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The roasted white asparagus were the epitome of fresh and while I am generally not an asparagus eater I enjoyed them immensely. The stacked steak house onion rings were appropriately crunchy and the unexpectedly zingy ranch dressing was the perfect foil for those golden circles of goodness. The roasted artichokes with sundried tomatoes and apricots were a perfect example of what makes The Prime Grill so successful; executive chef David Kolotkin has an incredible way with flavors and combinations and is a master at making the most of every dish by adding subtle nuances and accents, elevating each component of the meal to an art form.

It’s hard to believe that we managed to eat dessert after a meal that was nothing short of epic, but given how spectacular our dinner was there was no way we were leaving The Prime Grill without having eaten dessert. The Jack Daniels and cream was a dense dessert, the whiskey and caramel flavored mousse surrounded by a light chocolate cake and complimented by an intensely chocolate coating. The warm strawberry soup was truly spectacular, with the tangy strawberry soup cleverly matched with vanilla bean ice cream and gingerbread croutons. What made this dessert so magical was the way each of the flavors worked together. The strawberries and ice cream were perfect together. The ice cream and the croutons were perfect together. The strawberry soup and the gingerbread were perfect together. Combine all three and what do you have? A masterpiece. Both desserts were visual works of art and tasted as good as they looked.


How to sum up dinner at The Prime Grill? With a single word: stellar. Chef David Kolotkin is a star and with his uncanny knack for inspired pairings that make every item on the menu shine, it is no wonder that night after night, The Prime Grill’s dining room is filled to capacity. While it might seem as if owner Joey Allaham, a fourth generation butcher whose Prime Hospitality Group now boasts five successful restaurants, has the Midas touch, nothing could be farther from the truth. It is his attention to detail which is evident in the food, the menu, the staff, the ambiance, the decor and the service that make The Prime Grill the iconic restaurant that it has become.

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Prime Grill

25 W. 56th St, New York, NY



Certified by the Orthodox Union


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