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Bloodstained car after Palestinian Authority terrorists shot at settlers
Just last summer, the world was complaining, unabashedly, that not enough Jews/Israelis had been killed in our war with the Gazans. They didn’t like the disproportionate numbers of Arab dead verses Jewish dead. The Arabs attacked more, but fewer of us died and more of them did. They bandied around the word “disproportionate” as it it was a mystical formula that proved Israeli cruelty to Arabs. In theory, they would have had approved of our defensive actions better if more of us had been killed, but Gd in His Mercy refused to cooperate. And of course one of the reasons for the disproportionate numbers could have been that the Arabs were exaggerating their dead…

Now, the world and too many Israelis are up in arms against the possibly one or few Israelis who allegedly firebombed an Arab house burning a toddler to death.

If anything is disproportionate it’s this.

Count the amount of Arab attacks on Jews versus the retaliations of Jews against Arabs.


According to the Jewish Press:

So compare the numbers. What do you think? I think that Disproportionate is the word. Disproportionately too many Arab attacks on Jews have been happening. Actually the numbers have always been similar.

We are not supposed to grin and bear it, turn the other cheek etc. What we must do is the stop the terrorism, and being pacifists isn’t the way!! If you want to do it legally, there’s one way. Apply the law of Arab terrorists and institute mandatory death penalty on all attempts at murder, whether, shooting, stoning, stabbing or firebombs. And let those convicted terrorists threatening hunger strikes starve to death. Most will voluntarily begin to eat.

May this be a better week.



  1. the fallacy of this poorly stated argument is quite apparent: the Jews in Israel have their own army to rely upon for response to terror; when they "take the law into their own hands" they are commiting not only a criminal act, but an infringement on the government's authority and prerogative

    murder doesn't justify murder

  2. In more than just theory, the Palestinians also have a government, police force, etc, two in fact. Unfortunately their "governments" encourage their people to "take the law into their own hands" and ride roughtshod over the rights of anyone not more powerful than they are. And if you want to put a fine point on it, they also established the "exchange rate" of Jews to Arabs with the Shalit deal and all the lopsided obscene deals that preceeded it. Nothing, by the way was preventing the Palestinians from building the same bomb shelters we build for our own citizens.Cement wasn't lacking They bulit tunnels and protect only the terrorists. Nope, murder is murder but the murderers will be found and they will not be rewarded or honored. No pensions paid, no streets or squares named in their honor. Unfortunately it also looks like, it the hysteria building up that the government is loolking for a civil rights grab ("unlawful associations", "terrorist group" designations and adminitrative detention–bureaucratese for arrest without trial or access to legal counsel for whatever group the government who knows whats good for us decides is an unapproved association(its definitely not applied evenly–a development that should worry every citizen severely because "they" becomes "me" awfully fast.). With the past track records of picking up people who were absolutely innocent for "price tag" crimes who only got a fair hearing because they had access to lawyers who could insist on proceedure and civil rights and allowed them to prove they were innocent, we should be very, very wary.

  3. Talking about disproportionate terrorism amounts to excuse the armenian genocide but condemning the killing of 6.000.000 jews. terrorism is a state of mind !!!! Regardless who is wearing a beard ! Time to deal with this Haredi intellectual terrorists !

  4. What she is saying is that the IDF and olive are usually ordered not to interfere in Arab terrorist acts like rock throwing until a child dies or is severely burned from a firebomb. When there was firebombing of Jewish houses in Jerusalem, the police refused to come to the area. Daily attacks have been happening for a year and the Israeli army and police do nothing until it is too late and someone is killed. Even then the police or army will state the victim died from a work accident, or robbery, or suicide or a traffic accident. Only much later, they admit it was terrorism and their excuse is that they did not want the Israelis to get too angry so they lied. Why do you think people are furious with the government? Appeasement towards the Oalestinians brings more deaths and serious injuries, not less.

  5. Bonnie Geller that's right.
    the IDF is there to provide real protection. and the IDF – regardless of who's running it or the gov – knows quite well the difference between the low-level random acts of nasty violence and the real acts of terror.

    And they know from last year, how Jewish "retribution" can become the spark itself for a new war

    And whichever "settler" or other occupier of the shtachim can't abide by that understanding, would be well-advised to move to Monsey, NY or Perth, Australia

  6. Since a naive Rabin, signed the Oslo Accords, more Jew's have died in act s of terrorism, than in the 46 years prior to Oslo. And yet leftist Jew's want to sign more worthless documents. The Koran states that a Muslim does not have to honor an agreement wit h a non Muslim. Stop saying "mea culpa" because one Jew may have killed a Muslim child. Avenge the blood of those 1500+ Jew's, who have been murdered by the "jookeem".

  7. Joseph Ezkosheez Would you rather support random acts of murder which undermine the ability of the IDF to maintain order? Do you think some 19 year old pisher should be able to instigate another war just to satisfy his own perverse need to "do something".

    If he wants to "do something", he can join the army; or stay in the army: or support the army.

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