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When getting ready for the holidays, a new school year, or a milestone in your child’s life, there is something special about picking out the perfect outfit to help your child sparkle – a certain satisfaction that parents and loved ones get when dressing children for any of these occasions. One will search high and low for the best apparel that will showcase their child’s inner essence, youthfulness, and whimsical imaginative nature.

The children’s wear brand Pastel perfectly caters to the parent or loved one looking to encapsulate the energy, vitality, and creativity that exists within each child. Pastel’s baby through teen collection can be viewed on their website and in their Lakewood, Boro Park, Williamsburg, Monroe, Monsey and Five Towns locations. One can also shop Pastel, and gain inspiration for styling on Instagram @pastelchildrensclothing.


In size ranges from 9 months to size 22 teens, Pastel has your every occasion covered, from your child’s day-to-day needs to special occasions like Shabbos and Yom Tov. Pastel is excited to offer readers a discount code, JPTEN, for 10 percent off, to be used exclusively at their newest location in the Five Towns located at 414 Central Ave. This code excludes basics and pajamas. Their customer service number is 866-615-8870 and their whatsapp number is 516-847-5621. Pastel’s customer service and devotion to their customers is admirable, and with a selection that is beautiful, unique, and tailored to your needs, you won’t be disappointed.

Michal Goldfein: What inspired you to start your brand, Pastel? 

Pastel was created by a mom, for moms. We know that having perfectly-clothed children is a point of pride and self-expression. It is satisfying and fun to play with colors, textures, and styles that make our little people shine. That’s why each of our stunning pieces is thoughtfully designed with immaculate attention to the details.

How would you describe the aesthetic of your apparel?

Definitely whimsical, elegant, but playful – everything that encompasses the world that is childhood. Our brand embraces youth in all its glory; innocence, imagination, gentleness, and joy. We built a 360 degree experience that says, “Welcome. Come on in. Touch. Explore. Play.”

You have stores in Lakewood, Boro Park, Williamsburg, Monroe, Monsey and the newest location of the 5 Towns. What excites you the most about this new location?

While Pastel has long been loved for our cozy pajamas and lovely robes in some of our oldest locations, it’s time the world knows all we have to offer. We are proud to showcase our gorgeous lines of children’s wear for every age and stage.

How would you describe the ambience of your stores, and what can a customer expect when they walk into each of your locations?

Our aim is to create a visual brand that captures the timeless innocence and beauty of the little people we clothe. We zeroed in on the word “elevated” by avoiding anything that would weigh us down and creating visuals that are light, soft, and floaty. We invite our customer to take flight into the world of imagination. Customer service is also huge for us; we know that parents want to be able to trust the brands they put their children in. Pastel provides only the best and we stand by our products.

Your clothes are meticulously crafted with an emphasis on style, premium quality, and fit. Can you describe your design process?

Childhood is precious and fleeting. Pastel is on a mission to make the most of every magical moment. It’s the coziest pajamas when cuddling on the couch with their favorite book. It’s that dress that makes her feel so pretty when going to shul with Abba or Daddy. It’s the bloomer that makes you pretty sure he actually is an angel. It’s not a brand. It’s a way of life.

The Pastel collection includes apparel options that range from baby to teens, what prompted this choice – to feature these age ranges in your collection?

Our collections include formalwear (Shabbos/Yom Tov), everyday apparel, and loungewear for all ages. Starting out as a single store in Williamsburg, we have grown to include six locations largely due to our consistent commitment to gorgeous design, impeccable quality, affordable price points, and keen understanding of the community we serve.

With the upcoming holidays, many of us are wondering what key trends to look for while we shop, what are some fall/winter 2022 trends for the discerning customer?

Beautiful knits, warm tones, rich feeling fabrics, and fun prints from idyllic woodland to autumnal inspired scenes.

What items from your collection would you recommend for boys and girls for the holidays?

We have a luxurious “fossil” cotton velvet collection that feels amazing and is extremely easy to wash (always a concern with kids’ clothes). To coordinate with our velvet collection we have skirts, blazers, pants, and coordinating Doeskin Floral print dresses, rompers, and blouses. One thing we really pride ourselves on is that it’s a thoughtfully designed collection, everything has coordinates and lots of options.

I love the Velvet Smocked Romper. What are your favorite pieces from the baby collection?

Oh, that’s hard, because I really love them all! But we have a gorgeous cable knit bloomer and cardigan set that is just a dream.

Many of us, myself included, are unsure of how to dress our bar mitzvah age boys. What do you recommend for this age group?

My go-to is usually one of our basic turtlenecks with a blazer and some sharp pants. We have so many options from knit blazers to velvet. I like to keep it simple on top in terms of color and infuse a pop of print, either a plaid or stripe pant, for the bottoms.

What are some of the key elements of design in your Back-to-School Collection?

It needs to be effortless, easy pairings that children can just put on and go; we all know mornings are not the time for drawn out decisions. A cute pleated jumper pairs perfectly with our classic stripe turtleneck tee for a chic and comfortable look.

As a mom of two teenage daughters, I’m always struggling to find pieces that are mature yet still have an element of youthfulness and excitement. I love your Full Sleeve Fine Cable Knit Sweater, what skirt would you pair with this sweater?

We have so many teen skirt options! But I love the Grosgrain Accordion Pleated Midi Skirt with the side tie; it is elegant and chic, but still youthful. Perfect for our teens to bridge the gap from children to young ladies.

Your website is so well-curated, searchable, and easy to use. I especially love the live chat box, where you can get help with styling questions and help with picking out outfits; how did you come up with such a great idea?

We have a really great team who are always thinking of ways to improve our customers’ shopping experience! We realized that in stores customers always ask for styling tips and seek guidance on what to pair with what, so we figured it would be great to bring that experience to the online shopper as well.

What are your goals for the future of your brand?

We never want to forget our roots. We have the sensitivity required to design apparel that is ready to wear right off the rack. Forget endless alterations and too many layers; our clothing is designed for the frum family, while never compromising style or quality. Our goal is to continue to bring the very best quality and affordable prices direct to the consumer in every community.


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