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Israeli Warplanes renewed their attacks on Gaza, December 1, 2023.

On the 56th day since the Hamas massacre of October 7, at 5:44 AM Friday, while frantic efforts to forge agreements regarding the release of additional hostages, several Hamas rockets were fired at the Gaza envelope communities. Since this constituted a violation of the ceasefire, the IDF spokesperson confirmed that fire has been renewed against Hamas, and a political official told Kan 11 News that the army is “returning to war.” Following the report of the activation of warning sirens in the Gaza envelope, at least one launch was detected and intercepted by air defense fighters.

At 6:13 AM there were Arab reports of gunshots and explosions in Gaza City. At 7:06 AM it became official when the IDF spokesman said: “Hamas violated the agreement and in addition fired at the territory of the State of Israel. The IDF renewed fire against the terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip.”


At 7:20 AM there were Arab reports of a massive entry of IDF drones into the skies above the Gaza Strip, after a lull of almost one week when, in keeping with the deal with Hamas, the drones had been kept away. The sky is buzzing over Gaza again today.

At 7:31 AM, the IDF spokesman reported: “IDF warplanes are now attacking targets of the terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip. More details to follow.”

At 7:55 AM, the Prime Minister’s Office announced that “the terrorist organization Hamas-ISIS violated the agreement, did not live up to its duty to release all the kidnapped women today, and launched rockets at the citizens of Israel. With the return to the fighting, we will emphasize: the Israeli government is committed to achieving the goals of the war – to release our hostages, eliminate Hamas, and ensure that Gaza will never again pose a threat to the residents of Israel.”

Shortly before the end of the ceasefire on Friday morning, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing Egyptian officials, that Israel and Hamas agreed to extend the ceasefire by another day, in exchange for the release of ten additional hostages. This was supposed to be the eighth round of hostage releases, and the fourth time the ceasefire has been extended in exchange for another release.

Arab social media reported that the IDF attacks are focused on the southern part of the Strip, with artillery fire witnessed in east Khan Yunis and Rafah. But there are also reports of heavy exchanges of fire in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in northern Gaza City.

At 8:00 AM there was an Arab report of four who were killed in an explosion in a building in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

Al-Quds reported under the headline, “It’s the end of the truce and there are martyrs and wounded from Israeli bombing in various parts of the Gaza Strip,” that there were “Two martyrs and several injured in an Israeli bombing that targeted a house in the Maghazi camp in the central Gaza Strip. Four martyrs and several were injured as a result of an Israeli raid that targeted a house in central Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip. Israeli artillery targeted a mosque in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, north of Gaza City – 6 martyrs and dozens injured in Israeli raids on various areas in the Gaza Strip.”

Altogether, I counted 12 in the first hour of renewed fighting.

Let us be strong and resolute for the sake of our people and the land of our God, and God will do what He deems right (II Samuel 10:12).


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