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“Remind me to never make these again.” I always say this to my husband after making my pastrami eggrolls with apricot dipping sauce. And my husband gives a small chuckle. Why? Simply because… I’m not the eggroll-wrapping type. I don’t have time or patience to stand and fold over each one. But let me tell you, I have become the type. These are just so delicious; I make them almost every Friday night as an appetizer. And because they are so divine, I have kind-of-by-accident become famous for them. And if you become famous for a dish, you can’t give up on making them. Like this week for instance. My sister-in-law invited us for Friday night, and I graciously texted an offer to make something to bring for the meal. She texted me back, “No pressure, but you know I really like your eggrolls, and I’m kind of having a craving…” So that is why I am now in the kitchen. Rolling up eggroll wrappers. Twenty of them, to be exact. Not only are these eggrolls delectable in every sense of the word, they have also taught me how to have more patience and persistence.

Since pastrami can be on the expensive side, I have also made them using turkey pastrami – it’s half the price and equally delicious. The apricot dipping sauce is a must-have. I leave over some extra scallions from the recipe as a garnish for the sauce.


I always bake the eggrolls in the oven as it is a healthier alternative, but you can also fry them if you wish. These taste the best served on Friday night paired with a glass of Tulip Cabernet Sauvignon. No, they did not pay me to advertise their wine, but the flavors really blend nicely together. So, if by any chance you decide to make these next Friday night, can you invite us, too? #Patiencepaysoff


Pastrami Eggrolls With Apricot Dipping Sauce


3 onions
Bunch of scallions
1¼ lb. pastrami
Eggroll/wonton wrappers
3 tbsp brown sugar
4 tbsp balsamic vinegar


Dipping sauce

1 jar apricot jelly
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
4 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tsp soy sauce



Add a splash of oil to a frying pan. Dice up your onions really fine and sauté until a golden brown.

Cube up your pastrami and add it to the pan with the onions; sauté until crispy.

Splash in the balsamic vinegar and brown sugar until the entire pastrami mix is caramelized. Cook a few more minutes while washing and dicing your scallions, and add that to the pan.

Take the pan off the flame and let it cool, as this will be your eggroll filling.

Wet each edge of the eggroll wrapper before filling and rolling them up. This will help the edges stick together.

Lay them flat on a greased cookie sheet and bake in the oven at 400°F for about 12-14 minutes, until golden and crispy.

This recipe yields about 18 eggrolls.

To make the dipping sauce, add all of the ingredients to a small saucepan and stir constantly over a low flame until it boils. Boil a few minutes, then let cool before serving.

Garnish with scallions. Enjoy!


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