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Admitting To A Debt Nobody Claimed (Siman 75:10)

11 Nisan 5777 – April 6, 2017
In all of these situations, the person volunteering the admission is exempt from any payment.

Pesach – Season Of Emunah

He feels joy in his heart as he revels in the abundance of his bumper crop. And then he looks out at his neighbor’s field. Meager. Undergrown. Spotty.

The Iron Crucible of Egypt

Instead of commending this righteous individual for his proper ethical standards, he has been attacked by the left wing media!

Sha’ar Yeshuv

This tragedy was in the forefront of my mind as my family and I wended our way, the week before Pesach, from Har Nof, Jerusalem to Sha’ar Yeshuv.

By His Light: Character & Values in the Service of God, based on addresses...

10 Nisan 5777 – April 5, 2017
Rabbi Lichtenstein’s analysis of the events, especially the dialogues between them, serves as a lesson for our people’s leaders to read, and emulate in the many years to come.

“Holier than Thou” Chumras – A Cause For Concern

Our sages write that one of the reasons the second Beit Hamikdash was destroyed was because of blind hatred.

Review of Rabbi Benjamin Blech’s “Redemption, Then and Now: Pesah Haggada with Essays and...

Rabbi Blech projects this example of optimism as a most important component to the liberation of the Exodus.

Benjamin Koenigsberg, 20th Century Jewish Leader

During World War II he served as a member of the draft board for the Lower East Side.

‘The Target Audience For Our Books Is Any Observant Jew’: An interview with Koren...

We’re a halachic publisher. But in our hashkafa, Zionism is important, the state of Israel is important, and engaging the world is important.

Believe It Or Not Department: Students Encouraged To Justify The Final Solution

What leaps out is that students are presented with a neutral framework in which no distinction is drawn between approving and disapproving of the Final Solution.

Mike Pence’s Traditional Morality Comes Under Fire

While the Supreme Court recently limited the reach of that requirement, the broader question remains.

What Were Susan Rice’s Motives?

This was not necessarily illegal on Ms. Rice’s part, since she was legally entitled to see the material in her official capacity.

Nixon’s Haggadah (And Other Notable Haggadot)

Scholars still debate whether he yielded to pressure from his publisher or to pressure from British politicians pursuing a policy of appeasement with Hitler’s Germany.

Reborn In Neve Tirtza

8 Nisan 5777 – April 3, 2017
Being in prison was hard, but I'm grateful for it because it saved my life.

VIP (Or Very Immaculate Pesach)

Though I loved cooking, I did it with a heavy heart as I continuously worried about what I should be cleaning.

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