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It’s been the alarmed cry of experts over the last few years: “Robots are replacing humans!”

While it’s certainly true that many jobs have been – or will be – eliminated due to technology, it also has created entirely new jobs for people. Here are 10 jobs that robots and AI are creating or expanding:


Robot Coordinators: No, robots can’t manage themselves. As robots take on more complex roles in the workforce, they’ll need humans who are trained in robotics to ensure that they’re performing effectively. In fact, the expansion of robots in the workforce will lead to an entirely new field of robot technicians – people who repair or reprogram robots that get hacked or malfunction.

Tech Ethicists/Chief Ethics Officers/Ethical Sourcing Officers: When does technology cross the line? Should we be allowed to create “designer babies”? At what point are tech products exploiting users’ vulnerabilities?

As technology becomes more sophisticated, the need to ensure tech products meet certain ethical standards becomes vital. Although there has been little regulation in this sphere thus far, some companies are already taking matters into their own hands. Google and Salesforce, for example, already have Chief Ethics Officers. Expect more companies to follow suit in the coming years.

Civil and Commercial Drone Pilots or Dispatchers: Drones have been around for a while, but they are now increasingly being used for civil and commercial activities – e.g., policing and delivering packages. For these activities, drones will need pilots, mechanics, and, of course, insurance personnel.

Smart City Analysts/Cyber City Analysts: City managers are attempting to make their cities as smart as possible. That means connecting infrastructure and devices to the Internet to help the city run smoother and better serve residents. Smart City Analysts help analyze the impact of technology on a city, as well as manage technological resources, security, privacy, and city planning.

Clean Energy Technicians: Companies and governmental bodies have begun investing in clean energy, and technicians will need to install and maintain these forms of energy. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of wind turbine technicians will increase by 96 percent by 2026.

Data Scientists: Nearly every company has the ability to collect data. The manner in which this data is organized and analyzed, though, is essential in enabling a company to be more efficient and compete in today’s climate. A data scientist interprets complex digital data to help a company make smart decisions.

Personal Privacy Advisors/Privacy Specialists: In a world of facial recognition, augmented reality and AI products, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain privacy. Personal privacy advisors specialize in helping people protect their privacy while simultaneously benefiting from technology.

Digital Detox Counselors: As technology infiltrates every nook and cranny of people’s lives, detoxing from the over-consumption of digital input is becoming a necessity for many. A digital detox counselor is a mental health professional specializing in treating individuals who are stressed out by technology. He or she helps these people learn to “detox” and use their devices in a balanced and stress-free manner.

Computer Systems Analysts: Nearly every company today uses some form of technology. Computer system analysts merge business with technology. They analyze a company’s computer systems, processes, and procedures to see how they can make the company more efficient. They then design, improve, and implement computer systems to best solve those problems.

Crowdfunding Organizers: Crowdfunding has become very popular. It’s how charities, causes, and even businesses raise funds or start campaigns. A crowdfunding organizer has to have the ability to create a sound business strategy and use technology – social media and digital marketing are just two examples – to implement that strategy to meet the campaign’s specific goals.


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