Photo Credit: Jewish Press

Even if they built their sukkah last year, and they put it away after Sukkos, they probably forgot to make sure it was dry first, and now there are things growing on the panels that could probably halachically be used for schach. So they come back. Or maybe they had some kind of idea of how to improve their sukkah, by adding a living room, a window, central air, electricity, plumbing, a USB charging station, Wifi, a garage, or a schlock that keeps the sukkah dry both while it’s raining and while you’re taking off the schlock.

And meanwhile, the Home Depot employees also have to deal with guys coming in and asking how to chop branches off a tree without climbing the tree.


“Do you have a chainsaw on a stick that’s maybe 200 feet long? Or can I patch one together myself out of several ten-foot sticks, using the experience I have building sukkahs that don’t stay up?”

They also have to deal with people coming in and asking which is the cheapest bucket of paint they can buy so they can pour it out and sell branches out of it.

You can probably find them curled up in a ball somewhere. I would check one of the sheds.


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