Word Prompt – POLAND – Allison Josephs

We need to take these awful suggestions and use them to create enough fire in our bellies in order for us to do the exact opposite.

Word Prompt – CHACHMA – Adena Berkowitz

All of us have a daily opportunity to model lives filled with Yiddishkeit together with integrating secular wisdom and modernity.

Word Prompt – LADDERS – Kylie Ora Lobell

When I graduated from college, I thought I was going to climb the corporate ladder.

Word Prompt – TRADITION – Anat Coleman

At the height of the pandemic, for example, New Yorkers came together in a new tradition of making noise at 7 p.m. each evening in support of our essential workers.

Word Prompt – SALTY – Ann D. Koffsky

If you describe someone as salty? It’s someone who is not in the best of moods. A sailor with salty language is not speaking eloquently; a salty person is one who is upset over minor nuisances.

Word Prompt – MAGEN DAVID – Ariel Rackovsky

This past spring, the yeshiva undertook a renovation of the beit midrash. One of the major projects, apparently, was the removal of the Magen David pattern and these light fixtures, painting the ceiling white and installing beautiful chandeliers instead.

Word Prompt – LOX – Rochelle Brand

Our fascination with being able to consume the same delectable non-kosher offerings gave rise to kosher pizza, kosher Chinese food, and of course what simcha would be complete without sushi?

Word Prompt – SEVEN – Chaya Sima Koenigsberg

What she produced is a singular work describing the life of a Jewish woman, filled with faith, mussar, and stories that impart lessons to her descendants. At the outset of the project Glikl states that she plans to write seven little books. Why seven?

Word Prompt – BAIS YAAKOV – Hillel Fuld

The term Bais Yaakov is also referenced in our prayers, specifically the prayer of Hallel that we say on holidays.

Word Prompt – COUNTRY – Ann Koffsky

The issue of identification with a country can go far deeper and far longer past a simple yom tov, too. Immigrants from all over the world come to America, yet still retain the culture and flavor along with them.

Word Prompt – TORAH – Solly Hess

We may learn a new Rashi, hear a drasha that reveals a layer to a pasuk here and there, but overall we’ve seen this episode before. So why do we do it?

Word Prompt – MAGEN DAVID – Jordana Baruchov

Now, when saying the words of King David I feel as if I have his personal protection.

Word Prompt – BABY – Eli Lebowicz

Thank G-d, both of my kids were born healthy and we could bring them each home from the hospital after a couple of days. We checked the mailbox and amazingly there was already a bill for yeshiva tuition.

Word Prompt – SHMOOZING – Sari Kopitnikoff

It’s the little light bulb moments, the pithy nuggets of wisdom, and the sharing of life perspective that came about during those teacher shmoozes.

Word Prompt – ROSES – Rachel Kohn

Roses for me will always bring to mind my paternal and maternal grandmothers, both of whom went by the name Rose in English.

Word Prompt – LADDERS – Naomi Mauer

All the years when I would leave Israel, I would stop at the top of the staircase going onto the El Al plane (remember those days) and I would say a tearful goodbye to the angels of Israel.

Word Prompt – HAKARAS HATOV – Lenny Solomon

You do not have to wait until you win an Academy Award to show hakaras hatov. You can thank people every single day.

Word Prompt – MORNING – Rivka Press Schwartz

Every morning, looking out over the East River as the first lifting of darkness and lightening of the sky explodes into the brightness of sunrise, I am reminded of this promise. It's not why I wake up then, but it's a nice bonus.

Word Prompt – RUACH – Shani Taragin

Ruach is described in various contexts in Tanach as wind, spirit and breath. As the physical world had not yet been created, the first mention of ruach connotes a spiritual desire of Hashem.

Word Prompt – GEZUNT – Yehudah Pryce

I was powerless to influence his health in any measurable way, save for fervent davening. Yet is that not what is implied when we utter gezunt in well wishes?

Word Prompt – LADDERS – Rachel Tuchman

Just as there is not one ladder for every job, there isn't one way to connect with and pray to G-d.

Word Prompt – RIVKA – Maayan Zik

This venture seems like an introvert dipping her toes in extroverted waters, trying new things she’d never imagine doing before. This experience brings her tremendous blessings.


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