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Recently I got to spend a glorious fall day in the makeup chair of the amazing Allison Chait, owner and founder of Shabbos Brushups. Shabbos Brushups is a complete line of beauty products that are halachically permissible to be worn and applied on Shabbos. While applying two gorgeous, versatile looks, Allison and I chatted about aspirations, tips and tricks, makeup guidelines, family, and of course, her fabulous makeup line.

You can browse Allison’s vast collection of powder lip rollers, shadows, bronzers, foundations and more on her website, – enter special Jewish Press discount code THEFASHIONDETOUR for 15% off – or visit her shop at 415 Central Avenue in Cedarhurst. To see inspirational looks and tutorials Allison created with Shabbos Brushups and makeup applications for all occasions, go to @brushupsbyallison and on Instagram. You can contact her at [email protected] or 917-579-4074.


Hope you enjoy our candid conversation as much as I did – and don’t forget that Chanukah is here, so grab her amazing gift sets for the beautiful woman or girl in your life.


Michal Goldfein: Thank you so much for doing this. I never get all glammed up and I’m super excited!

Allison Chait: Of course! I am excited to work with you as well.

So what have the past few months been like for you? I see you definitely kept up with your tutorials during Covid.

During this difficult time we have to make the best of what life has become by coming up with creative ways to still help customers get the products they need in a safe and comfortable way. I use social media for tutorials on Instagram (@brushupsbyallison) and I also work virtually on video calls with customers to help them pick their colors and go over any specific questions they have on the guidelines. I will be getting back to doing live demos again which I am super excited about.

I think people forget how important it is to give themselves time for self-care. Thankfully your products let them do just that – on Shabbos! So what kind of looks are we going for today?

I actually have two looks in mind which we can accomplish by just changing up the lip colors. I want to play up your eyes with neutral tones and dramatic lashes. This will be a combo of a natural look with some added drama. I know brown shades and a pop of gold will look great with your eye color and complexion. Can’t wait to see it all come together!

I’m excited for you to show me how to use your products. Can you tell me the best way to apply your brow powder?

I love the brow powder so much because it’s so easy to work with. It has a mascara comb with mineral powder inside so you want to be sure to lift it out slowly to avoid any mess. I suggest twisting the cap up with the comb slowly, then shake off some powder that is on the comb and simply apply on your brows. By combing the brows you are creating color and definition. I honestly use this during the week when I am in a rush or just in general because I love that it combs the brows and gives color at the same time, and looks super natural too! It comes in two shades, Rocky and Earth. Rocky is for medium to dark brows and Earth is for light to medium brows.

So I see you dabbing on some shadows from your line. What colors are you using for the first, more natural look?

I am dabbing some Glowden eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes to give a little pop of gold. This is a glitzy gold color with sparkle.

A lot of people, including me, want to know what the best order is to apply the Shabbos Brushups products. Can you describe your typical routine Shabbos morning?

When it comes to the order of application, I always tell everyone it is basically the opposite of weekday. I have the order on my website under “Guidelines” of applying a full face of makeup on Shabbos. The idea is that you don’t want the powders to mix with each other so I try to break it down for you. I delineate the easiest way to apply Shabbos Brushups without any mixing involved.

Oooh, I love the bronzer you are using – it really highlights my cheekbones. Which color is that?

I am using the bronzer color called Kokomo. This is a very popular color. It works well with light to medium skin tones and gives a nice contour to cheekbones or a natural bronzed look all around.

You’ve outlined my brown eyes with a brown shadow that really makes them pop! Which are your favorite shadows from your line?

I am glad you noticed that because I feel that a brown shadow will give enough definition to complement your eyes without giving a harsh look. Sometimes people tend to go straight to a black liner, but it is important to know what colors work well with your eyes. I find that sometimes a softer liner application or even just to use a shadow as a liner will be enough to enhance your eyes. I happen to love using the Brushups eyeliners because they’re like a matte shadow but have enough pigment to carry as an eyeliner. The eyeliner color I would suggest for you would be Brown. The eyeshadows I carry have a stunning shimmer. It is hard to tell what my favorites are because I truly love them all and it all depends on what look I am going for. Pink Shimmer, Goldigger, and Goldengreen are my top three as of right now.

You’ve done an excellent blend of nudes for that perfect full pout. What products did you use?

I outlined your lips with a nude liner and used a weekday lip paint which I currently sell at the store. I topped it off with some Glamour lip powder too. I mix a lot of shades when I am doing makeup applications for weekday. On Shabbos I would only wear the lip powder alone of course, but in this case I wanted it to stay on longer for the makeup shoot.

You are a makeup maven and an excellent photographer, I might add. What has been inspiring you these days?

Thank you! When you say photographer, you are referring to my phone pics, of course. I actually took a photography class in FIT years ago. I have an eye for art and creativity and I love that I can share that when doing videos and taking pictures on social media. I especially love doing makeup applications. I am in this business for 15 years and I still get very excited creating different looks on so many people. Makeup is my true passion and being able to make my clients feel beautiful for a weekday occasion and on Shabbos is a real blessing.

Although I’ve known you only for a few months, you emanate such a go-getter persona. Is it ever challenging to keep up with social media?

Thank you for acknowledging that. I am a hustler but I do get tired at times and have to pick myself up again. Social media does so much good as far as driving sales, meeting new people, networking, and so on, but I’ve learned that it should be balanced and not take over your life. If it is used for a good purpose and you don’t let the algorithm get to you, it is great for business.

I feel the same way at times, too. I’m glad we have your presence because we need more doers like you. Can you tell me what lip products you are using for this more glam red lip?

I am using the lip powder shade Rouge. It is a matte red shade and it is super classy and stunning on you. I love the lip rollers and I always say, “Just shake it out and roll it on!”

A little makeup can go a long way! I’m fascinated and impressed by the pigmentation of your powders. What’s your favorite trick to transform a makeup look from day to night?

Daytime makeup should look more subtle, so [for evening] you can always add a darker eyeshadow in your crease to give more definition or even a bolder lip.

What are some popular requests and questions that you get from your customers?

I get a lot of questions about the application of Shabbos makeup and when is my next makeup class going to be. Before Covid, I was doing a lot of hands-on makeup classes which I will hopefully be doing again soon.

Chanukah is upon us! We all need some happiness and laughter in our lives, and to celebrate our loved ones, of course. What are your most giftable items from your Shabbos Brushups line?

I am doing a Chanukah gift box special online. Check out

Any exciting products or launches that you’d like to share?

I am working on new colors that will hopefully be coming shortly. Stay tuned!

Thank you so much for your time and your dedication to the women of our community. What are your goals for the future of your brand?

I would like to continue selling my products to different locations. We are currently selling to areas outside the U.S. as well as in Switzerland, Canada, and Mexico. We are working on a new distribution in Israel and we want to spread the beauty all over. I feel that it is so important for women to look and feel beautiful on Shabbos and for mikvah purposes as well.


Michal Goldfein (The Fashion Detour) is wearing Glowden eyeshadow, Earth eyebrow filler, Kokomo bronzer, Champagne Pop highlighter, Glamour lip powder, and Rouge lip powder. Makeup, including airbrush and lashes, by Allison Chait @brushupsbyallison, dress @shanidress.official, location/home furnishings @abode_central.


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