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Pope Francis will visit Jerusalem on May 26 after visiting Jordan and the town of Bethlehem.

I’m one Israeli who is not impressed nor happy that the current pope, head of the Roman Catholic Church will be in Israel next week. No doubt many Israelis will find themselves stuck in traffic as the papal convoys traverse the Jerusalem area, wherever his itinerary takes him. And the fact that some Israelis won’t even be given any freedom of movement is worse.

An Israeli police spokesman said police and the Shin Bet internal security service handed restraining orders to “a number of right-wing activists” whom they believed intended to cause “disruptions during the pope’s visit and be involved in provocative illegal acts.”

The spokesman declined to say how many activists received the orders. But he said they would not be allowed to enter certain areas “for security reasons” for four days.

There is a very, very major problem with the planning of the visit. I don’t agree with the concept of “equality/balance” between Israel and the so-called “Palestinians.”

Despite the pope’s strong ties to the Argentine Jewish community and appreciation for Judaism, which he cultivated during his years as the amicable archbishop of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis will maintain a policy of “total balance” when it comes to Israelis and Palestinians, the rabbi predicted.


Israel is a country sixty-six 66 years old, the return/continuation of a well-documented nation/people over three thousand 3,000 years old while the so-called Palestinians are a recently invented “people” who use terrorism against Jews and Israelis to get publicity and support. There’s no comparison, no balance between us and the Arabs. It’s an insult to the State of Israel to pretend that there is.

Davka that the pope’s visit coincides with the forty-seventh anniversary of the 1967 Six Days War is terrible timing. We should be thanking G-d and celebrating the great miracle of our survival and victory and not celebrating the visit of a man who represents a religion with a long, very long history of murdering Jews and forcing conversion to Catholicism.

And I pray to G-d that we can trust those government “reassurances” that the Mount Zion, David’s Tomb area won’t be given to the Vatican.

If the pope really insists on coming here to Israel it should not only be to officially apologize for the Crusades, Inquisition and tacit support of the Nazis, it should be to admit that his Catholic religion is an attempt of identity theft since they claim to be the continuation of the Jewish Bible and want our historic Holy Land. Of course, there’s no chance of that, but I can dream…

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  1. I’m curious as to what others think about this visit. if the Pope does acquire parts fo Jerusalem. Will this purchase by the Vatican be the beginning of the 7 year treaty’ will the new ownership produce peace among the people for a little while, 3 1/2 yrs? Will this cause the division of the land whereas, the Pope will give up land to the Palestine people?

  2. Three game show ideas (for Christians): 1) Who’s the “anti-christ” ; 2) What’s my Lie –Quiz show about Christian theology; 3) When will Jesus return? (Cancelled because of time restraints–nobody has 2000-2 zillion years.) Hopefully the upcoming “Make Room for Pappi” well be cancelled for lack of interest.

  3. Three game show ideas (for Christians): 1) Who’s the “anti-christ” ; 2) What’s my Lie –Quiz show about Christian theology; 3) When will Jesus return? (Cancelled because of time restraints–nobody has 2000-2 zillion years.) Hopefully the upcoming “Make Room for Pappi” well be cancelled for lack of interest.

  4. If no interest, then why reply? I just had a four day 8 hr. discussion with a devout Muslim friend online from the area around Israel, debating the religions. Scriptures basically say the same, it’s just in the way they were interpreted and taught. Most people who read the Torah, the Bible, or the Quaran, don’t even understand it because of how it is written. The Dead Sea Scrolls are almost word for word to the Hebrew Bible. People just put too much trust in what their Rabbi’s, their Priest’s, their Pastors, and their Mohammed and never really read to find out for themselves. May God bless you in what ever faith you are. I try to do as God would do and treat all with respect.

  5. I disagree momentous events also bring out historical momentous events too! It wasn’t Catholics they were fighting, even if offered to join in defending the land that they consider holy too they probably were shunned because it was a Jewish battle against their Arabic foes. And so it continues to go as Linda Ellerbee would say….

  6. I am a Jew. No interest …in seeing a pope in Israel. Isn’t 3 1/2 and 7 years part of apocalyptic Christian code? For the record, a Palestinian originally and historically was a native of the territory the Romans called Palestina. Those natives were predominantly Jews.There were sub-regions such as Judea, Idumaea, Galilee, etc., also. Palestine would hark back to the more ancient Philistines /Plishtim, I believe.

  7. The pope can’t do much.
    Israel won’t budge because of the pope.
    We have our history written thousands of years ago.
    The Christians have nothing to say .
    Nazareth and Bethlehem have Muslims majority.
    The Christians went to Israel to proselytize not to conquer Jesus sites. Christinians were never united with the Jews.
    Israel blood flew in the past, The IDF flows in this land today. Hashem knows that our love for His land has no limit. He knew that we would keep His Land. We wept for His Land for 2000 years ,He gave the scriptures and land to us because we are the True keepers, the chosen people.

  8. Look the Roman Catholic Church and the likes of Martin Luther were the driving force which culminated into the Holocaust. Yes, I read in an amazing book "The Vicars of Christ: The Darkside of the Papacy" by Peter DeRosa (1988) of a heroic individual by the name of Angelo Roncalli who saved 4,000 Jewish lives by issuing false baptismal certificates and of whom later composed a prayer of forgiveness for the atrocious role of the Catholic Church towards the Jews of Europe. Despite the fact that the future John XXIII wrote this prayer and all of what he done the Roman Catholic Church has a very long way to go to be fully cleansed of its sins not only against European Jews but against what this institution has been doing for covering up for centuries of what their priests and religious servants had done to innocent children.

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