Word Prompt – GLASS – Sara Blau

The story didn't exactly play out that way. Avraham became prosperous, but also too busy to help the poor.

Word Prompt – TECHIYAS HAMEISIM – Adena Berkowitz

Given what our brothers and sisters in Israel are going through, we have to use our tears to bring comfort to those who are suffering and remind them that they are not alone.

Word Prompt – HILLS – Tamir Goodman

As we approach the holiday of Shavout, it’s helpful to remember that Har Sinai was chosen because of its humility, but it was still a strong mountain.

Word Prompt – YITZCHAK – Ana Mandelbaum

As a frum Jewish educator, I am acutely aware of the thousands of “Yitzchaks” in our care. Each child a guarantor of Hashem’s promise to make Avraham Avinu, and by extension all Jews, into a great nation.

Word Prompt – BUILD – Yishai Fleisher

After their success in the realm of physical ability, we are returning to the original purpose of the Jewish state, that is, to build Israel and Jerusalem as the spiritual capital of the world.

Word Prompt – JERUSALEM – Naomi Klass Mauer

When we had to return to the U.S. 12 years later there was an ache in my soul.

Word Prompt – DARK – Ruchama Feuerman

Another thought that I see no point in exploring: The Jewish day begins at night, gets dark, and darker, then most dark, and less dark until darkness gives way to light.

Word Prompt – KAVOD – Shlomo Zuckier

Kavod means honor, but it means so much more. Related to the word kaved, or heavy, it refers to things that are weighty, that are deserving of our respect.

Word Prompt – SHIVER – Kylie Ora Lobell

I keep dreaming of the day when the hostages are freed and we can hug them. I imagine that they will look at all the support they received from the Jewish people during their time in captivity and know how much we love them.

Word Prompt – CHAI – Shoshana Wizenfeld

I think many people have that moment when they realize suddenly, profoundly, that life is not forever. For me, that realization hit when I...

Word Prompt – OHR – Pesach Sommer

Attending the first rally in New York City, and watching the D.C. rally, I was reminded that while we are pretty powerless by ourselves, when we join together, we shine a bright, powerful light.

Word Prompt – ASHES – Ariel Rackovsky

There is an ancient custom, recorded in the Talmud of placing ashes on the head of the groom, in the place where tefillin is usually worn, as a way of fulfilling the verse If I do not place Jerusalem on the head of my rejoicing.

Word Prompt – BAIS YAAKOV – Keshet Starr

Starting from Hashem’s injunction to speak to “bais Yaakov,” to Schenirer’s efforts to strengthen Judaism through girls’ education, it is ultimately Jewish women who will lead the charge to our next stage in growing as a community.

Word Prompt – BUILD – Daniel Finkelman

One part of us truly wants to improve and grow, while other parts of us are lazy and complacent.

Word Prompt – APPLES – Alec Goldstein

Apples originated in Central Asia, though not necessarily in edible form. Over time, they were cultivated as an edible fruit, grafted, and brought to Europe.

Word Prompt – HAKARAS HATOV – Hillel Fuld

The importance of gratitude in Judaism is paramount. The reason is that the Torah wants to teach us the importance of perspective.

Word Prompt – MITZVOT – Asher Yablok

There are the three mitzvot that are designated as signs, milah, Shabbos and tefillin, which serve as constant reminders of our unique relationship with Hashem via our bodies, our actions and our thoughts.

Word Prompt – MAGEN DAVID – Yonatan Milevsky

I can touch on semiotics and explain how it is a shield that offers protection, but that the identity that it represents is its own protection.

Word Prompt – MORNING – Rivka Press Schwartz

Every morning, looking out over the East River as the first lifting of darkness and lightening of the sky explodes into the brightness of sunrise, I am reminded of this promise. It's not why I wake up then, but it's a nice bonus.

Word Prompt – BEARD – Pesach Sommer

I constantly struggle over the meaning of external manifestations of inner feelings. If I am feeling a certain way on the inside, is there any value in expressing it externally?

Word Prompt – BABY – Allison Josephs

As I thought about how the child who stole our sleep had become the child who guarded our sleep, the verse from Tehillim echoed in my head: Those who sow in tears will reap in joy.

Word Prompt – RAM – Chaya Sima Koenigsberg

They say Hashem provides the cure before the disease; sometimes, like Avraham Avinu, we need only open our eyes and acknowledge how Hashem has placed those who can help us within our midst.

Word Prompt – RUACH – Rabbi Shlomo Litvin

It's crucial to remember that before Hashem created anything, before even light, the ruach Hashem was already everywhere, just waiting to be breathed into us...

Word Prompt – GEMARA – Israel Schachter

When I mentioned that we were newly married, the Pope remarked, jokingly, that he didn't remember seeing an invitation to our wedding.

Word Prompt – BONFIRE – Rachel Kohn

I fear that I won't see a symbol of celebration when I look into the leaping flames of this year's bonfires, but an echo of the conflagrations of the past – the heat and destructive potential all too present and real.


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