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September 26, 2016 / 23 Elul, 5776
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This is Why Hamas is Fighting Israel…

IDF soldiers in and around a Hamas terror tunnel they discovered.

IDF soldiers in and around a Hamas terror tunnel they discovered.
Photo Credit: IDF spokesman

Why is Hamas Fighting Israel?

I have been racking my brains trying to understand what Hamas wants out of this war.

There is simply nothing they haven’t done to force Israel into it, and there isn’t anything they haven’t done to force it to continue, and to force it to continue inside Gaza.

They’ve gone so far as to destroy their own country and infrastructure simply to fight this war.

For what possible reason?

I thought at first it was about Palestinian elections. A good showing in a fight with Israel, would bring them victory over Fatah at the polls.

But they could have stopped a while ago, and they would have achieved that.

I thought perhaps they thought they deluded themselves into thinking they could actually destroy Israel. But they’ve certainly realized by now, as life continues on mostly normal in Israel, and mostly destroyed in Gaza, that they can’t destroy Israel.

So what’s left?

Instructions from Iran? To what? Self-destruct?

Recognition by the US? They clearly have that.

But I realized there’s only one common thread throughout this entire war.

It’s not the rockets and missiles.

That’s just the side show.

It’s not the tunnels themselves, as those are just facilitators.

It’s kidnappings.

Everything, and I mean everything Hamas has done has been about kidnapping soldiers and Jews.

They’ve funded Hamas in Hebron for the sole purpose of kidnapping Jews.

In every battle they’ve tried to kidnap dead IDF soldier’s bodies.

They keep bragging that they kidnapped soldiers, even when they haven’t.

Every tunnel has been about trying to kidnap soldiers or civilians.

It may be the after-effect and lessons they learned from the Gilad Shalit fiasco. Or it just may be their Islamo-sick psyche.

But they are willing to destroy themselves down to the last man and the last house, as long as they can grab a soldier or Jew.

That’s all that this war has been about. That’s why it hasn’t ended yet. Hamas needs a kidnapped soldier.

Postscript: 1:50pm For the past week, all I’ve been thinking about is what does Hamas want from us in this wae. It came to me this morning, that its only about kidnapping and nothing more. And if the reports coming out now are true, they may have succeeded. The question is, what will our Prime Minister do now, and I can only hope he chooses absolute victory over Hamas and Gaza.

All our prayers now are with our soldiers.


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