Israeli Scientists Predict Summer Outbreak of COVID-19 Delta Variant

"Our model indicates there could be another outbreak of Delta or another coronavirus variant this summer."

Israel to End COVID-19 Tests at Ben-Gurion Airport

The number of coronavirus cases in Israel continues to drop with 497 patients hospitalized.

New COVID Variant BA.2.12.1 Identified in Israel

The BA.2.12.1 sub-strain is considered more contagious than the recent omicron variant but like omicron, is not particularly severe.

Israel to Lift Indoor Mask Mandate

The mandate is to be lifted on April 23 at 8 p.m., excluding high-risk locations such as hospitals, old-age homes and flights.

TAU Researchers Found ‘Healthy Weapon’ Against Corona in Cashews, Pumpkins, Peas, Beets

Safe dietary supplements developed at Tel Aviv University might help protect the body against Covid-19 and a range of winter illnesses.

Hours After Meeting Blinken, Bennett Tests Positive for COVID-19

Bennett's planned trip to India will have to be cancelled or delayed.

Health Ministry Launches Campaign to Administer Fourth COVID Vaccine Dose to 60+ Population

The existing policy for dealing with the coronavirus and deferring entry to the country is to be extended into a 'between the waves' status from 1 April 2022 to 1 May 2022.

In Israel, COVID-19 Cases Rising Again

The infection coefficient reached 1.02 on Saturday. Any figure above “1” indicates the infection rate is on the rise.

New Deltacron Variant Discovered in Israel

The R coefficient, which indicates the spread of the virus, has climbed in recent days after consistently dropping, and was registered at 0.86,

Netanyahu Diagnosed with COVID-19

A Likud statement said Netanyahu is "feeling well and is acting in accordance with the guidelines."

Finance Minister Liberman (Finally) Authorizes Aid Package for Businesses Hurt by COVID

Businesses that prove annual revenue losses of at least 35% in January-February 2022 compared to the same months in 2019 will be eligible to receive up to $185,000.

Report: Jewish Clergy Fled Synagogue Jobs during Covid-19 Pandemic

“It’s like corporate culture, people don’t stay.”

Fewer New Cases of Schizophrenia in Israel after Outbreak of COVID-19

“We expected that there would be a rise in the number of new presentations of schizophrenia during the pandemic, but surprisingly, this trend did not materialize."

UK’s Queen Elizabeth Tests Positive for COVID-19

Earlier this month, Queen Elizabeth celebrated the 70th anniversary of her ascension to the British throne.

No More Mandatory Antigen Tests for Israeli Students, Starting Thursday

The indoor face mask mandate, however, continues to be in force for the time being.

Israel Freedom Convoy Persists Amid Media Blackout and Police Crackdown

Israeli Minister Eli Avidar calls the police’s breakup of the protest at the Knesset “violent and brutal.”

Study Examines COVID Lockdowns’ Harm to Children’s Immune Systems

In the months after Israel lifted the majority of social restrictions, there was a sharp incline in respiratory and gastrointestinal infections among the 0-3 age group, a peer-reviewed study by Ben-Gurion University shows.

As Many as 20,000 Vehicles Participate in Israeli COVID ‘Freedom Convoy’

The crowdfunded initiative was inspired by the Canadian Freedom Convoy and is operating under the slogan “Take back the wheel.” The convoy culminated with major protests outside Israel's Knesset and Supreme Court in Jerusalem.

Freedom Convoy: Israel

The crowdfunded initiative was inspired by the Canadian Freedom Convoy and is operating under the slogan “Take back the wheel.”

Number of Women Reporting Side-Effects after Pfizer Vaccination Almost Double that of Men

The highest frequencies of side-effects reported among all the participants were those following the second vaccination.

COVID is No Longer Just a Disease of the Unvaccinated in Israel. Why?

Doctors from medical centers throughout the country explain how a wave of vaccinated people has filled its hospitals.

Israeli-York U Study Examines How COVID-19 Masks Impact Children’s Social Interactions

Children are having difficulty recognizing faces that are partially covered by masks, and this could potentially impact social interactions with peers and educators, as well as the ability to form important relationships.

Cabinet Extends Tech Monitoring for Returning Israelis, Ends Purple Badge at Shopping Malls

Those who test positive for the virus must continue to quarantine for a five-day period, and then test negative prior to leaving isolation.

5th Corona Wave Symptoms: More Sore Throats, Less Loss of Sense of Taste

Another symptom typical of the fifth wave: increased night sweats.

Israeli Tourism Minister Wants to Allow Unvaccinated Kids into Israel by Passover

The decision would need to be made soon for families that want to plan their Pesach vacations.

Bar Ilan U & Galilee Medical Center Study Suggests Correlation bet. Low Vitamin D...

A sufficient presence of Vitamin D in one's system would boost their immune systems to deal with any viral attack on the respiratory system.

Tveria Hospital Launches 3rd Corona Ward Citing Increased Demand

Record number of corona patients since the pandemic's outbreak.

Stress, Smoking Rates Up among All Hospital Workers, Hebrew U. Study Finds

Working on Covid-19 frontline—even as hospital janitor or admin—negatively impacts mental health.


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