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Cheeseless Cheese Souffle

When we founded HealthEat almost a year ago, we had a vision:

  • To take an active role in changing people’s lives and making them healthier, to raise their awareness and widen their horizons in regards to what they eat.
  • To make a difference in the way people think of healthy food: no longer as something scary and unattainable, but something simple and hassle free.
  • To be able to help as many people as we can take the burden of cooking off their list.
  • To make healthy food that also looks and tastes great.

Naturally when the word started to spread, the first clients were the ones with the busiest schedules, career driven and educated men and women who needed some outsourced support in feeding their family or even just themselves, without compromising on a healthy nutrition.


Second came those who needed professional guidance in retaining a balanced routine. Some were trying to lose some excess weight and stop the yo-yo, others just needed to find the right approach and get some help in order to stay on track. 

Each of our clients get their own custom menu according to personal needs and requests, we have enough healthy food ideas for everyone, all freshly cooked and delivered to their doorstep on a regular basis.

But the real challenges were, and still are, the clients with the special dietary requirements- food allergies or intolerances, specific health issues, strict diet regimes.

The benefit of having both a chef and a nutritionist working as a team, is the opportunity to create a tailor-made menu according to any special dietary requirements.

Take for example Sam, our client who came to us on a very unique diet to treat his chronic health issue. On top of being on a gluten free and dairy free diet, he has strict cooking specifications especially with regards to protein foods such as meat, fish and eggs.

Challenge accepted!

Together we consulted and created healthy and tasty solutions that fit his new lifestyle.

As a chef, developing such a menu comes down to many tests in the kitchen, a long process of trial and error, until you reach the perfect outcome.

As a nutritionist, one of Judy’s hardest tasks is coming up with the right dietary approach to fit each and every client in a way that would work best for them. There can be no mistakes when it comes to medical restrictions. The whole consulting process also has some psychological aspects to it, naturally, and we tackle them together.

The story behind this recipe starts with another client of ours, Tammy, who came to us on a special therapeutic diet that recommends eliminating gluten and dairy. In this case the challenge was mostly on me to create dishes that are tasty, healthy and meet the doctor’s orders.

This is how I created this souffle without gluten or dairy. After several trials the result was a delicious, rich, fluffy, and nutritious dish. It’s so easy to make and it even looks great! You should try it, regardless of any allergies, just to be surprised how tasty a gluten free and dairy free pastry can taste…

Gluten Free Cheese-less Cheese Soufflé Recipe

This delicious souffle is very low in flour (albeit gluten free) and richer in protein and unsaturated fats. For someone who can’t tolerate dairy and/or gluten but loves the light richness of a souffle. It is a healthy and nutritionally substantial alternative.


Makes 8-10 portions

30 grams (1 oz.)  Coconut oil
30 grams (1 oz.) Gluten free flour mix
150 ml (0.5 cup) Cold almond milk
100 grams (3.5 oz.)  Vegan cheese
4 eggs  Separated
+1 Egg white
Salt & Pepper
Coconut oil and vegan mozzarella to spread on the bottom of ramekin.




  1. Melt coconut oil in small pot, add the flour mix while whisking the oil, continue mixing until the mixture is sticky and thick.
  2. Add almond milk quickly and bring to boil while mixing constantly.
  3. Mix in the cheese, the 4 egg yolks and mozzarella. Taste and season with salt and pepper, remove from gas.
  4. In a mixer bowl, beat the 5 egg whites until you have a firm fluff (around 5 minutes), fold the fluff with the soufflé’ base.
  5. Oil ramekins with coconut oil and sprinkle some of the vegan mozzarella, spread in 8-10 ramekins, sprinkle vegan parmesan on top (optional) and bake in pre-heated oven (350° Celsius / 180° Fahrenheit) for 12 minutes until the soufflé’ is set and risen.




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The HealthEAT team members are Sara and Judy, a chef and a nutritionist, two talented professionals who’s greatest goal is to help people achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Executive Chef Sara Black-Charm has been in the culinary world for 20+ Years. Sara is the owner and executive chef of Asparagus Catering & HealthEat, mastering events and Private Chef Jobs to create the perfect occasion and services. She has the unique ability to convert any style of food into an amazing kosher healthy dish, without compromises. Judy Kizer holds a Master's degree in Nutrition from Georgia State University and has over 20 years of experience in private practice. Her approach focuses on the whole person and not just on a set of symptoms. She works with clients to develop a healthy eating lifestyle based on their individual needs and reality. ​ Sara and Judy collaborated, and together they founded HealthEat. They work with individuals to develop a healthy eating lifestyle that is realistic and practical without extremes. They help their clients by creating customized menus and recipes according to any specific dietary restrictions and nutritional needs. Have HealthEAT cater or cook your next vacation, event or meal. For more info, Visit our website: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: