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Covid-19 accelerated the trend towards a more virtual society, and many companies that hadn’t put resources into creating a strong online presence in the past are reconsidering their strategy.

Recommended By The Experts: Tech Gadgets In The Kitchen

I asked four celebrity culinary experts to tell me about their favorite kitchen tech product, how they use it, and why they love it.

Wireless Charging Done Right

I wanted to find out if wireless power can really be done, and if yes, I wanted to find the best way to do it and bring this revolution from Israel.

Campaigning During A Pandemic

Campaigns are also resorting more to e-mail blasts and text messages. These forms of communication are helpful in collecting small donations, but too many digital messages can result in voter fatigue or – worse – can cause voters to unsubscribe.

Pandemic Pods

How do you provide a stellar education in all subjects with just one instructor? How do middle- or lower-class parents afford microschools?

Edible Water Pouches

Takeout containers are usually made out of plastic, but Notpla is working to make a waterproof, greaseproof – and compostable – alternative.

Running And Rowing – At Home

There are so many incredible fitness machines on the market. It’s difficult to pinpoint what will motivate you without knowing you personally.

Helping College Students Deal With Stress

Texas A&M University researchers are developing a platform to help students keep track of their mental health.

Airbnb Surveillance Devices

The goal of each of these is to help hosts detect noise issues in real-time so they can deal with them immediately.

Samsung’s New S20 Lineup

Samsung has also integrated some new and notable features into its Galaxy lineup, many of which are thanks to Samsung’s deepening partnerships with Google, Microsoft, and Spotify.

When Tech Becomes Too Much

They’re fuzzy. They’re fun. And they all have the same goal: to provide companionship and alleviate loneliness. Sounds adorable, right?

Smart Home Tech

For those who find the idea of showering with Alexa creepy, Kohler also has a Bluetooth-enabled Moxie showerhead that only comes with speakers.

Using Tech To Fight Superbugs

At least 700,000 people are estimated to die each year due to drug-resistant bacterial infections.

AI: The New Interviewer

While AI has shown itself to be great at analyzing concrete data points, it can’t necessarily predict future social outcomes like success at a job or company fit.

What’s The Future Of Social Shopping?

Despite its potential, though, social shopping has some glaring limitations.

Smart Kitchen Gadgets

The Family Hub also performs a variety of traditional “smart assistant” tasks, such as coordinating schedules, playing songs, and playing your favorite shows.

Driverless Trucks Coming Your Way?

The company claims it can reduce average purchased transportation costs by 30 percent, and it has secured some of the most coveted customers in the industry.

New Mind-Reading Technology

Brain activation patterns for simple thoughts or emotions – while interesting and newsworthy – hardly provide insight into the more complex and abstract thoughts that humans regularly have.

Medical AI On The Rise

Amazon claims Amazon Transcribe Medical is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), but some fear that patients’ privacy isn’t completely protected.

Robotic Dogs – Helpful? Concerning?

The ACLU made a public records request from Boston Robotics and is demanding more transparency in how the police plan to test and deploy robotic dogs.

Social Media’s Bot Problem

During the study, the researchers also found 18,739 inauthentic social media accounts. They reported them to their respective social media platforms. But three weeks later, 95 percent of them were still online.

10 Fastest Growing Green Jobs

The motivation behind using wave energy is simple: The ocean is perpetually moving, so why not capture that movement to create power?

TikTok: The Social Media Platform Kids Are On

The fascinating thing about TikTok is that it’s a social platform that has nothing to do with one’s social network.

Banning Political Ads – Good or Bad Policy?

On the whole, leading Democrats seemed to support Dorsey’s decision while some Republicans, specifically President Trump and his supporters, pushed back against it.

Shopping – On Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

The Offshore Option

Hiring a project manager that you trust to oversee the project and frequently traveling overseas to see your developers at work can give you some measure of control.

The Rise Of Remote Monitoring Devices

Some hospitals, such as Mercy Virtual, have already started using remote monitoring devices.

How Much Is Too Much Screen Time?

The majority of children in the U.S. spend more than two hours a day before a screen. Does too much screen time affect children negatively?

Can Technology Cure Alzheimer’s?

In a pre-clinical trial, researchers discovered that electromagnetic impulses to stimulate memory and cognitive function prevented memory impairment in young mice and reversed memory impairment in aged mice.

Goodbye Gas

It’s a costly endeavor and, for many, the ROI (return on investment) just doesn’t seem to be there yet.


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