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It’s not every day that you hear about a company revolutionizing the modest activewear industry. Candice Safdieh, the owner and designer of Snoga Athletics, did just that. She recognized that women want comfortable, modest exercise clothing that is both stylish and functional. Snoga Athletics now offers women around the world modest activewear tops, skirts with leggings attached, activewear skirts, dresses, and more. All the fabrics are lightweight and offer the luxury of mobility while remaining modest. To see the many styles for women and kids at Snoga Athletics head to Use code FASHIONDETOUR for 10% off the entire website.

Michal Goldfein: What inspired you to start your brand, Snoga Athletics?


Candice Safdieh: After graduating high school in 2005 I decided to dress more modestly by starting to wear skirts, but I couldn’t find anything to wear during my workouts. When I started working for my father’s company, which manufactured women’s clothing, I had some designs drawn up and made a few samples for myself. I figured if I needed something like that, other women must need it as well.

You carry activewear that is perfect for biking, hiking, and many other activities. How do you decide what design elements to incorporate to ensure that your garments are comfortable and allow for movement?

We have two original designs from when we started around 15 years ago that are still part of the line today. The style names are the Mesh Basic Snoga and the Faux Wrap Snoga. The mesh was designed as a straight skirt that felt light because of the mesh trim on the skirt. The faux wrap was designed to look like a wrap skirt to ensure that one would have zero restriction while biking or doing yoga. We now have added several other styles. Reaching out to our customers on social media is very important to find out what they are looking for next, and over the years we’ve added more styles to try to accommodate many people.

When searching for fabrics, what key elements do you look for?

We look for moisture absorbing, chlorine safe, fast drying, comfortable, and breathable fabric.

What challenges have you faced since the inception of your brand?

Part of building a business is learning as you go along. We are always learning new things. Specific challenges can be inventory management and continuing to scale one’s business while staying true to your brand.

You have a great selection of bottoms that have leggings attached, that make activities carefree; what are your favorites?

My personal favorite is the Fit Snoga. It is a straight skirt with attached leggings. The skirt features a large cell phone pocket for easy travel.

I love your Faux Wrap Snoga – what inspired this unique design?

I tried to design a style that felt like you weren’t wearing a skirt. This style allows you to do almost every activity without feeling restricted.

Your skirts come in different lengths, which is perfect for both tall and petite girls, and I love the Ankle Midi Basic Snoga. This skirt is also suitable for water sports as well! What are your most popular skirt designs?

Our most popular designs are the knee length options with ¾ length leggings. Fit Snoga and Faux Wrap are a few of the favorites.

You’ve managed to make the most chic activewear! How would you style the Long Shirt Tail Snoga with half-inch side slits, to go from a Pilates or yoga class to everyday activities?

In the fall, most women including myself will add a pair of short boots and a sweater for the perfect outfit.

The Snoga Active Top is a combination of comfort and style. How would you describe this top?

We wanted a style that has an easily adjustable neckline because most women have different preferences. It has 3/4 sleeves which is nice when it gets hot out.

Which of the many Snoga Athletics tops among the sweatshirts, tie front tees and others, is your favorite?

I like the tie front personally. It sits nicely at the hips and has the cute detail in the front.

I love some of the color choices you’ve included in your collection, like the cream dream Twisted Everyday Tee paired with the Drawstring Capri Snoga in Winter Khaki. What are your more popular colors?

Those colors are part of a capsule collection called the Courtney Toliver collection. She is a popular blogger and has amazing taste. For the rest of our line we are always focused on trending colors for that season.

You have also incorporated a kids collection as well, what inspired this choice?

As a mom myself I know that we tend to go shopping for our kids before we shop for ourselves. We have been in business online now for almost six years and felt this was the right time to launch our kids’ line. We received amazing feedback and can’t wait to add more!

Your sizing ranges from XXS to 3X. How important is inclusivity to your brand?

Extremely important. We will be adding 4X soon as well. We want all women to feel good in what they are wearing. It is super important to us that our customers feel a comfort when they shop our site. Our customer service staff is also trained on proper fit and sizing, and gives the proper amount of time via email or phone to listen to the customers’ needs.

What are your goals for the future of your brand?

Our goal is to keep creating modest activewear while adding styles that we feel would benefit our customer. We hope to keep growing the community of women who shop our brand. Our customers are very important to us and we value their business.


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