parliament and more fights about the right and left wings, we will be able to follow a true leader who will guide the nation to a Jewish life according to the Torah laws.