United Hatzalah of Israel Founder Eli Beer Is Recovering, Will Speak to Family

When Beer is well again, he will probably be asked to clarify his statement regarding Health Minister Litzman.

Watch: Prisoners Bury Coronavirus Patients in Bronx Mass Grave

Drone footage taken by The Hart Island Project last Thursday shows inmates in hazmat suits burying coffins on the island.

Scientists Study Coronavirus Attack on Hemoglobin, Iron, & Test New Treatments with Old Standbys

Some are questioning whether Covid-19 is a lung disease causing blood problems or a blood disease causing lung problems.

6 Die in Israel, More than 3,000 Coronavirus Patients in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, 799...

Earlier on Thursday, a five-week-old baby was brought to the Sheba hospital in Tel Hashomer after being infected with the coronavirus.

British PM Boris Johnson Conscious, ‘On Oxygen’

Johnson's spokesperson says he is not on a ventilator, is breathing without assistance and "remains in good spirits."

Cuomo: New York’s Deadliest Coronavirus Day, But There’s Still Cause for Hope

"The bad news is 5,489 New Yorkers have lost their lives to this virus . . . that's 731 people who we lost."

Israel’s Night Before Passover: 66 Dead, Over 9,000 Have COVID-19

This year when Jews at the Seder ask 'why is this night is different from all other nights,' there will be no lack of answers.

Israeli Government: Everybody Stays Home Until Friday

The Cabinet also approved an amendment to the emergency regulations on the number of employees at a workplace in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Jerusalem Divided

Jerusalem is being divided into 7 districts, and during the lockdown it will be forbidden to travel between districts.

Head of Agudath Israel, the Novominsker Rebbe, Succumbs to the Coronavirus at 89

After 9/11, Newsweek quoted him as saying: "Today, the world is not the same as it was yesterday. If we are the same as we were yesterday, then it is pure folly."

Foreign Suppliers Renege on Ventilating Machine Orders to Israel: ‘It’s a World War’

The fierce competition and the accelerated rate of doing business this way often don't allow for an orderly and detailed inspection of the quality of purchased items.

NYC Councilman Warns of Burials in Parks with 2,738 Dead; 59th Israeli Dies of...

"It will be done in a dignified, orderly—and temporary—manner. But it will be tough for NYers to take."

Watch: Efrat Sings Together

Efrat resident Moshe Kesselman organized some of his fellow residents of Efrat to sing Psalm 54 together, while separated by the Coronavirus.

New York Health Dept. Finds Seniors at Greater Risk of Dying from COVID-19

By the end of the day Monday, Cuomo reported a total of 130,689 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and a death toll of 4,758 statewide.

Israel Mulls Placing 8 Cities, 15 Jerusalem Neighborhoods, Under Closure to Stem Coronavirus Spread

The cities under discussion include Elad, Modi’in Illit, Migdal HaEmek, Beitar Illit, Ashkelon, Tiberias and Or Yehuda. Parts of Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh will also be shut down.

IAF Officer Publishes Open Source Code for Production of Cheap Automatic Respirators

The Haifa Technology Center had joined Israeli Air Force (IAF) Major David Alkahar in developing a computerized automatic respirator and has published the code online for the world’s benefit.

Jewish Philanthropist Boris Lozhkin Donates Protective Gear to Ukraine’s ENT Specialist

Lozhkin stressed that people from all over Ukraine apply to the doctors of the Institute, which employs the best Ukrainian specialists in the field of ear nose and throat.

Italy, Spain, France, Germany See Small Decline in Coronavirus Death Toll, 51 Dead in...

As of Sunday afternoon, there are more than 122,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in New York State, including more than 67,500 in New York City.

Israeli Cabinet Mulls Full COVID-19 Lockdown on Seder Night

As of Sunday night, 8,430 Israelis had tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus; 139 are in critical condition, and 49 Israelis have died of the virus.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Hospitalized for COVID-19, as Queen Elizabeth Invokes WWII ‘Resolve’

The news comes in the wake of a televised address to the nation delivered Sunday by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth about the impact of the virus.

Beitar Goes into Lockdown

Only local residents and suppliers will be allowed in and out of the Haredi town of Beitar Ilit in Gush Etzion.

Haredi Helpers

Israel's Ultra-Orthodox are helping those in need during the coronavirus crisis.

Haredi Teens Accused of Infecting Firefighter with Deliberate Sneezing

As of Saturday, 426 FDNY personnel, firefighters, EMS, and civilian staff, have been infected with the coronavirus.

‘FIDF Engage’ Connects Supporters with Lone Israeli Soldiers during COVID-19 Crisis

Among the IDF soldiers on base are some 1,000 Lone Soldiers from the United States who joined the IDF with no immediate family in Israel.

Bar-Ilan Chinese Alumni to Ship Vital Medical Equipment to Azrieli School of Medicine

The group, comprised of former postdoctoral, doctoral and master's students, wrote that they remember their studies at Bar-Ilan as a life-changing experience.

Central Command General in Isolation following Encounter with Hilltop Youth Infected with Coronavirus

The commanding officer of the Central Command Nadav Padan entered isolation on Sunday.

Deri: Jerusalem Haredi Neighborhoods Have More Coronavirus Cases than Bnei Brak

The city with the largest number of coronavirus patients is Jerusalem, where 1,253 residents have been diagnosed, a 10% increase since Friday. Bnei Brak has 1,192 infections, up 12%.


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