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The lovely selection of traditional desserts on the menu including cheesecake, napoleons, Belgian waffles and a warm chocolate soufflé was certainly appealing but with all the delightful creativity we had already encountered, we decided to go the more unconventional dessert route and, I promise you, we were not disappointed. The banana riviera, a maple-banana cream-filled puff pastry dough served over a warm blueberry banana soup featured wonderfully paired layers of flavor, blended seamlessly together. Equally outstanding was the felicita duo, an impressive combination of deep fried phyllo dough bundles, whipped cream, peaches and lychees served with fruit salsa in a citrus sauce that was insanely delicious.

Pescada’s beverage menu did not disappoint with a full selection of drinks, both hot and cold. If you prefer to end your meal with a seriously good cup of joe, there are plenty of coffees and other steaming beverages on the menu including cappuccino, espresso, mochaccino and the whimsically named twisted hot chocolate. For those who love frothy iced drinks, Pescada has got you covered with assorted iced coffees, milkshakes, fruit smoothies, frappuccinos, affogatos and more.


In the few short months since its opening, Pescada has made a name for itself and the restaurant was full, with a nice mix of people on the Monday night that we were there. There is something for everyone at Pescada whose menu features twenty one appetizers and salads, eleven pizza choices, including salmon pizza, mixed olive pizza and gourmet Hawaiian pizza, eight types of pasta and sixteen different fish entrees, including sea bass, tilapia, tuna, St. Peter’s fish, salmon, sole and bronzino. With its expansive menu, its refreshing vision, its stellar service and its flair for all things culinary, Pescada is a restaurant that has what it takes to keep customers coming back for more.

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509 Avenue P, Brooklyn, NY



Rabbi Y. Gornish



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