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How well do you know yourself? Purim is the holiday when all the secrets come out as the wine goes in. Knowing who you are can be hard. Knowing which wine to drink doesn’t have to be. In time for Purim, we offer you this short quiz so you’ll know exactly which wine matches your personality.

If you could enjoy one last meal, what would it be?

  1. Succulent lemon pound cake
  2. No food—just give me booze!
  3. BBQ beef ribs
  4. Creamy pasta primavera

Which type of vacation sounds the most ideal to you?

  1. Sun-tanning on a beachy coast somewhere exotic
  2. Going anywhere warm and arid, like the West Coast
  3. Visiting an urban center like Paris, Amsterdam, or Manhattan
  4. Hiking through a tropical rainforest

Which one of these would you usually order at a coffee shop?

  1. A nice cup of sweet tea
  2. hot chocolate with whipped cream
  3. filtered Dark roast coffee, no foam
  4. light roast coffee/cappuccino


Which one of these smells is most appealing to you?

  1. A bouquet of fresh summer flowers
  2. The earthy smell of tobacco
  3. a cinnamon stick
  4. honeysuckle


How would you describe your sense of adventure?

  1. I’m conservative by nature; I like to stay safe
  2. I’m a big risk-taker: give me high sports any day. I’m afraid of nothing!
  3. I’ll try new things occasionally, but nothing too radical
  4. I often enjoy trying new things and new places based on other people’s recommendations


What combination of fruit is your favorite from the list?

  1. Peaches and pineapple
  2. Dried fruit, like raisins and dried apricot
  3. Cherries and plums
  4. Green apples and melon


After a meal, what’s most appealing to you as a dessert?

  1. Raspberry pie
  2. Blue cheese and nuts
  3. Some dark chocolate
  4. A bowl of fruit



If you answered mostly 1s: You’d love a sweet white wine like Hermon Moscato, with a fresh flavor with a hint of lemon, limes and flowers. Like this lightly sparkling, pleasantly sweet wine, you’re the perfect party guest.

Mostly 2s: You’re more of a sweet red wine drinker. Try Yarden T2  for a classic.

This Port-style wine is aged for 26 months in oak barrels giving in a deep flavor of ripe cherries, piece and a hint of chocolate. Think of it as the ‘James Bond’ of sweet red wines, eternally stylish and made to impress.

Mostly 3s: You like dark red, strong wines. Try Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon. Everyone’s favorite red wine, this is full bodied with ripe cherry and plum notes. So, when your horoscope predicts something ‘tall, dark and handsome’ it’s probably your next bottle of Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon.

Mostly 4s: Dry whites are your taste. Try Gamla Chardonnay. This medium- bodied white will pair with meat as well as fish, making it eminently adaptable. The Gamla Chardonnay has citrus, melon and honeysuckle notes giving it a fresh taste. This is the ‘little black dress’ of wines; it will fit every occasion and bring a touch of class to all of them.


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