Fresh Is The Ingredient

First, let’s take a moment to appreciate Chef Rafaeli. He’s been cooking and tutoring foodies for years now on various social media platforms, with nearly 120k followers on Instagram, and nearly 150k on Facebook.

Now’s The Thyme

Thyme & Tonic recently underwent a change that’s pretty uncommon, even in the kosher restaurant world. They switched from offering dairy to offering meat.

A Long Time Coming

These guys are actual butchers, so you can’t go wrong with ordering a steak.

Unforgettable. That’s What You Are

One must come meet, see, and hear how artist Settenbrino reconfigured a former 1879 tenement into a stately hotel and created an artisan kosher Italian bakery and restaurant.

Whatever You Crave

Crave is sitting on an interesting seam, says Van-Leeuwen, between gourmet and street food. Van-Leeuwen emphasizes their commitment to haute cuisine.

Elegant Dairy

With tons of kosher restaurants and tough competition, it was a bold move for Cork and Slice to open their second location there this year.

The Heart Of French Cuisine

Despite the barriers of anti-Semitism, Cohen managed to obtain the highest certification for a chef and when he arrived in Israel, taught cookery at the Tadmor Hotelier School in Herzliah.

Worth Their Salt

Whether you’re just driving to the restaurant for a special dinner, or if it’s the focal point of a vacation to the shore, Salt is up to the challenge.

A Big Fish In A Small Pond

If you go to a restaurant called Dagim, I’d assume that you like fish. But just in case you aren’t exactly in the mood for that, Dagim still has you covered.

Tacos Aren’t Just For Tuesdays

Essentially the only authentic kosher Mexican food on the East Coast, Taquito isn’t much to look at. And that’s assuming you can find it in the first place.

A Hidden Treasure

Having opened last year, Dolcetto isn’t the biggest restaurant. In fact, they are expanding to include more seats both inside and outside to accommodate the patrons that come with their recent popularity.

Flavors, Flare, And Feeling

Barnea Bistro isn’t a steakhouse. Sure, there’s steak on the menu, but the real reason you are walking in that door is the style and care with which Kessler and his staff prepare their exquisite menu.

A Precious Reopening

Let’s be honest, most people are coming to Yakar to order steak... With a good selection of cuts on the menu, there are a lot of different avenues you can choose. Most people might not select it, but I’m going to recommend the Skirt Steak.


There’s something about going to a kosher restaurant that isn’t just kosher, but also distinctly Jewish.

A Smokey Sensation

When I was invited to Smokey Hill, the first thing I noticed was the smoke. While not visible, the smoky smell will certainly hit your nostrils when you first walk in the door. That smell is sure to get your mouth watering as you sit down and try to make some tough decisions about what to order.

A Middle Eastern Masterpiece

Ideally, you’d walk into BIS with a large group of people and order a bunch of things to share. The appetizers certainly would work well that way. But when it comes to an entree, your choice might be harder.

A Pickle A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

When I was invited to check out Diller, I was impressed with the ingenuity of their menu.

Good Food And Good Times

They’ve got enough options for your whole party and going will certainly make your night feel like more of a party.

An Upgraded Old Favorite

Eight people is a more reasonable number to eat the board (and only the board) as there’s certainly enough food there for eight people to walk away full. But a group of ten might be optimal for a few reasons.

An Israeli Masterpiece

He’s taken the Israeli cuisine as a canvas and used a range of paint brushes from an international palette to create a truly unique menu with flavors and ingredients that you might not expect to see work in concert together.

Where The Old Country Meets Vegas

Chef Shearin's world travels have taught him the best food is not only found in the most expensive restaurants, but in the local, humble, ma and pa style eateries about town.

A Laffa To Love

Whenever I am lucky enough to do a restaurant review I’m always on the search for that special experience unique to that establishment alone: a reason to bring your friends and family that you can get in few other places.

When In Morocco, Roll As The Moroccans Do

If you’re like me, you walk into a place like Margez and you ask what on the menu is the kind of thing that really makes the restaurant special. The answer in this case is the Couscous Tajene with Lamb Shank.

Share Alike

Since Bonito is a shared plates restaurant, many of the items on the menu can be described as appetizers. This leads to a wide selection that includes a few different fish options.

Carbon Comes To Crown Heights

What makes Carbon stand out in the expanding group of charcoal chicken places? They make their own sausages. These are not similar to what you will find in a store.

Keep It Comin’

I’ve never tasted anything like this before, Avi said of the Lamb Kebab, It’s definitely very cooked but so melt-in-your-mouth – it’s silky and the flavors are so intense and juicy.

A Real Prohibition Pickle

There's something uniquely appropriate about opening a new restaurant in the middle of a lockdown and then calling it Prohibition Pickle

A Fantastic New Menu At A Boro Park Linchpin

China Glatt’s owner and manager, Sholom Witriol, told us that his goal has always been to run a good place for family dining, with a price range that makes it practical for even those of modest means to enjoy a night out, even when it isn’t a special occasion.

Kosher Turkish Food – Gyros And Much More

The biggest change was the prohibition of bassar b’chalav. Eriske also kept his staff, and is very happy with his new customers, whom he finds to be most friendly and generous.

Urbun: Hidden Buns in the Shuk

If we hadn't heard Josh's American-accented Hebrew we might not have noticed Urbun.


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