This Just In: Corona Czar Says Facemasks Not Necessary Outdoors

"...the police are not going to enforce it. In general, enforcement will be aimed at isolation, especially for people returning from abroad."

As Israel Reopens for Business, Corona Czar Warns of Insufficient Enforcement and New Mutations

To date, just under five million Israelis have received the first dose of the Corona vaccine (4,925,155), and close to four million (3,705,330) are receiving their second.

Israel Begins Phase 3 of Exit Plan, Reopens (Mostly) for Green Pass

The regulations are in effect until Saturday, 20 March 2021, except for the education regulations which shall be in effect until Saturday, 3 April 2021.

Corona Infections Rising Alarmingly in Haredi Communities Ahead of Sunday’s Scheduled Reopening

Middle school children will return to the classrooms, Cafes and restaurants, banquet and conference halls and other attractions will be back in operation.

No Green Pass? No Problem; Get a Test!

The streamlined rapid test service should be in place starting two weeks from now.

Vaccination Nation: PM Netanyahu’s Interview on Fox & Friends

PM Benjamin Netanyahu in an interview on Fox on Thursday, discusses vaccines, returning to school, the ICC kangaroo court, Iran's nuclear plans and Joe Biden.

PA Denies Accusations of Cronyism in Vaccine Rollout

The PA Healthy Ministry insisted that only 10% of the vaccines were given to PA security personnel, soccer players, government officials and members of the PLO.

Israel’s Health Minister Says 90 Percent of Those Over 50 are ‘Vaccinated or Recovered’

Yuli Edelstein announces the good news, while his deputy warns about the climbing reproduction rate.

PA Street in Uproar over COVID-19 Vaccines Nepotism

Arab activists also claim that some of the Covid-19 vaccines have been sold on the black market for as much as NIS 500 per dose.

Israel’s Corona Cityscapes

Almost everyone on the busy streets is wearing a facemask, but who can maintain a 6 ft. distance in those busy crowds?

Shunning Pro-PA Critics, Leaders of Denmark, Austria, Come to Talk Vaccine Plant in Jerusalem

PM Frederiksen told reporters in Copenhagen on Tuesday that partnering on a vaccine plant with Israel “isn’t an unrealistic scenario.”

3 Cases of COVID-19 New York Variant Diagnosed in Israel

Until it becomes clear where this variant was acquired, it will not be possible to know where it will show up next.

Likud Whip Blames Corona Chairwoman for Death Rate as Infections Are Down Again in...

MK Zohar was unhappy with Israel's media, too, and asked why they insist on criticizing for all the people who died but have nothing to say about all the people who didn't die.

Michigan University Professor Fired for Saying ‘Covid19 Is another Jewish Revolution’

"Their end-goal is a technocratic, one-world government, where everyone, Jew and Gentile, will be microchipped and tracked 24/7."

PA Declares State of Emergency Following Spread of COVID-19

The vaccines the Palestinian Authority received went to the PA leadership and their close associates.

IDF Launches Op to Vaccinate PA Residents Working in Israel

The workers will be vaccinated by Israeli medical teams with Moderna vaccines, which have been assigned by the state.

No Corona? Israelis Party Hearty for Purim in Yafo Ahead of Night Curfew

“There’s no corona, the corona is ended,” sang one partygoer.

Netanyahu: Children Under 16 Likely to be Vaccinated by Summer

In an upcoming weekend interview, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reveals that he is in talks with Pfizer and Moderna for tens of millions of doses approved for kids.

Netanyahu’s Phased Plan to Reopen Israel

“This Passover we will again ask – why is this night different? And this time we will answer – this night we are all vaccinated,” Netanyahu concluded.

Police: Crowded Purim Street Celebrations in Tel Aviv Were ‘Suicide Parties’

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein (Likud) attacked the participants in those parties, saying "the jump in morbidity will be registered in your name."

Netanyahu: Everything Opens After Pesach, April 5th

“All over the world people are waiting for vaccines. In Israel, vaccines are waiting for people. We need to change that now.”

Israel Donates COVID-19 Vaccines to PA, European and Latin America Countries

70% of Israelis over the age of 16 have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Haaretz Disproves NY Times’ Libel that Israel Withholds Vaccines from PA Arabs

How lucky we are to have Nir Hasson report on Wednesday in "Israel's NY Times," a.k.a Haaretz: "Israel Opens Vaccination Center at Checkpoint to Reach Palestinian East Jerusalem Residents."

United Hatzalah Suspends All Unvaccinated EMTs

“We are going to be the first national organization that is 100% vaccinated."

Military Intelligence: Infections Up for 3rd Day in a Row, Mostly Younger People –...

“To undo the decree of the evil Haman, the people of Israel fasted for three days. I'm not asking people to fast for three days. I just want us to keep the guidelines"

Purim Night Curfew Approved by Coronavirus Cabinet

“If the guidelines are not observed, we may find ourselves again facing the closure of educational institutions."

Shaare Zedek Hospital Study Shows Encouraging Long-Term Recovery Data for Corona Patients

“We can cautiously report that based on our study, the majority of symptoms passed within a period of three to six months.”


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