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January 18, 2017 / 20 Tevet, 5777
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Lessons from the Latest Tragedy

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Baruch Mizrachi Funeral

Baruch Mizrachi Funeral
Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

It is incredible what political simpletons Jews are.  They shut their eyes to one of the most elementary rules of life, that you must not “meet halfway” those who do not want to meet you. — Ze’ev Jabotinsky

It is too painful to write these stories, so I will let you read the details here.

It still isn’t clear whether Baruch Mizrachi, a man who had devoted his life to protecting the Jewish people in their land, was targeted because of his job, or simply murdered because he was a Jew. It doesn’t matter. The question is, when is enough enough? When does the State of Israel decide that the Palestinian Arabs are a hostile enemy and start treating them as such (my guess is that the people of Israel already understand this)?

The police will be looking very seriously for the murderers, at least the ones that waited by the side of the road and pulled the trigger. When they find them, will they be hanged as justice demands? Or will they be jailed for a few years where they can take college courses and receive generous pensions from the Palestinian Authority, until they are released either as part of a ransom agreement or because of pressure from the anti-Jewish administration of Barack Obama?

When will the State of Israel begin to act on the fact, which everyone knows to be true, that the Palestinian Arab leadership as well as the average Palestinian in the street, is dedicated to the Palestinian Cause of removing the Jewish presence from ‘their’ land, which includes everything from the river to the sea?

When will Israelis understand that the Land of Israel, all of it, belongs to the Jewish people, both by historical right and international law? When will they take concrete steps to realize this? When will they stop internalizing the lies of the Arabs and the Jew-hating Europeans and allowing the inappropriate and neurotic guilt of the Left to paralyze them?

Ze’ev Jabotinsky explained it 90 years ago. Menachem Begin always understood it.

How many families will suffer like the Mizrachis until we finally get it?

Vic Rosenthal

About the Author: Vic Rosenthal created FresnoZionism.org to provide a forum for publishing and discussing issues about Israel and the Mideast conflict, especially where there is a local connection. Rosenthal believes that America’s interests are best served by supporting the democratic state of Israel, the front line in the struggle between Western civilization and radical Islam. The viewpoint is not intended to be liberal or conservative — just pro-Israel.

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Imported and Older Comments:

  1. Guy Peters says:

    Very good question ! An enemy should be imprisoned ,dead , or outside of one’s ” house” ( country ) until all the bogus ” palis” are removed from Israel and returned to Jordan ,how can any peace be made with the fascist pig enemy ?

  2. The Israeli ppl need to wake up and remove the filth that occupies their lands.

  3. Scott Jacobs says:

    Read the “Fresno Zionist”!

  4. Wow. That’s racist. No modifier at all? Great way to win people over. I support trading the Arab triangle for settlement blocs in any peace deal, but rhetoric like this is racist and counterproductive.

  5. israel just lies down and takes it

  6. Robert Perry says:

    time for a palistine state…but not the west bank.or gaza..now….where not part of israrl..or juresalem either….

  7. Put a Palestinian state in Jordan. Where it belongs

  8. Bob Flores says:

    Kill them…kill them all

  9. Many of Hashem’s people praying in that land, and around the world regarding this very situation? Has He, or has He not, instructed you as to what to do? Thousands of years of history, disobeying G-d and assimilating with His, and your, enemies in the land He gives you. And the results every time is..
    Please stop. This is the definition of insanity.

  10. Hank Lukas says:

    Israeli already know about the Palestinians, it’s the rest of world who have to be educated.

  11. James Capers says:

    Amen! They are NOT Palestinians, they are Muslim Arabs with an evil belief system.

  12. Gene Strong says:

    Deport.ALL.palestinian Arabs.
    Reclaim 100% of Jerusalem.

  13. This is a stumbling block for so many….truth isn’t what we want it to be….truth ” is” what it is , if you continue to put your hand in fire…it will continue to burn you…

  14. Allen Miller says:

    Boot all the Arabs out of Israel.

  15. They needed to come to that conclusion a long time ago. For every Israeli killed 10 Palestinians need to meet the same fate.

  16. So heart breaking. It is scary that most of the world thinks of us as weaklings.they do not realize that Israel being there makes us strong and proud.

  17. Ronnie Pleet says:

    Jewish land and occupied by the people whose land it is!!


  19. Tk Kinzel says:

    …not soon enough…

  20. Brenda Rom says:

    Arabs need to leave Israel !!! It belongs to the Jewish people if they accept that and try to live in peace ok otherwise go to Saudi Arabia or any of their Arab states

  21. They should every other country would !

  22. BULL Read the Quran !

  23. BULL Read the Quran !

  24. I think it is now high time Israel will act on this. This is more biblical considering Isaiah 60:14. Peace will be only achieved when God will have Israel’s enemies bowed before Israel.

  25. It is time to say “ENOUGH” Israel, and get rid of all the Palestinians living in Israel. I agree completely with Howell Selburn, let the Arabs go and live with their people, their is no shortage of land in anyone of the Arab countries. STop allowing them to kill innocent citizens.

  26. Give the Palestinians camden

  27. Jeanie Kirk says:

    Jordan kicked them out many years ago.

  28. Good question, before or after nuclear fallout??

  29. They should not choose to allow their nation to be destroyed from within like America with the rise of the Arab Spring.

  30. Another Jew done, hey Netanyahu. You could care less. And to the press of Israel, you contribute to our deaths through slaughter by acknowledging the muslim terrorist as “Palestinian” no such thing, call the terrorist what they are not what you want them to be in you sick heads.

  31. Oh Ronald and what book do you refer to?

  32. Zipora Marom says:

    בס”ד השם יקום דמו של המנוח !

  33. Peace with the PA??? At best a sick joke!!! The PA has lied through it'd teeth each and every time peace was discussed. Their leadership boasted to the the world, that he speaks in one manner to the west, while speaking in the opposite manner to the Arab world.
    Today, we again see the blatent failure any peace agreement being reacvhed; what is desired to the DESTRUCTION of Israel and the elimination of JEWS from the world.
    Yes my friends, it is apparent that the world cares nothing for the Jew and will do nothing to prevent another SHOAH.

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