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Between not knowing the language, the need to navigate bureaucracy and having to choose the most suitable location, purchasing property in Israel can be pretty perplexing.


For this very reason, purchasers and investors save time and money by choosing a company that has the experience and professionalism to deliver on all their promises. Africa Israel, which has been involved in Israeli development and construction for 87 years, is a household name in Israel and abroad, synonymous with the highest standards of quality, trust and service.

“We understand the specific needs of Americans, and we speak their language,” said Eliyah Kleinman, foreign sales manager. “No matter what the project, we provide customers with a level of service that puts their mind at ease,” he said.

With projects of every type and for every budget across the length and breadth of the country, Africa Israel truly has something for everyone. “From the prime destinations of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv which feature big-ticket, luxury units, we’ve diversified the mix of apartments on offer to include a wide range of projects and locations,” said Kleinman.

Thousands of apartments, all built to Africa Israel’s exacting technical specifications, are now in various stages of planning and construction in high-demand cities, including Harish, Kfar Yona, Givat Shmuel, Netanya and Rishon Letzion. That includes government price-capped projects (mechir lamishtaken) projects for eligible families.

Then there is the Savyonim brand, which emerged from Africa Israel’s understanding that customers want not only a beautiful apartment but also added value reflected in quality lifestyle and community residential experience. The result, to date, have been dynamic, vibrant, self-enclosed neighborhoods with expansive public spaces, community services within walking distance, quality residents, a park, a safe space for children to play, and more. “Our Savyonim neighborhoods have been transformative in several cities in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area,” said Kleinman.

Africa Israel also offers investors the option of entering the income-yielding properties market with investments in areas planned for commercial and office use.

Through its subsidiary, Africa Urban Renewal, the company promotes evacuation and construction (pinui-binui) projects as well as National Outline Plan (TAMA) 38 demolition and rebuilding projects in high-demand centers such as Netanya, Herzliya, Jerusalem, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Beersheva.

Participants in the Great Israeli Real Estate Event, to be held this Sunday, Nov. 14, in Brooklyn, will have the valuable opportunity to meet Eliyahu Kleinman and to hear all about the various investment and purchase options that Africa Israel has to offer. Participation is free. Pre-registration is required.

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