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It’s not very often that a brand steps out of the mold and creates a unique product line. Limited Edition NY, a luxe hair accessories brand, has managed to create collections that are timeless but still different and unique. Their hair accessories for kids are whimsical and forward-thinking, yet still incorporate classic details.

Limited Edition NY’s headbands, hair ties, hat clips, and more are sold exclusively in high-end boutiques throughout the Tri-State area. Their stylish collections can be viewed on Instagram @limitededitionny.


Looking to adorn your daughter’s Shabbos outfit or Pesach dress? You can shop the brand online at Limited Edition NY is happy to offer Jewish Press readers a special discount code, JP2day, for free two-day shipping.

We spoke to owner/founder Chavy about her inspiration.


Michal Goldfein: What inspired you to start your brand, Limited Edition NY?

Chavy: My two daughters have been a huge inspiration for me. I could not find any “different” and unique hair accessories for them, so I started making hair accessories on my own for my kids. Many people stopped me in the supermarket and on the streets and asked me where they can buy them, so I unofficially started selling for friends and family. Then a retail store started carrying my collection, and the rest is history.

How would you describe the aesthetic of your hair accessories?

We offer a unique collection that’s elevated, timeless, fun, and reminiscent of the past, yet has a modern twist.

What are some new items you got in for the spring?

Our Rope Collection is a new concept that we and our customers love, but I think all our items are winners this season.

What inspired this new collection?

It was partly inspired by the times we lived in this past year. We designed this collection out of nautical rope because during quarantine, I was inspired by how ships operate. If you want to enter or exit a ship, it has to be docked first. Similarly, the lockdown experience made us realize that sometimes we get locked down, but it’s for the greater good and for the safety of all.

You sell to many retail locations. Can you describe some of the places one can shop Limited Edition NY accessories?

We are selling exclusively in high-end children’s boutiques in the Tri-State area and on our website. Additionally, we offer our retail partners territorial exclusivity so you can only find our accessories in one retail store per location.


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I love your new handkerchief-style headbands. What inspired this design?

The bandana has a rich and varied history as a popular accessory spanning multiple eras. This element gives off a 1950s-1960s vintage, stylish feel. We did natural, floral, and denim colors so it pairs great with all clothing.

What are your favorite items from your new collection?

I love them all and they are all winners, but if you ask me for my favorite, I will have to go with our simple elastic headbands. They are so simple, yet different, and are flying off the shelves.

Your linen bows are gorgeous! What colors do they come in?

They come in red, black, natural, and sea green. We generally try to cover the basic, most common colors. We added the sea green, which is trending now, to most of our collections this season.

You are known for your hat clips collection. What was the inspiration behind this exclusive collection?

I call them “little lady hats” because they make kids look like royalty. They are elegant and can definitely transform any look.

I’m obsessed with your headbands and hair clips that have your Limited Edition NY logo on them. What are they made of and how would you style these pieces?

Our Acetate collection is made from a special acetate material that is strong, flexible, and eco-friendly. Unlike typical synthetic plastic, these materials eventually return to the environment with no adverse impact. The styling of the pony and clips are virtually limitless. The headband is perfect for keeping hair out of your child’s face and is stylish and classic.

What are your goals for the future of your brand?

To continue designing and producing the most unique and exciting exclusive hair accessories on the market. As we continue to grow, we will be adding additional categories beyond hair accessories which we hope our customers will love as much as they enjoy our original products.


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