Texting Tips While Dating

Do Not Ghost. It is rude and hurtful. Give the person you’re dating the respect and dignity to let them know you don’t think it’s a match.

What I Wish My Parents Knew

I spoke to six high school students to hear what they wished their parents and teachers knew about their Internet usage.

Apps To Supplement Your Child’s Education

Important note: Please check the apps before downloading them to ensure they fit your family hashkafa-wise.

Tales Of A YouTuber

The gaming community is large and diverse, and Yudy had to spend the time and energy finding the right niche and creating content his subscribers connected to and appreciated.

Israeli Medical Innovations

The idea is that the blood tests will be adapted to detect a wide range of cancers as well as other diseases in the future.

The Organization Fighting For Hearts And Minds

Rothstein is quick to point out that antisemitism has been expressed in a variety of ways in different generations, but at its core, it’s the same old hateful antisemitism.

Dark Stores Of The Future

1MRobotics offers clients two cost structures: a per-order fee or a fixed monthly fee per system deployed.

Saving Lives In The Pool: Saving Lives First, Enhancing Lives Second

When all other equipment stops, that’s when Mylo begins its job, Bisharat asserts.

Yeshiva Student Launches Laundry App

The concept was born out of necessity. Nachshon Fertel, a triplet, noticed the sheer volume of laundry his mother did on a daily basis.

A Teacher Adapts To New Technologies

Despite its many positives, Shifra acknowledges there is a learning curve, especially for older teachers.

Tales Of A Software Developer

The popularity of tech jobs in the frum community has increased exponentially. Tech jobs tend to pay well, and at times allow for remote work or a more flexible work schedule.

Women Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

While in the secular world, one can find women-only tech associations, Zafrir notes such organizations do not exist for Orthodox women in Israel, and many people from outside the community believe the organizations servicing both frum male and female entrepreneurs are enough.

Must-Have Travel Apps

Some of these apps only provide service to specific locations; hence, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with them before your trip to ensure they can be of use to you at your destination.

Pixels vs Presence: Reflections Of An Older Woman

Many of the gadgets my children and grandchildren give me remain unused due to their complexity. While I have a smartphone, I struggle to take full advantage of it.

8 Internet Safety Tips For Children

When speaking to children about protecting privacy, specify the information that should not be shared, such as their name, address, phone number, email address, school name and the like.

8 Tips To Prevent Cyber Attacks On Your Business

Sure, it’s annoying for employees to remember multiple passwords. However, it makes your system more secure.

The Tale Of A Girl With A Dumb Phone

Emma admits that it took a while to get used to owning a flip phone. In the days after the switch, as she terms it, she wondered if she’d miscalculated badly.

What’s An NFT And Is It Jewish?

This past year Lightstone created a menorah NFT with digital artist Yoni Chanowitz. Attendees at Lightstone's annual Chanukah party could scan a QR code on a physical menorah to view the NFT.

The Woman Behind MikvahCalendar.com

One of Bloom’s first guests as a newlywed was a woman who explained that, although she would love to keep taharas hamisphacha, the calculations confused her, and ultimately prevented her from keeping the mitzvah properly.

Tech For The Perfect Shabbos Host

It is never fun for guests who are rushing to get ready for Shabbos to have to choose between charging their phone or blow-drying their hair.

Best Tech For Bubby And Zaidy

Like everything in life, gift-giving is an art, and knowing your audience is paramount.

Shutting Off Social Media

I expected to feel FOMO when I left Instagram. I’m not going to lie. Sometimes I do. Mostly I’m happier.

Biotech Serves Breakthrough Therapies, With A Side Of Cultured Meat

‘A single placenta can treat more than 20,000 patients and – unlike with other medical interventions – no genetic match is necessary.’

Payment Apps For A Small Or Home Business

Since some of these apps aren’t designed for businesses, keeping track of your cash inflows and outflows for business and tax purposes is imperative.

The Do’s And Don’t’s Of Cyberbullying

Children in the midst of a vicious fight and a child being bullied are different scenarios, and should thus be dealt with differently.

Tales Of A Digital Nomad

A digital nomad, her office is on the go. I reached her in Iceland and asked her which tech products she believes are an absolute necessity when setting up a digital office.

Tales Of A Marketing Guru

He believes our fraternization with our phones, which look like slabs of glass in the palms of our hands, will be seen as primitive and archaic in a few years.

Baby Tech For New Moms And Dads

Every parent dreads the moment when his/her baby’s pacifier falls to the ground. The baby begins to cry. Chaos often ensues.

Groundbreaking Medical Technology from Israel

STW uses crowdsourcing methods to collect real-world data from patients, thereby helping patients and medical researchers gain access to essential information about specific conditions.

Behind The Shabbos Oven

At times, there may be some disagreement between Rabbonim when dealing with complex halachos. In those cases, OU Technology always goes with the strict opinion.


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