Israeli Government Recruits Retired Medical Doctors, Issues Mandatory Call for Private Medical Doctors

The ministry underlined that those who agree to return to the hospitals will be sent primarily to non-coronavirus departments.

2 Arrests in Demonstration Against Lockdown, Prime Minister Outside Knesset

The protesters are outraged because the impending lockdown includes limitations on their freedom to hold demonstrations.

New Israeli-US Technology Filters COVID-19 Particles From the Air

“To understand the technology, imagine the porous graphene is an electric fence that functions like a mosquito zapper at the submicron level.”

Israeli Researchers Say Carriers of 2 Genetic Mutations at Greater Risk for ‘Severe’ COVID-19

The researchers urged global decision-makers to "conduct population-wide screening for identifying mutation carriers and prioritize them for vaccination once COVID-19 vaccines have been approved."

Suffering Jewish New Yorker Explains Why Others Refuse COVID-19 Testing

It appears the issue for most people, at least in New York City, is not the physical discomfort of the test.

Israel’s Second Full Lockdown Begins Friday

“It’s better to do it now, during the holidays, at a low economic cost and not after the holidays when the economic cost will be higher.”

Fourth Large-Scale COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Begins in United States

The trial is designed to evaluate whether the investigational Janssen COVID-19 vaccine can prevent symptomatic COVID-19 after a single dose regimen.

El Al Begins Phased Refunds for Canceled Flights

El Al is offering a refund of the value of the ticket plus 30 gift points for frequent flyers, or a voucher at 25 percent higher value for a future flight.

31 New Deaths, 6,948 New COVID-19 Cases As Coronavirus Cabinet Continues ‘Debates’

PM Netanyahu is pushing for a full lockdown over the Jewish holidays, rather than later on.

Uptick in COVID-19 Seen in NY Jewish Communities

“We are concerned about how COVID-19 may be affecting Orthodox communities in these neighborhoods and beyond."

Naftali Bennett: Infectious Dose Determines Severity of Consequent Illness

If 80 percent of Israeli citizens were to wear masks, we would beat Corona in just six weeks.

Smotrich: Religious Israelis Should Lead, Not Be Dragged to Closing Down Synagogues, Praying Outdoors

Unlike certain Interior Ministers who shall remain nameless, MK Smotrich did not condition behaving like rational human beings on leftist demonstrations.

Chairman of Lebanese Parliament Healthcare Committee: ‘We’ve Lost Control over the Corona Pandemic’

Two large private hospitals with Covid-19 units were severely devastated in the August 4 great explosion in Beirut's port.

A Record 6,700 Israeli Coronavirus Patients in 24 Hours as Fight between Rallies and...

Israelis, please stay home, stop spreading the virus, how difficult is this to understand?

Netanyahu: ‘Very Important Decisions’ To Be Made at Next Coronavirus Cabinet Meeting

“There must be one law for both prayers and demonstrations and all gatherings wherever they are."

Health Ministry Official: 12% of Subjects Test Positive for COVID-19, Israel Will Exit Lockdown...

Israel has entered a three weeklong lockdown, but it is expected to last even longer and its limitations may be tightened.

Cabinet to Pour $3 Billion in Aid to Businesses, Employees, Self-Employed, While Considering Tighter...

So far, it appears that Tuesday's cabinet meeting is not expected to impose new restrictions on prayer houses and Gamzu's recommendation will be accepted.

Defense Minister Gantz Orders IDF to Prepare Field Hospital to Handle Overflow Coronavirus Patients

Preparations are expected to take several weeks. At present, there are 52,577 active cases of the coronavirus in Israel.

Supreme Court President Esther Hayut Quarantined, Senior Aide Infected

It is unclear how the judge’s isolation will affect the schedule of the Supreme Court.

Police Lockdown Check Posts Cause Huge Traffic Jams Countrywide

The Health Ministry supports the imposition of significant restrictions on working in the private sector, and tightening the enforcement in synagogues so prayers may be held only in open areas.

Everything You Need to Know about Everything You Can’t Do Under the New Lockdown

One may go out from one's residence up to a distance of 500 meters only. This restriction enables going out into the public sphere (including parks and playgrounds) up to 500 meters.

Tense Clash Between Netanyahu, Gamzu, Reveals Great Misgivings over Coronavirus Lockdown

PM Netanyahu: "You're saying I'm pointlessly imprisoning the citizens at home?"

New Coronavirus Lockdown ‘Simply Not Enough,’ Further Steps Needed

"At this point it's already clear: It's simply not enough. We are, at the moment at a morbidity level that requires us to take further steps."

Prayers Needed for Sanzer Rebbe in Netanya, Tests Positive for COVID-19

The Rebbe’s name for prayers is: Tzvi Elimelech ben Chaya Nechama for a swift and complete recovery.

Netanyahu Weighs Possibility of Tightening Lockdown After Rosh Hashana

The move may be necessary, according to Health Minister Yuli Edelstein, due to the skyrocketing contagion rate of the coronavirus.

Mikvah for Female Corona Patients Operating Under the Radar in Jerusalem

"The Home Front Command was here and they themselves take women out of the Corona hotels and bring them to us."

Mental Health Expert Allays PTSD Fears Ahead of Israel’s Lockdown

"While for many not being able to get together in large groups will be the hardest thing about the lockdown, the values of community and social support will still be protective."

COVID-19: Another Day, Another Scary Broken Record, 48 Hours to Lockdown

As of Thursday morning, there will be no kindergarten and daycare, and there will be no classes in elementary, middle and high schools.

Ukraine: Minister Deri Appealed to Let in the Chassidim

Turns out what's good for the goose is plenty good for the gander.

COVID-19 in Israel: Infections Soar to Nearly 5K in 24 Hours

“With a heavy heart, I notified Magen David Adom not to transfer patients to us.”


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