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Not long ago, there was a case of a cult leader who was arrested for having a harem of twenty homeless teenage girls whom he kept in a mansion and sexually molested as part of their allegiance to him. In court, his lawyer gave an impassioned speech, asking the jury to take into consideration all of the good he had done in rescuing them from the street, housing them, providing them with food, clothing, and paying for their medical care. He hadn’t forced anyone to stay in his mansion. He hadn’t locked the doors. He had simply rescued them and given them his love.

Yes, America took in hordes of downtrodden immigrant Jews. Yes, America was a land of opportunity for the homeless and starving. Yes, America allowed them freedom of religion. Yes, in America, many poor immigrant Jews became rich and famous. And, yes, America has helped the State of Israel in many ways too.


But the fact is, call it whatever nice fancy, intellectual-sounding, three or four syllable name that you wish, the majority of Jews in America are being raped. Raped of their Jewish identity. Raped of being Jews. Raped of their Jewish future. No one is forcing them, but it is happening all the same.

Not everyone mind you. About 35% to 40% of American Jews are still hanging on to being Jewish. But assimilation is steadily increasing, and hundreds of thousands are disappearing with every passing decade. Soon, only the Orthodox will be left, and who will save them when the Americans remind them the hard way that they are Jews, not Americans – as has happened in every age throughout history, in every gentile country with whom we have fallen in love?

In my family alone, except for my brother, all of my cousins and second cousins married out of the faith – all of them. Finished. Kaput. The end of the line. After 5000 years of clinging to being Jewish, generation after generation, through times of harsh and often murderous oppression, the candle was snuffed out in the love boat of America, which is so good to the Jews, it rapes them of being Jewish – not by force – but by feeding them, and housing them, and providing them with all kinds of goodies and love.

It won’t happen to your children, you say – if you are even married, because who but homosexuals get married these days? And if it does happen to your children and grandchildren, well, it’s no big deal, you claim – everyone is equal, people are free to do what they want with their lives, why should there be differences and ethnic borders in the world? The main thing is love.

“Love, shmov,” my grandmother would say. “A curse on Columbus!”

That little gem, she was fond of saying every Columbus Day for his having discovered the land of assimilation that is steadily and surely wiping out the Jewish People, even though everything is honky dory with you. Who cares about the future of our people? My life today is what matters! That’s all that counts to the cultists of America. EQUALITY! LIBERTY! ACCEPTANCE!

Yes, America has been good to the Jews. Just like the rapist was good to his harem of teenage lovers.



  1. Right on target Tzvi!
    I can “thank America” for many things. America has allowed me to earn several university degrees and the opportunity to get involved with my work and self-career to the exclusion of ever thing and everyone else. However, two days before I was going to start my first job as director of rehabilitation, I became a silent bed vegetable and fully paralyzed with a broken back, neck and head from a car/truck crash. Everybody gave up on me except G-d, may His named be blessed for the rest of my life. One day, I felt a touch of peace/love/healing. I opened my eyes like I was seeing for the first time. I got out of bed and said that I wanted to go to Israel to a shocked/screaming Nurse who ran out of the room for the doctor.
    When I walked out of the hospital, I went to the synagogue and marveled at all the books of the Talmud. As I left the synagogue, other things/people/events suddenly grabbed me and I soon forgot my “touch” with G-d for I was then following the American dream. I advanced in work to the highest government levels (HUD) in Washington, D.C., owned two farms (200 acres) while living in a 3,500 sq ft house with 24 caret gold water faucets, etc, etc, etc. Many people advanced to high government levels off my back. Ten years passed by like a flash in the night which leaves nothing behind it. As I was traveling the hills of West Virginia, my car skidded off the road and tipped over many times down the hill. People who witnessed this total car crash were in shock that I climbed out of the window and walked up the hill unhurt.
    Then I remember my “touch” with G-d and felt His presence which froze me in my tracks. I felt that I had better get on with my life with more important things like learning Torah, do G-d’s will and not to follow my frivolous shallow endeavors of the American dream to be rich and famous. I found a Rabbi who was like a father to me and I became his shadow for many months. I wanted to go to Israel in the strongest way. One day I dressed like I was going to meet a King before I got on the plane to Israel. As I sat down in the cheapest seat on the plane, a stewardess came to me and asked me if I would like to sit in first class. As we lifted off the runway, there was a big bang. Nobody seemed to know what to say. Later as we came into Israel’s air space and as the Israeli songs were being played on the speakers, I burst out crying and felt that I was over filled with love, peace and meaning in life. I felt the “touch” of G-d again. When I got off the plane, big strong lights and cameras/reporters came up to me and asked me, “How was it? What did you do?” I didn’t understand and asked them “How was what?” They said, the “crash landing”. There were hundreds of ambulances lining the runway because the plane’s tire burst during lift off. Soon, the “touch” of G-d was solidified and visible in my visit to Abraham’s tomb. I felt like I made the circle of life complete after many life times.
    Now, after 29 years, I will be visiting and praying to G-d next to Abraham’s tomb again in two weeks, bli neder.
    I have been back a forth to America from Israel several times and at each time in America, I was attacked. The last time several years ago, I asked G-d that if He would bring me back safely to Israel, I would not go back to America. So, I can thank G-d for America for it has taught me to live and stay where I belong, in Israel.

  2. oh my loved your story. so happy that you are in israel. so many amazing stories here in the holy land of those who understood the messages from hashem and came back home.instead of gold taps you now have a golden city jerusalem.

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