Staten Island




Affordable apartments and houses for young couples, with available no-interest loans to help cover moving or closing costs for those who qualify;

Low tuition costs at all our Yeshivos, with qualifying incentive discounts;

Low membership dues at all of our Shuls, with qualifying discounts;

• Low Real Estate taxes;

• Easy commute to Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey;

• Beautiful up to date modern Jewish Community Center, with expansive facilities, fitness center, classes, lectures, and resources;• Numerous shops and kosher restaurants;

• A community of almost 1,000 Orthodox families, with many different Shuls, Kolels, modern Mikvahs, and social activities;

• Numerous shiurim in Torah, and every aspect of learning taught every day and night, available to all that desire to avail themselves of the opportunities;

• Top notch day camps and youth programs;

• Wonderful activities and chesed programs throughout the year.

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