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Accommodations refer to the way in which the student learns the material and modifications refer to what the student is expected to learn. For example, an accommodation for a struggling reader may be to provide them with books on tape. The student listens rather than struggles to read the material. This accommodation typically greatly increases the student’s ability to comprehend the material. Thankfully there are libraries and online websites that offer such a service. An appropriate modification for such a student would be shortened or more simplified reading assignments. During test taking times, accommodations such as extra time on tests, having questions read aloud, using tools such as text to speech and speech to text technology help the student bypass their reading, spelling or writing difficulties. Many of these software products now come standard on computers, tablets and smartphones. Testing modification may include lessening the amount of material to be covered on the test or providing alternative material to be studied and tested on.  Many of these accommodations and modifications do not cost extra money to implement, but rather require knowledge, good will and a positive attitude. They help instill confidence, success and a sense of accomplishment while enabling the student to demonstrate and reach their true potential. A potential that no doubt will greatly benefit society at large. 

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Dr. Rinat R. Green is a psychologist and the founder and executive director of Kol Koreh for children with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. She is a the author of the “How to use this book” section of The Cancer that Wouldn't go Away. She resides with her family in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel and can be reached at


  1. As an educational psychologist and remedial therapist working with children with learning disabilities, I strongly agree with the issues expressed so eloquently in this article.Rinat Green has highlighted many practical and simple to implement strategies to accommodate children with dyslexia ,that should be adopted by all schools and educators.

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